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  1. The male military Roman Empire reincarnated takes over…and it is about time women around the world organised for PEACE( Hillary Clinton excluded)

    ‘Pentagon Rules’

    “Who rules? For decades the imperial presidency has steadily grown in power. Wars today are named after presidents. Trump appears to be going a step further – now the military is being given latitude to conduct its own conflict around the globe.

    CrossTalking with Michael Vlahos, Medea Benjamin, and Robert Naiman.”

    Who is Medea Benjamin of Code Pink?

  2. The following artice by David Haggith was first published on The Great Recession Blog:

    ‘You Got Trumped! Winning horse in presidential race was Trojan’

    Knave Dave’s picture

    …”This is what April has consistently revealed: If you voted for the Donald because you wanted to end America’s endless wars for regime change and failed attempts at nation building, you got Trumped. If you thought Hillary’s red reset button with Russia was a disaster and so you voted for the orange reset button as a path to peace with Russia, you got Trumped. If you voted for the Tweeter in Chief because he promised to get tough on trade with China, you got Trumped. If you voted for Trump in order to thump Fed Head Janet Yellen; she doesn’t get thumped, but you got Trumped…

    ( The comments section is interesting too)

  3. Gawd it’s tedious!
    from Pete George bracket 3 onwards …. It’s a half hour you’ll never get back with a bunch of egos trying to get the better of each other.

    Thank God TS is there as a venue, but it has some serious issues (going forward).

    In this issue, it becomes half a mile of commentary from people professing ‘left’ values discussing the minutia of what “neoliberalism” means.

    Christ! Mora’s “The Panel” is easier to stomach … or even “The AM show” – at least we know what a load of complete cocks they are before we turn it on

    • The TS is best avoided if you want to keep your sanity and save time

      …I have not been back since I was banned for calling Hillary Clinton a “mad woman”…I was banned from the TS by a “mad man”

      ( btw I still think Donald the u-turning Trojan is better than mad warmonger Hillary Clinton ( thus far…)

  4. Katia Rostem Agha fled Syria with her parents in 2012 after attending demonstrations with her school friends that prompted government security forces to hunt them down. She was just thirteen at the time. Now Katia’s story has been retold in a series of children’s story books; a collaborative project between the Make A Wish Foundation and the children of Island Bay School, Wellington.'s-story

  5. It is quite likely that one of the aircraft used in the CIA’s secret criminal project to export detainees to territories that permit torture, has landed at Wellington airport.

    A government with any morals would detain this sinister craft and its secretive crew, to investigate whether this was one of the aircraft identified as being involved in the criminal conspiracy, against international law, which came to be known as “Extraordinary Rendition”.

    Extraordinary rendition is the transfer—without legal process—of a detainee to the custody of a foreign government for purposes of detention and interrogation.
    The program was intended to protect America. But, as described in the Open Society Justice Initiative’s new report, it stripped people of their most basic rights, facilitated gruesome forms of torture, at times captured the wrong people, and debased the United States’ human rights reputation world-wide.
    To date, the United States and the vast majority of the other governments involved—more than 50 in all—have refused to acknowledge their participation, compensate the victims, or hold accountable those most responsible for the program and its abuses. Here are 20 additional facts from the new report that expose just how brutal and mistaken the program was

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