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  1. NOT the mainstream media …and listen to the msm glee as Trump betrays his own voters

    (Trump has succumbed to the Neocons. Shades of the false accusations and set up of Saddam Hussain, Iraq ( weapons of mass destruction later proved to be false) and Gaddafi, Libya ( mass army sex attacks on his own people….later proved to be false lies )…and the betrayal of the American people who do not want more war interventions in the Middle East or regime changes by the USA…especially based on lies and false flags)

    ‘Putin rebukes Netanyahu over ‘groundless’ accusations on suspected chemical incident in Syria’

    ‘Syria denies & condemns use of chemical weapons – foreign minister’

    “Syria’s foreign minister has dismissed allegations that the Syrian Army had deployed chemical weapons in the city of Idlib, saying the military will never use such weapons against its own people or even terrorists.
    Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Muallem denied claims that the military used chemical weapons in the western city of Idlib. Speaking at a news conference on Thursday, Muallem said an airstrike by Syrian military had targeted an arms depot where chemical weapons stockpiles were stored by Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) and Al-Nusra Front militants.

    He said it’s impossible that the army – which has been making significant gains in almost all theaters of the Syrian war – would use banned chemical weapons against its “own people” and even terrorists…

    ‘Netanyahu to Putin: Israeli airstrikes in Syria will continue’

    ‘Chem attack blame game ‘failed’ at Syria conference in Brussels – Russian envoy’

    ‘Rebels ‘only people who benefited’ from Idlib chemical weapons attack – analyst’

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