Must hear radio: Radio NZ interviews a neo-con Hawk





Washington neo-con hawk, Ambassador Dan Fried, promoting the American imperial hegemonic efforts against Russia and Syria and why expansion of NATO into former Soviet states is a “good thing”.

“Russia and the United States have been confronting the low level of trust between them, during talks in Moscow. Kathryn Ryan talks to Ambassador Dan Fried, America’s longest-serving diplomat, a former Assistant Secretary for Europe, and a former co-ordinator of US sanctions policy. In a retirement speech earlier this year he rebuked Donald Trump’s “America First” approach, and lamented how what was an improbable Cold War victory in the 1980s was now under assault by Russia.”


Radio NZ – Nine To Noon – US/Russia relations ‘at a new low’ – 9:09 am on 13 April 2017

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  1. At the core of ISIS philosophy is the instigation of an apocalyptic war that will end the world. That’s what they are striving for apparently. And with a little help from their friends, they look likely to achieve it.
    D J S

  2. email to rnz national on thursday 13th april. kathryn, if your 9.05am guest is an example of U.S. diplomacy, then the
    world is in serious trouble. Puts me in mind of the retired nato general
    who was one of your previous guests who seemed determined to start world
    war three in europe (and sell his book???)
    Regards gordon p.
    Obviously not read out on air??
    five minutes earlier on rnz national news(the link is no longer up?) the news reader stated that the u.s. had launched missiles at the airbase from which the gas attack had been launched??????

    • The whole false flag gassing event has many sides to it with little evidence for it actually happening as our news keeps describing it.

      The photos are obviously phoney. The claims just don’t stand scrutiny.

      Trumps illegal missiles had a very high failure rate yet to be explained but it may be that Russia intervened.

  3. NATO is influenced and high positions by potentially some NAZI sympathisers and their offspring.

    So we need to watch carefully as the possible ascendance of Germany’s long held wish to punish Russia for causing the Third Reich eventual defeat as they already have already savagely defeated Greece as another agnostic country that resisted the Third Reich during the last war, and played some part of their downfall.

    Watch carefully this man, NATO secretary Jens Stoltenberg; as he appears to be A WARMONGER.

    His father was of German heritage whom emigrated to Norway.

    “Jens Stoltenberg born in Norway has been described as a cautious politician, belonging to the right wing of social democracy.

    “In security policy, Stoltenberg favours increased military spending and dialogue”

    This fits the NAZI model of thinking.

    In this link this speech by Jens Stoltenberg gave to NATO as he was installed as Secretary general of NATO clearly shows deeply how he hates the Russians and embraces the German Fatherland.

    Germanic past losses during the 1st & second wars still have a driving influence on a wish to win back some pride by reversing past history.

    We need to be wary of long held hatred of the past displayed by some of these players.

    • apparently in his youth as part of protests against the Vietnam war, he chucked rocks through the US embassy’s windows
      What happens to these guys.?I thought Rasmussen was bad but Stoltenberg is arguably worse

  4. Frightening to listen to that guy. it’s like listening to a man-child defending his right to play with guns, and risking hurting others.

  5. The question is why is he interviewed and not resoundingly challenged when he spewed crap out over state owned RNZ.

    He is a propaganda bank distributing war justification to listeners.

    Kathryn Ryan was very gentle with him . Obviously under instructions from Thorndon USNZHQ

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