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from: Frank Macskasy <fmacskasy@gmail.com>
to: Dominion Post <letters@dompost.co.nz>
date: 31 March 2017
subject: Letter to the editor
The Editor
Dominion Post

Since the release of Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson’s “Hit and Run” on 21 March,  the public has been treated to denials and conflicting information from the NZDF.

On 21 March, the NZDF responded to allegations of civilian deaths and injuries at Naik and Khak Khuday Dad with this statement on their website;

“The investigation concluded that the allegations of civilian casualties were unfounded.”

Six days later, Defence Force chief, Tim Keating stated;

“Subsequent information, received after Operation Burnham indicated that civilian casualties may have been possible […] The investigation team concluded that civilian casualties may have been possible due to the malfunction of a weapon system.”

Both statements are currently viewable on the NZDF  website. They are irreconcilable.

Journalists Hager and Stephenson have presented considerable evidence to back up their investigation findings, including death certificates for those killed in the SAS-led raid.
Bill English has refused to undertake a commission of inquiry for reasons that remain unclear.

Until an Inquiry is held, there exists a cloud of suspicion hanging over the NZDF, and the SAS. This is not good enough, especially as there is ample evidence innocent people may have been killed.

What more does Mr English need to warrant an inquiry?


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-Frank Macskasy

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NZDF Statement 21 March 2017



NZDF Statement 27 March 2017




Email addresses for newspapers for other budding letter-writers wanting to express their demand for a Commission of Inquiry. (Maximum word-length stated in brackets)

Daily Post (250 words)

Dominion Post (200 word limit)

Listener (300 word limit)

NZ Herald (200 word limit)

Otago Daily Times (150 words)

The Press (150 words)

Southland Times (250 words)

Sunday Star Times (150 word limit)

Waikato Times (200 words)





New Zealand Defence Force: NZDF Response To Book

New Zealand Defence Force: Speech notes for Press Conference on Operation Burnham (p6)







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  1. Full support frank, we need (like Trump is doing) to roll back the “deep dark state” we have also here in NZ as in Trumps case they have discovered that “the five eyes” is now a political weapon that was setup by Obama and widened to include 17 agencies to covertly spy on every single person by using algorithms to capture any “incidental internet traffic user’s” and frank that includes you and me and anyone that use internet now!!!!!!!!

    Donald Trump was right in the way he said Obama targeted surveillance on the Whitehouse family.

    He is now working on a executive order to prosecute those who engage in wide speed surveillance and reduce the powers of the NSA/CIA operations over the citizens of USA.

    • You might as well change your log-in to Coalblack, CG. Your mate Trump seems to be a real fan of the coal industry. You can ruminate on that as the planet heats up and we choke omn our own waste.

  2. The more rocks thrown into the middle of the pond the better. Very soon ripples will become waves spilling over the banks.
    Commission of Inquiry comprising whom is my question.
    America’s “swamp” extends everywhere in the West. The “inner circle” in NZ is part of the swamp.
    Good news though, Comey is out and Trey Gowdy is in : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S4ILAuU0CUM
    Other good news is Military loyal to the Republic is now battling the CIA. Here’s Judge Anna von Reitz’s take on the current situation inside the U.S.: https://mainerepublicemailalert.com/2017/03/31/the-very-short-explanation-of-everything/
    2017 is proving to be one helluva clean up/clear out year. Hopefully our Military and SAS aren’t too SERCO brainwashed to see the Light.

  3. Don’t you know there is an Election coming up, don’t want to expose what, John “Rambo” Key and Bomber Brownlee have been up to?

  4. Time to “drain the swamp” of all the bottom feeders, working in Government in NZ, heaps of professional bludgers sucking on the cows hind tit, however Key did donate all this salary to charity?

  5. Time to “drain the swamp” of all the bottom feeders, working in Government in NZ, heaps of professional bludgers sucking on the cows hind tit, however Key did donate all this salary to charity?

    • … however Key did donate all this salary to charity?

      There was some suggestion from Key that he might donate his PM salary to charity, but there is no evidence he followed throuygh with it, Tamati.

      After his resignation as our Dear Leader, Key became entitled to an annuity of $51,725 p.a. (nice for some). I heard him express his intention (on Radio NZ) to keep that annuity.

      • Yes this is filthy, going on sucking from the public purse, no one I mean no one should get an allowance for life – I don’t care what public office they have held.

  6. A commission of inquiry: Careful what you wish for Frank!

    You and I both know little Nick is a bit loose with the truth to suit his agenda. It may not work out so well for either of you.

      • Avoiding a conviction is not exactly winning is it?

        The general public is tired of this clown: He’s shot his bolt this time.

    • So why has no one every taken Nicky to court if there are things wrong with his books. Because they would never win, because Nicky Hager is meticulous in his research.

      I heard Collins saying on RNZ Nicky Hager said he had dozens of emails between me and whaleoil but you know thew audit offide only found 3 – 4. Well if he lied in his book why didn’t she take him to court, I know who I would believe. I suspect she would be nervous he would produyce the rest of the emails. I know who I would trust.

    • Vague warnings?! Is that the best you can offer us, Andrew?

      “Loose with the truth” should apply to the NZDF, if you had bother to read the evidence I presented above.

      Anyway, if what you say is even half correct, English would jump at the chance to set up an Inquiry. Thus far he has shied away from it.

      So, if English has nothing to hide, nothing to fear, he certainly isn’t showing it.

  7. The NZDF basically says, they were only Afghans, so what the f***. The government sends the same message, with Bill English using the NZDF position and explanation as an excuse to not have an inquiry. The MSM has slowly lost interest, same as they did with the ‘Dirty Politics’ revelations, and most out there, sorry to say so, they also do not seem to bloody care all that much, as it happened far, far away, in another country with a different culture, with different, hard to understand religion and so forth, so wtf, why should we care, they ask.

    The consumerist society the bulk of NZ Inc population has become, the brainwashing of decades under neoliberalism, the indifference that most people have for others, that they are not close to, that and much more has led to people NOT caring anymore.

    They care only about themselves, what they can buy cheaply and easily, hence the increase of internet shopping and consumerism, and they are divided as they have never been before, every one only concerned about “me” and little else.

    This is NZ 2017, the incessant addition to the population in the form of new immigrants, also willing to compete for jobs, and willing to outbid others, e.g. locals, to get what they feel they need and want, and the competition for rentals and other housing, that puts people against each other, so there is only one success, that is for the government and the economic business lobby, they thrive under divide and rule.

    We will get nowhere with our good intentions and cherished values, as long as we have this status quo, forget your principles now, and perhaps SABOTAGE this system, there is no other solutions that I see, people are bought and sold, so their allegiances, and that keeps Nats in Office, a corrupt mindset, nothing else, that justifies though, to destroy this order, by whatever means, e.g. through sabotage.

  8. Gosh, I am so through with conspiracy theorists, TDB should address this challenge, perhaps.

  9. I object to any use of “-isms” from that insane idiot in the White House Now in use in New Zealand. That creature is a gun-crazy, irrational, illiterate, and immoral monster–elected by a bizarre gerrymandered system of electorates. I hope all the uneducated morons he posts to the Middle East are given sedatives before being put behind a gunsight, because they’ve been raised to shoot not think. Just like their fake leader. We need an immediate inquiry into our “me too”, collaterally careless, behaviour, enhanced by the power-hungry john key and his ministers.

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