How is this MOAB any better than a Sarin gas attack?


After Trump was given the positive attention and adoration he so desperately needs from his air strike on Syria, and with Bannon’s anti-globalist mindset starting to be forced outside the loop, Trump’s gotten a taste for bombing and the cheering corporate media that goes with it…

US drop largest non-nuclear bomb in Afghanistan in fight against ISIS

The United States has dropped the largest non-nuclear bomb it has ever used in combat.

The 21,000 pound device was dropped on an Islamic State cave tunnel complex in a remote area of eastern Afghanistan.

It’s official name is the Massive Ordinance Air Blast (MOAB) bomb but it is widely known in the US military as the “Mother Of All Bombs”.

It was the first time the bomb has been used against an enemy.

The bomb, also known as the GBU-43B, was dropped in the Achin district of Nangarhar province, close to the border with Pakistan.

Because of the size of the 30ft-long bomb a cargo plane with a rear door, a US Air Force MC-130, had to be used and it was pushed out of the aircraft rather than dropped from a bomb bay.

A US official told Fox News: “We kicked it out the back door.”

…but what does a bomb that large do?

…so it killed anyone in a 1.7mile radius, and it’s impact on human beings…

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…right so something that kills indiscriminately and burns the flesh and kills with the same type of horror that chemical weapons do.

Our Western Double Standards of ‘we are morally better when we kill’ is a sick sad joke that has been the corner stone of American Foreign Policy since slavery.

The MOAB hasn’t been used in a decade because it is so dangerous to civilians and now Trump knows what makes American’s happy, bombing the shit out of people who can’t fight back, expect his Presidency to be just as bloodied and murderous as any of America’s previous Presidencies.

The Military Industrial Complex must be fed, and Trump has no problems doing that if it gets the corporate mainstream media to rally around the Commander in Chief.


  1. Can we expect our fearless leaders to kick up a rumpus in the General Assembly ?
    Murray McCully , you’re a man who knows right from wrong!
    Can we expect to hear your voice raised in condemnation and high faultin sentiments?
    Fucking hypocrite ! and any other craven politician who keeps their head down and their trap shut when its their overlords committing the crime

  2. It didn’t take long for Trump to go over to the dark side. I am embarrassed to have supported him.

    • Me to Ian,

      I thought he had solidly presented as a “peacemaker”, that’s why my support went to him & his refusal to embrace the TPPA and other free trade unilateral policies.

      The Washington “swamp” beltway & ammunitions manufacturers have completely taken him over now it seems!!!!

      WW3 will happen on his watch I am afraid now.

      • Anyone with a mind like Trump’s is an easy puppet for deep state to manipulate any way they want.

        The problem is plain in the presidential vote, two psychopathic candidates with the main parties behind them. It would be these same outcome either way. Military and social mayhem.

        Who would side with either one other than a rather blind hopeful.

        Both lying puppets on the take.

    • +100 IAN KIDDLE and CLEANGREEN….but at least along with millions of USA voters we trusted and hoped for better …then warmonger corrupt Hillary Clinton

      …those who supported her and her destruction of Libya have no excuse

  3. But hey, “they are only Afghans”, perhaps also “Pakis” or other “foreign fighters”, most from that “Middle East”, who cares, that is what most in the US and also here in NZ Inc will think and say.

    Nobody does now talk about the three year old girl that was killed in a raid on two villages in a valley in Afghanistan in 2010, when the SAS led the campaign, supported by US Apache helicopters.

    The MSM has moved on, so who will care about the ‘Mother Of All Bombs’?

    It looks rather ‘flash’ that missile, rather ‘flash’, now people may get more interested in the technical data and capabilities than the targets they hit and annihilate.

    Perhaps Londoners think and feel the same about the rather ‘inferior’ V2 bombs now? Oh, few of them still live, I was just reminded.

  4. Trumps ‘transformation’ seems to be totally in line with the transformations that former Presidents Elect of the US experienced, soon after taking Office.

    It seems, there is a deep, deep, dark state system and network in place, that will encroach upon any one who takes seat in the White House, no matter what their earlier good or not so good, but honest intentions.

    Wall Street, the US Industrial Military Complex, the key “Advisors” and string pullers, and of course the business lobbyists will “massage” anyone into compliance.

    As much as I dislike Trump and mistrust him, his ‘transformation’ makes it so bloody obvious, that the US is NOT a democracy.

  5. Absolutely pathetic. That is what i think of these American pricks and their adoring media. No doubt the sight of this bomb going off will have CNN’s Brian Williams masturbating all night.
    (Just saw TV1 trailer for the news and Simon Dallow has already started.)
    I think he came in his pants telling the story.
    How will destroying a couple of hectares of Afghanistan do anything significant, apart from creating more adherents to the Taliban.

    I think it is time NZ kicked the USA to the curb and took back ownership of the 5Eyes base at Waihopai. It is being used to endanger NZ’ers and pretty much the whole world. This is not something we have voted for or agreed to.

  6. Most of the alt-right, fascists as we are of course are horrified at bombing. Alt-right fascists are opposed to violenceh
    Obviously the Sarin attack was a false flag show, as was the subsequent airport bombing.
    The Syrian army and the Russians wer forewarned though and cleared awa from the area.
    It does look like the progressive deep dark state has re asserted control.
    Trump has lost a massive amount of his support base.

  7. Just caught a clip from Trump about the enormous success the US has had with it’s latest weapon testing in Afghanistan .

    He claimed that he had not ordered this particular strike but because the US possesses the best military in the world he is happy to leave the decisions for the Pentagon to conduct missions the way they see fit !!

    Trump is becoming more unhinged every day. The media is now focusing on North Korea as Don’s armada cruises to the Korean peninsular . They are baying for a preemptive strike on Kim Il-Sung The consequences of Trump’s foreign policy being influenced by his daughter and Jewish son-in law is frightening enough but if the Pentagon is now running all things military, I fear we ain’t seen nothing yet.

  8. But the MOAB is made by Christians in the USA. It enhances return on investment and shareholders get healthy dividends. That is why it is right!

    And yet the most bombed place on Earth to this day was Laos and Cambodia by the US trying to “bomb an enemy into the stone age”, an enemy far less powerful than them. It failed miserably.

    This fucker loves blowing shit up especially on audiences like guerrilla fighters who can’t really touch mainland US. It appears poll driven and thoroughly psychopathic.

    Not much forethought in the process in Big Brothers eternal war if someone bites back though is there?

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