The Big White Lie – how our racist prison system is killing us and why Chester Borrows might be the solution


We need to lie to ourselves about prisons.

As a country we don’t want to acknowledge that our incarnation of Maori is of such concern that the UN repeatedly notes it when they visit NZ to review our human rights record.

We don’t want to accept that Maori have every reason to be angry at the way they have been treated under the Treaty and our white privilege refuses to accept the justice system is racist because that admits that we have been racist by accepting and tolerating that.

Our denial is sickening and destructive…

Failure to slash Maori reoffending rates a breach of Treaty obligations, says Waitangi Tribunal

The Waitangi Tribunal says the Crown is breaching its Treaty obligations because it hasn’t slashed high reoffending rates by Maori.

The results from an inquiry are out from a claim lodged by retired senior probation officer Tom Hemopo.

The Tribunal says the difference in reoffending between Maori and non-Maori is undisputed, longstanding and substantial.

It says the Corrections Department has no specific plan or budget even though the Justice sector announced a broad target to reduce Maori reoffending.

The tribunal says at least 10-thousand Maori children are likely to have a parent in prison.

It says the situations urgent and it wants Corrections to come up with a new plan with specific targets.

As a country we have been manipulated by lynch mob grief manipulators, ‘get-tough-on-crime’ politicians and a crime porn media more interested in ratings than sensible public debate. This vile cocktail of anger and vengeance have helped build a prison empire whose cost was so large that we embarked upon the private prison experiment to try and lower costs.

SERCOs failure at Mt Eden has scorched that experiment yet ACC has been allowed to become a 30% share holder in their Wiri Prison meaning a Government agency actually has a revenue stream from incarnation, you can see immediately the danger of allowing that.

Unfortunately because our glee in making prisoners suffer is too connected to our denial of racism, the left can’t coax the angry and frightened muddle Nu Zilinders out of their hate cave to comprehend the counter productivity of putting people into a prison system that damages them more than when they went in.

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Which is why someone like Chester Borrows could be our salvation. Muddle Nu Zilinders won’t accept Maori telling them they are supporting a racist prison system and they won’t listen to educated academics whose intelligence creates a negative egalitarian ‘you-think-you’re-smarter-than-me’ response, but they will listen to one of their own and you can’t get much more muddle Nu Zilind than Chester Borrows…

Borrows wants smart approach to crime

Chester Borrows says New Zealand needs to shift its focus from simply locking up criminals to more meaningful sentencing.

The Whanganui MP told TVNZ last week that politicians were scare-mongering over crime.
“I can’t understand why so many intelligent politicians can’t think smart on crime rather than tough on crime,” he told One News

The difference with Chester however is that he’s actually been exposed to the reality of the policy and not just the populist rhetoric.  Last week as he departed Parliament, he attacked his fellow MPs for scare-mongering over crime and he has made clear his largest regret was not challenging this get tough on crime bullshit. 

If a new Government wins in September, they should look to get Chester Borrows on board to lead any prison reform. The sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind won’t listen to Maori or academics, but they will listen to one of their own. We need to get one of their own to lead the change if we want actual change or else the same petty angels of their nature will again get manipulated by the next ‘get-tough-on-crime’ politician or mainstream media crime porn headline.



  1. Ok but Chester Burrows was the one that pushed through legislation when Associate Social Development Minister Chester Borrows said saying”there would be a new offence created targeting partners or spouses of beneficiaries who are convicted of fraud. It meant both parties would be charged, not just the person wrongly collecting the benefit.
    “Relationship offending last year cost over $20 million and makes up one third of welfare fraud prosecutions,” Borrows said.

    “Currently there are few options available to prosecute partners who know or benefit from such offending, leaving the entire debt with one partner.”

    The new offence of relationship fraud would hold people to account for any debt incurred by their partners while fraudulently claiming a benefit.

    Partners could face a fine of up to $5000 or 12 months in jail and MSD would be able to seize assets owned or jointly owned by a spouse or partner under the Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act to help pay off the debt. About 700 cases a year were expected. “

  2. How many crims do we need to lock up, well about 150 across the country and probably most of them belong in mental institutions. The rest should be out doing good works, God knows there is enough good works that could be done with decent supervising and what is more save the country considerable money. Let’s get over the punitive punishment mentality and works towards rehabilitation. Look at the Nordic countries that have reduced their prison population by two thirds. Every prisoner has to have drug and alcohol counselling and anything else they need and they learn a trade but not little old NZ lets punish punish punish.

    • AGREED . THIS APPROACH IS ATONEMENT. GIve remission for credits earned in skills and education whilst inside prison…. great motivation

    • AGREED . THIS APPROACH IS ATONEMENT. GIve remission for credits earned in skills and education whilst inside prison…. great motivation

  3. Agree with your position Martyn,

    We need to fix the problem not persecute those who the government has wronged of years past.

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