What response to SBWs rugby jersey really says about NZ


I think the weird backlash against Sonny Bill Williams’ decision to remove a Bank logo from his Rugby Jersey says so much about us as a culture.

Aside from the hilarity of watching our boofhead sports broadcasters struggle with the comprehension of ethics, philosophy and conscientious objection all in one issue, the backlash fanned by boofhead sports broadcasters like Tony Veitch suggests a country full of people unable to even contemplate the chains around their throats.

The anti-banking stance taken by SBW is actually one that a vast majority of the working class and middle class and beneficiary class of NZ would genuinely benefit from. Allowing huge trans national Banking corporations to make grotesque profits from NZ while profiting from an unsustainable credit bubble they are feeding is an ethical obscenity.

It’s free market capitalism at its worst, yet SBW dares to challenge the naked greed and corruption of our economic system and those most enslaved by it scream in horror at even having to consider the possibility that there are ethical questions about how it functions and for whose benefit it functions.

We are a nation who demands that our bread and circus occurs without ever having to know how the bread was baked or circus made.

We are blind, deaf and dumb when it comes to why are attention is being distracted in the first place.


  1. A thugby player who actually stands up for what he believes in. That is a first, instead of high profile morons promoting the cream coloured stuff that is a large part of ruining Canterbury rivers.

  2. Corporate sponsorship pays a fair part of the obscene salaries these professional players receive.

    If you take the money from the representatives of Mammon then you accept the bondage they exact.

    Don’t like it? play the amateur circuit or negotiate a fair pay cut for stiffing your sponsors.

    It can’t be that hard to sort out.

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