Sean Spicer’s Hitler comment – The mouthpiece of the President is as braindead as the hairpiece of the President


I just don’t even know what to say, I’m honestly speechless…

…put aside the hypocrisy of America for even daring to lecture another nation on the use of chemical weapons after using Agent Orange on the people of Vietnam, but Sean Spicer’s absurd attempt to justify missile strikes against Syria with a convoluted  Hitler analogy that is utterly wrong isn’t shooting oneself in the foot, it’s shooting both legs while chewing off your tongue.

The mouthpiece of the President is as braindead as the hairpiece of the President.


  1. You have to feel sorry for Spicer as he is sitting in a room of rabit dogs all trying to wring every angler out of him as he himself is not sure of the truth that is the alleged “Sarin gas chemical weapon attack on Syrian people by President Assad.”

    The truth cant be found here so Spicer should have said “we don’t know who did this vile act”

  2. I am reminded how it was reported that after Idi Amin led a coup in Uganda in the 70s his new cabinet ministers and heads of department were little more than roadsweepers and donkey drivers promoted because they were his mates from his tribe.
    See the similarities with Trump?
    Lack of ability – no problem!
    Ability to be a yes man and lick Trump’s boots – sign here good buddy!

  3. Someone should advise Spicer that if he wants to make Hitler comparisons then to remember at least Hitler did not use nuclear bombs like the US did on the people of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945.

    One would be hard pressed to find a more stupid and ignorant population than the US.

  4. A gasbag lecturing on the morality of chemical weapons was unlikely to end well.

    The only interest in listening to him speak is to hear just how awful he’ll stoop. The same can be said of all centres of power nowadays.

  5. Come on, Spicer is a gem, he is provides fodder for the likes of John Oliver, who get great material for their shows whenever Spicer holds a press conference.

    This one where he goes on about Hitler and his warfare, it was just the best kind of comedy stuff you could wish for, had the matter not to be seen in the sad historic context.

  6. And so it begins, one of the few organizations that i trusted to report fairly and honestly has apparently started toeing the party line on Syria. this mornings 9am news on radio new zealand national. from approximately 4.00 minutes in.

    Now either RNZ National. 1. Has information that the U.N. does not?
    2. Has reputable reporters on the ground in Syria?
    3. Or takes it’s news feed direct from the whitehouse?

    After listening to american reports on the gas attack that are, highly confident,
    absolutely convinced, 100% certain. anything but proven, i was astonished to hear
    R.N.Z. National state this morning as fact, that assad was responsible for the attack

  7. The real horror of Spicer’s comment is that it shows the lack of historical knowledge that many Americans have. They may know their 1776 revolution and 1812 war with Britain back to front, but when it comes to international history, it concerns me how superficial their education is.

    Mind you, when I was at High School, our history was more eurocentric than New Zealand-oriented.

    We may have learned when the first frozen sheepmeat left Port Chalmers in 1880-something (a fact I found a bit bizarre even at my naive age of 15, which is probably why it stuck with me ever since) – but we sure as hell weren’t taught about the British/Colonial atrocity at Parihaka and other land-grabs from Maori.

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