Political Caption Competition



  1. ” David, this is going to create a level playing field for the likes of you and me – and our Business Roundtable financial backers, of course !! ”

    ”And soon we can even privatize the Beehive !”….

    ”But what about the people? ”

    ”Consumers, David, consumers ,…. and work slaves ”…

    ” Eh ? ”….

  2. Surely this book has been misclassified? It belongs in the fiction section along with Hans Christian Andersen and other fairy tales that wind up with “happily ever after”.

  3. A little pain for a little pain.

    Or was it some pain for some gains.

    I mean do they even lift?

    Are these loyal gains?

    Or oily gains?

    The book clearly out angles Langes interests

    The level of gains is not properly executed so no salute bestowed upon you.

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