TV Review: Q+A – too much bigotry for breakfast?


Jesus H Christ, Jessica Mutch might have thought her questioning of Moana Jackson was taking the redneck bigotry of muddle Nu Zilind to a Maori academic who was saying something ridiculous, but it just came across like she was the bigot.

Moana Jackson is one of NZs most revered Maori academics, and he deserves respect, Mutch showed him none with her constant ‘talk back radio would say Maori’s are criminals’ bullshit.

It’s like Jessica was shocked on behalf of redneck muddle Nu Zilind at the mere idea that our Justice System was racist, which when you consider how racist our Justice and Corrections system actually is makes that comment less opinion and more statement of fact.

Our Justice system is broken, it is corrupt and it is creating prisoners who are worse than when they went in, but Christ almighty anyone who suggests that it’s racist, oh no, that’s a truth that can not be spoken because it reveals a naked bone deep truth about us as a people, and that is we are apathetically racist.

Mutch let herself and the debate down by attacking Moana rather than expand the truth he was speaking. This isn’t fucking ZB or Radio Live petty talkback bigotry, this is supposed to be Q+A TVNZ, you are supposed to produce light not fire.

Mike attacks the report as PC waffle, TVNZ doesn’t mention that he does work for the private prison company SERCO.

Even Fran O’Sullivan admits that the system is racist.

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The panel all nod and say something must be done, but the truth is that when we combine a media who only care about ratings with get tough on crime politicians and lynch mob groups like the sensible sentencing trust alongside the new war on P , the new surveillance police powers and the privatisation of incarceration the only reality will be more and more Maori locked up in prison.

David Cunliffe is on trying to step away from Labour without highlighting the way many of them undermined his Leadership.

The Labour Caucus had Cunliffe forced upon them by the Labour membership and the Caucus made sure that they punished the members with one of the lowest election results in its history. It was a clear lesson from the Caucus to the members that the Caucus runs this Party, you the plebs have no say.

Fran O’Sullivan acknowledges that Cunliffe was attacked by the mainstream media, especially over the planted Donghua Liu story.

Kyle McDonald is on pointing out that the mental health system is in meltdown which is hilarious when you consider the politics around it all. National have spent 9 years underfunding all social infrastructure and yet NZers still can’t connect National underfunding our social services to the defunct and broken social services they are forced to live with.

If NZers are this dumb they kinda deserve the system they get don’t they? How delightfully depressing is that.



  1. Yeah, right. Which is exactly why I never watch the stupid programme to start with.
    We have an interweb now; TVNZ and its hacks are no longer necessary…

  2. I cant believe the low quality of these presenters/panel selections.

    Mike Williams sounded like he was acting as he had one foot in the grave, while speaking raptures of John Key as the best PM NZ has ever had????

    Where is his brain?

    Q+A was pathetic at best and gut wrenching at worst, I don’t think I will ever bother again.

    I am so disgusted with NZ media now there is very little credibility left to it all now, so thank god for the social media and The Daily Blog to keep us a bit sane at least.

    The “History” channel is about the best channel for an escape now from the madhouse.

    Media needs a complete overhaul and rout.

    • Hi CleanGreen

      I usually accord with you. But on this recent Q and A I don’t. First because at least the subject of Maori recidivism was honestly discussed. Subliminal and overt Racism on the part of non Maori people, and of Police was also discussed.

      Secondly. Mike Williams was as clear as Big Ben when he stated and restated and stated thrice that the majority of recidivists were illiterate.

      That means they were not part of main stream employment; not even holders of Motor Licences; not skilled; lacking in esteem. Lacking in disposable coin.

      Work hard on making them fluent on numbers and on language -and on suitable skills and you change their lives. Jail becomes stale.

      John Key and Bill English has utterly besmirched all younger NZ workers and is flooding the country with underpaid Asians. Key and English are the ones who should be jailed. In my Opinion.

      Getting back to Mike Williams, he described Key as a politician of notable presence. A man of money. A man with huge self belief. A man of tireless energy. A man of Laughter. A man of the people.

      But ultimately a man who achieved nothing. Williams should have said that CleenGreen. But Williams did nail the basic problem in my opinion.

      Bernie Hobbs

  3. The real problem is the lack of real good interviewers on any of these programmes, I also no longer watch them, the interviews are weak and I have sat beside my husband who is a school teacher who knows the line that the questioning should take when interviewing the likes of Hekia – but sadly they fail every time, all too lightly over everything.

    Now we should have Kim Hill, John Campbell and wallace chapman who seem to have the ability to look at the research that is done for them, read it thoroughly understand it and interview properly! But then that is why I only listen to Nat radio these days.

    • Yes, that is one of the problems with our so-called “current affairs” programs, such as Q+A. They often seem a bit like stage role plays, where amateurs try to pretend they know what they are talking about, when they ask politicians the questions.

      Fact is, most journalists do not seem to be doing their home work and hence do know little about the subject matter or issue that is being discussed. Corin Dann is another one, he looks professional, in his office gear, with suit and tie, but often his questions are all over the place, and betray a quality of an interviewer, no better than an average high school student, without any real life experience.

      Throwing around a few slogans and professional sounding lingo, that may impress the poorly informed Joe Average who has no clue about what really goes on, but it is a disturbing impression I get, like many others who take politics, economics and of course social problems rather seriously.

      With funding to be cut back further at TVNZ, prepare to get even worse quality interviews, or NO interviews at all for the future.

  4. Corrections minister Loiuse Upston didn’t have the courage to front on the programme. Evidently she was “unavailable”. She was also “unavailable” as the women’s Affairs minister. She should be known as the Invisible Minister.

  5. All TVNZ Programs are conservative and rightist in there programming all appearances are that inly white people have any knowledge advertising is presented as though only white people live or care about anything in NZ .

  6. “If NZers are this dumb they kinda deserve the system they get don’t they?”

    My large, green, angry side says yes. Yes, they do. They deserve poor mental and physical health too and shit housing, shit, or non existent, public transport and to be looked down on as the Lambo’s and Masies speed past their lost souls as the bed down of an evening in the warped, buckled, logical fallacy that Auckland has been rendered down into by banksters and their associate parasites, the insurers, lawyers and real e-snake ‘professionals’. Whew! What a sentence that was …
    My other, fluffy kitten side says no. Like the computer. ( Cough. )
    My argument is from a selfish perspective. Because I live, cheek by jowl, with the victims of a rotted system. Think maggots in a carcass. They suffer, therefore I suffer and I don’t want to suffer thank you very much.
    I wake up to NZ people, but also to people globally, suffering unnecessarily. I can’t avoid it. It’s rammed into my eyeballs by my confuser the moment the freaky thing wakes up.
    All of it. Every single element of human suffering, both here and abroad, is money. Money, and the power it gives the soulless. It gives power to the libertine, the psychopath and the weak and cowardly. Money has become a fearsome weapon and it’s wielded by fearsome fools and sicko’s for their unhealthy pleasures and the more normal humans suffer, the stiffer their stiffies get.
    But here’s the kicker, as the American$ like to say. Give a gutter person enough money and wait. I can guarantee you, in a few years, they’ll be just the same as the sicko’s.
    95% of us would squash a bug as it went about its business with a wicked pleasure. It’s that 95% who need scraped off the Earth. Pop up a head stone if you must. “ They were here…. Now they’re gone. Blah,blah, blah. “
    4% of us would leave the wee beastie to it’s beastly business while the remaining 1% would figure out how to make a $ from the whole shebang.
    A little boy hung himself accidentally while escaping a toilet without a handle on the inside. A ghastly thing.
    Legal fees of $47K huh? Unable huh? I see.

    RNZ .

    “Figure$ relea$ed under the Official Information Act now $how the Education Mini$try $pent $46,842.54 on legal fee$ for the $chool, which applied for “$pecial rea$on$ funding”.

    The mini$try was unable to give a co$t breakdown.”
    Racism, crime, dysfunction, theft, burglary, bull buggery, and walking wonky of a Sunday evening is profitable. That’$ the problem.

    • 100% CB.

      If Nactional like to spread & exercise their toxic economic tribalism to rip everything out and only keep the ‘profitable” bits; – then they should disband the whole rotten TVNZ network entirely.

      Then give the money saved to the opposition parties for their viewers use; – as half of the public that voted for the opposition pay massive taxes for those clinically neutralised TVNZ services that Nactional has savagely demolished!!!!!!

      • sell tvnz use the money to fund radio nz tvnz terrestrial broadcast infrastructure
        i fast becoming irreverent as is tvnz

  7. I am highly political in the area of mental health, government corruption and criminal negligence, neo-liberal terrorism, etc. I can’t watch these programmes because they don’t even reflect the real world of darklands I am forced to live in – I would smash the TV. Yes forced – thanks to neo-liberal terrorists in our government instructing organisations like ACC and mental health to deny people the professional health care they are entitled to under ACC, health, disability, criminal (150A 151 155 157), imperial, bill of rights and human rights laws – which is why most end up in jail.

    Who would have thought an abuse victim could read, write and comprehend her and 100,000s NZers (BROWN OR PINK) were being purposely denied health care and welfare at the instruction of rich radicalised neo-liberal terrorists. Yes they are terrorists, they purposely kill and traumatise people – just so happens Maori are high in statistics because they still havn’t recovered from past trauma and suffered most when neo-liberals drove 95% of manufacturing jobs to poor countries with few human or environmental laws.

    I don’t think there is racism in justice system, they treat all people driven to violence addiction and suicide because of inequality, government maltreatment, housing food job & income insecurity EXACTLY THE SAME – they persecute and make money out of us.

    White skinned NZers this happens to are degraded and discredited by being labelled mentally ill – if you a brown skinned you blamed because one of your ancestors was Maori or from Pacific Islands.

    This is a class war not a race war like the neo-liberal media & government are trying to make it. Check out Westminster Statute the 1st (the first law of all NZ law), common right be done to all rich as poor, which of course makes the past 30 yrs of rich neo-liberal terrorists advancing themselves and persecuting disabled poor ILLEGAL. This law doesn’t define us by race it defines us by amount of money we have – money and power corrupt, NZ and our justice system is living proof.

  8. Jessica Mutch and Q+A has fiver area’s of responsibility

    1 Ask the National government easy questions, don’t dig to deep while pretending to tough and prepare a soundbite that will be positive on the 6pm news.

    2 When interviewing people like Moana be sure to insult their intelligence if what they are saying does not fit the narrative.

    3 Interject ,belittle, bully and coerce anyone from the left to prepare a negative soundbite for the 6 pm news.

    4 Dumb down the english language by using words like ” destable “that don’t fit the context of what she was asking,

    instead of the correct term destabilised when referring to David Cunliffe’s leadership in Sundays interrogation.

    5 Allow people like Boag to dominate the debate without control.

    The Green parties public journalism fund policy is a step in the right direction but should go furthr in the direction of an “independent media”
    organisation that serves the public interest.

  9. “It were better this man had not been Born”

    On hearing the women discuss the flaws of David Cunliffe, serious shameful sin ridden, damaging, pus dripping flaws REF QnA 15/5/17, I am of the opinion that I like David Cunliffe even more than before his non redemption and crucifixion.

    He was and remains the only politician that has made John Key look like the Charlatan that he actually is. With Key skunking off National has now copied hisCunliffe’s great polices.

    He also made the super snug John Armstrong look like a stuttering std 6 boy harbouring within a deep yellow jealous streak.

    But the stench of Labour eventually harried him to the pure shore and belched him back to the bubbly sanity of non political citizens.

    Long may David Thrive. Which is to say, Long may Integrity survive.

    Although between you and me I wish he would some day come back to the stench and lead a noble New Zealand Parliament.

    Bernie Hobbs

  10. Q+A is useless frankly. Can’t be bothered watching it. When the lack lustre likes of Mutch invoke the repugnant, awesomely ignorant Sean Spicers in training living both ends of the talkback/squawkback line, it’s time to resume early services at my parish of yore. For the negligible enlightenment.

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