Bill English finally gets to be like Trump by attacking a Muslim who can’t fight back


Are you kidding me?

Are we really this simple to allow Bill English to trash the ethical beliefs of Sonny Bill Williams to distract from questions about war crimes committed by his Government?

Yes, apparently we are, rather than investigate the lies of the NZDF and this PM in covering up those lies, here is what will dominate the bloody news cycle for the rest of the week, Sonny Bill Williams stand against banking…

Rugby: Prime Minister Bill English slams SBW sponsor snub

Prime Minister BIll English has weighed in on Sonny Bill Williams’ decision to cover up a bank sponsor’s logo during a game, saying it’s hard to understand why one player would act differently to the rest.

Williams put himself back in the news by taping over the BNZ logo on his Blues jersey in his Super Rugby comeback on Saturday night.

It’s been seen as a religious stand by Williams, a Muslim, who was playing his first match in the 15-man game since the 2015 World Cup final, after recovering from a ruptured Achilles tendon suffered at the Rio Olympics sevens.

Asked about it this morning, English reluctantly weighed in.

“It is hard to understand that one guy has to behave differently than the rest,” he told Newshub. “I don’t understand all these professional contracts, but if you’re in the team, you’re in the team.

“You wear the team jersey … but they’ll sort it out.”

…the fact that the Prime Minister of NZ can’t possibly comprehend another human being having an ethical position different to his should be focus of this story.

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A leader who can shrug and go along with a missile strike on a sovereign nation with bugger all evidence lecturing others about their ethical stands while hiding war crime allegations is about as much hypocrisy as I can tolerate in one statement.


  1. Meh, thing i find funny is if you memtion anything to do with finance on the official all blacks face page its scrubed immediately.

    Note to blinglish, stop taking sports advice from nerds

  2. Well done Sonny Bill Williams. Making a move against promoting unethical banks in my book, makes SBW a star, religious beliefs or not.

    As for the double dipping Blinglish, a supposedly “good” Catholic at that, who is he to condemn moral and ethical behaviour ….. ?

  3. Usury is evil. SBW and Islam are right on this point. Christianity used to be right too. (See ‘Merchant of Venice’.)
    But the banksters now control our society with their evil usury.


    Christ was right when he threw the money-changers out of the temple. Now the money-changers own the temple, have sold off the altar, and have thrown out the babies along with the holy water.

  4. Wow !! Player power!
    An All Black with some moral fibre and unafraid to speak out.
    It must come as a bit of a shock to a Government and their financial cronies who are used to having the likes of Richie McCaw , Dan Carter and Israel Dagg pumping them up full all they’re worth.
    I mean Key was even the All Black Captain at one stage in his tiny mind and had a magazine cover photo taken to cement the illusion.
    Good on SBW.
    Watch the Bank controlled papers TV and radio outlets, who for so long have made him the darling of the media and used relentless SBW stories to sell their papers and wrap their advertising around….watch how they turn on him and starve him of oxygen…..however…. they might find themselves in a bit of a cleft stick if SBW has a blinder of a season . Criticise the star player …..I don’t think so.
    Oh the deliciousness of the situation …….

  5. Thank God there are those who think (until 5G rolls out) and courage to choose.
    English clearly has forgotten about Michael Jones who refused to play on Sundays because of his Christian beliefs.
    English clearly has not seen any one of the many docos confirming that all wars are bankers’ wars.
    Keep on thinking and exercising courage Sonny Bill! One of you is worth 15+ of English.

  6. Its all about the individual choices we make that cause us to fail in Nationals world. You are a loser if you can’t get a home. And it is strong individual choices that mean we suceed. Its all about ME!

    So whats the issue with SBW now not been a team player?

  7. Oh those poor downtrodden beleaguered banks. They can barely make ends meet, and they do all that good work for the community.
    So nice that a Prime Minister will stand up for them when their precious reputation is tarnished by such a scurrilous nobody with ideas above their station.

  8. Not that I like Bill English in the least AND he should hold an inquiry into Afghanistan AND I hate corporate sponsorship of sport, especially having to pay to view sport on television AND I hate banks overcharging with fees and interest BUT I don’t support SBW’s decision to blank out the logo. There’s just something a bit hypocritical and insidious about it that makes me feel uneasy. Maybe SBW needs to find a new job that reflects his religious views.

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