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    WikiLeaks has released yet another batch of CIA documents in their latest “Vault 7” dump. The “Marble Framework” reveals how the CIA could potentially mask their hacks with Russian, Chinese, Arabic, and other languages. The framework showcases the CIA’s ability to mask malware and hacks in other language formats. With talks of Russian hacking the U.S. presidential election (and Russian specifically mentioned in the Marble Framework), the WikiLeaks Vault 7 release is sure to complicate matters regarding what evidence may be necessary to prove Russian interference.

  2. The severance of a society from reality, as ours has been severed from collective recognition of the severity of climate change and the fatal consequences of empire and deindustrialization, leaves it without the intellectual and institutional mechanisms to confront its impending mortality. It exists in a state of self-induced hypnosis and self-delusion. It seeks momentary euphoria and meaning in tawdry entertainment and acts of violence and destruction, including against people who are demonized and blamed for society’s demise. It hastens its self-immolation while holding up the supposed inevitability of a glorious national resurgence. Idiots and charlatans, the handmaidens of death, lure us into the abyss.
    The dance of death Chris Hedges

    • The masses are locked into a battle to survive week to week and for many day to day.

      Education about what is happening is hardly available to most but confusion is deliberately promoted by the section of society who see themselves as doing OK as they view their wealth through narrow and short term lenses.

      The wealth masters continue to make haste is stripping out any wealth of assets then can by any means without any regards to the consequences for the very Earth they depend on. Insulating from the dire consequences of their actions, through command of resources and people, using thet wealth and power to remain top predators.

      We know they are crazy but to them we are despised and of no consequence.

      It is a systemic problem and the system ain’t working.

      Meanwhile the discussions and arguments are usually about insignificant details and political bents, so energy is wasted and time rolls on with more of the same BAU leading to certain destruction of our entire “civilisation”.

      Being a resistance to this destructive mob is a duty, and those that participate to support BAU are enemies to all living things on Earth.

      Things will hit home when food runs short as it must.

      The Cornucopian promoted by business scammers about GE, vertical farming and the other utter bullshit, are all tiny solos of words that do not fit a wider picture.

      The message is to just keep going while hope is locking you into complying with wealth collection by the few from the many. That is the system we live under that is destroying out future.

      Spend the world now and pay later with deadly interest toxic to all.

      Protesters are our leaders and politicians will fight them all the way. Politicians work hand in glove with the predators.

      Democracy was credited to ancient Athenian but only the ruling class voted and the majority in Athens were slaves.

      Democracy and corruption are hopelessly intertwined.

      Human population has nearly peaked with an explosion of numbers supported by energy harvesting enabling unprecedented exponential rates of consumption of our finite Non Renewable Natural Resources, through industrialisation, resulting in uncontrollable pollution and an human appetite for more of the same.

      In a finite world there will be no more.

      Until we face where we are and how we got their then no serious plans can be made to intelligently alter out path.

      Ignorance is a purposeful tool.

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