Malcolm Evans – Anzac Day 2017



  1. I’ve been waiting for someone to say something like this.

    From 1984 onwards these treacherous neo liberals have sold our SOE’s for a fraction of what they were worth and that those generations that went before built up through taxes and hard work – and their blood.

    And these shameless ingrates acted as if they had a mandate to do it. They didn’t. They used deceit and guile and bewilderment and ruthlessness and avarice to achieve their ends.

    I would like to see them brought before the courts on criminal charges of economic sabotage – no matter what political party they said they belonged to.

  2. I felt nothing but anger when i first watched Key and now Bill English with a poppy on his lapel attending the ANZAC day commemorations.

    The disrespect is palpable, suffocating and sickening.

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