SOCIAL MEDIA: Autopsy of United Airline’s apology


So in the wake of the horrible images of United Airline security staff beating and dragging a passenger off one of their planes, here is how United Airline’s ‘apologised’

1: The CEO defends violent removal of the Passenger 

2: The CEO then lies about the violent removal of the Passenger

3: The CEO then blames passenger for their violent removal

4: As the public on social media explode in rage, the stocks of United Airline plummets 

5: CEO then comes out and does a complete reversal of previous denials and accepts complete responsibility and apologises. 

So once again we see that a corporation only ever does the right thing once their wealth is damaged.

I love social media vengeance outrage when it’s aimed at destroying soulless corporations.  Rather than shaming people for stupid things they say in only 140 characters, use social media to righteously attack corporations instead.

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  1. The memes are delicious.

    -United: Nothing beats our prices – except passengers

    -PR tips from bat man the dark night rises

    -Enter a doctor, leave a patient

    There must be more, post em below if you have one

  2. And watch as every one forgets, United stocks recover abit.

    What blows me away is the airline was offering 400-800 dollars for a seat that costs $170-$180 and its a 1 hour flight so you could have chartered flight for less.

    You cant sell what you dont have because thats fraud. The flight wasnt actually over booked, all passengers had boarded and was seated. Any thing that happened after that point is complete fraud. Totally

    So official statements on this mater can be considered fraudulant

  3. Companies spend millions – sometimes billions – on advertising and building up their brands. Then they blow it with ten minutes of quasi-fascist bully-boy behaviour.

    Capitalism 101: “The customer is always right”.

    • Airlines frequently over book so theyve convinced themselves they dont need customers. There is really good meme in this some where

  4. Now media dredging up unsavoury details of the removed passenger’s past–almost seems as if it is a smear campaign in the airline’s favour. Big corporations looking out for each other?

  5. Now they are running stories against his character. For Gods sake the guy could be Hitler or Mother Teresa in character, it still does not make it right to forcibly remove a passenger from a flight and beat him up so you can put your employees on!

    The sad thing is now we are in the height (and hopefully death) of neoliberalism that is how business behaves.

    Even during Rogernomics Business used to care about communities (or at least pretend to) but now they just shrug and say profits come first. We don’t owe the public one iota of care, or our employee’s anything either! It’s all about cut cost pricing and the lowest possible level of service and employment levels to try to maximise short term profits to shareholders.

    The community has suffered. Just was reading an article about how the arts funding is dire. Big business like Telecom and so forth used to fund the arts and so forth and the CEO’s did bit’s for community. Now they have to rely on government who will not fund them and suggest they crowd fund.

    People are just losing what it is mean’t to be human on this treadmill of work and commerce.

  6. A wholly disgraceful episode surpassed only by the lack of dignity displayed in being dragged like some sort of animal carcase off a flight. Personally I would have taken the offer and walked off (forever) under my own steam.
    Absolute shame on the airline for an appalling mismanagement of a situation.

  7. “I’m thinking to myself, ‘Nothing good is coming of this,’ ” Powell said. “… I removed my kids from the plane, saying we don’t need to see this stuff. We got up and left.”
    The group was quickly followed by a father and his 8-year-old daughter, who was crying along with one of Powell’s students, he said.

    Soon after, the airline deboarded the plane to clean up blood from the incident. After, passengers — including Powell and his students — returned to the plane to head to Louisville.

    Bullying behaviour of all kinds stems from authoritarianism and lack of democracy. Where cooperation and reason, and mutual respect for others, is replaced with compulsion, backed up with violence, using force to make people bow to authority.

    This teacher, like many teachers strive to instil in the young, ideals of cooperation and consideration for others, and negotiation, over violence and bullying to get your way. No wonder he felt compelled to spare his students this disgraceful example of violent and aggressive bullying.

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