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  1. Problems for pensions in USA and privatisation by running down and stealth of the State hospitals ( NHS) in UK…

    ( should we be vigilant in NZ of this privatisation virus rort?)

    “Max and Stacy discuss the pension crisis too big to ignore, and the taxpayers on the hook for it all.

    Max interviews general practitioner, Dr. Bob Gill, about his new crowdfunded documentary, The Great NHS Heist, and why Obamacare is definitely not universal healthcare as any European would recognize it.”

  2. A new gas attack on civilians by the Syrian regime.

    I wonder. Will the centrist, The Standard be saying anything about this latest war crime by their besty?

    Either in defence, or condemnation?

    The Standard has run several posts in support of the regime, claiming that the regime is a victim of US and Western regime change, and the the rebels are all foreign agents.

    Along with this pro-regime editorial line, The Standard authors have banned commentators who have pointed out the regime’s long links to US and Western imperialism.

    Before Len Prentice gets all antsy and claims that this is not their editorial line,

    The Standard has refused to accept posts sent to them that try to balance The Standard author’s extreme reactionary right wing views in support of a regime that engages in genocide and torture.

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