Human Rights Lawyer walks out on Duncan Garner’s Bullshit


Are you fucking kidding me?

Deborah Manning has rightfully walked out on the joke that is the AM Show after Duncan Garner decided to make the issue of NZ war crimes into a joke.

She refused to give him the information she is releasing this afternoon, he just kept pressing for that information and she got up and walked at the end of the interview.

This was the same AM Show that only yesterday was arguing in support of War Crimes, using the ‘why should we know’ argument.

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The AM Show have made the claims of war crimes into a joke and they went up against a person who takes it incredibly seriously.

Duncan Garner isn’t a poor mans Paul Henry, he’s a bankrupt Paul Henry. He has all the sophistication of a mince and cheese pie with the intellectual heft of a can of warm coke-cola.

Which actually sums up The AM Show nicely, it is to news what a mince and cheese pie and can of warm coke is to breakfast.

It’s because we have such a vapid mainstream media that war crimes can occur without public outcry.


  1. I had wondered at Nationals insistence on constantly referring to ‘War Crimes’, it’s like they can’t talk about this issue without throwing that phrase in, since Monday atleast.
    Yet Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson were at pains to say ‘we need an enquiry’, NOT ‘lets go straight to a war crimes investigation’.
    I guess this is the reason, they are counting on the ‘average’ NZer considering the idea of “our guys” being involved in ‘war crimes’ as some sort of joke…a bit over the top mate.
    Yet again, well played National on aiming for the lowest bar of the New Zealand psyche.

  2. “Not very happy is she?”

    That has to be one of the most unprofessional interviews I’ve seen since that other idiot, Paul Henry, asked scientist Michelle Dickinson, on air, if she had had sex with Richard Branson.


    Dr Dickinson should have stood up and walked out.

    With morons like these in our msm, it is little wonder that politicians get away with all sorts of crap.

    Yes, Duncan Garner, Ms Manning wasn’t very happy.

    Your final comment about her “not being very happy” was a schoolboy cheap shot. You were being a twat and an insult to her (and our) intelligence.

    • Still, Paul Henry could run rings around Duncan Garner when it comes to interviewing people. Garner always seems so utterly clueless to… well everything. IMO, he was also the key problem on Story, with his utter lack of both sophistication and general knowledge, although Heather De Plessis Allan copped all the flack for the failure of the show. People love boorish and nonintellectual presentation in their MSM, apparently.

  3. Deborah Manning is just soooo impressive.
    She gave a very good no nonsense interview on ‘The Nation ‘ last weelend as well.
    Garner had the look of a used car salesmen going in for the kill and got slapped down.
    Deborah won’t have forgotten the appalling cheap shots that Garner continually took at David Cunliffe when he was leader of the Labour Party , especially around the Women’s Refuge speech.
    What she shows is that total self belief and sticking to the facts is unnerving for interviewers especially the likes of Garner , Gower and Hosking.
    Henry would have been just as bad and would have been put firmly in his place as well.

  4. She sat through and answered all his questions, repeatedly, moronic as they became. Or did I miss something?

    • She left ‘prematurely’…hence Garners bullyish shoulder wiggle and over the shoulder smart-arse comment right at the end…

  5. ” Not very happy, for some reason, is she? ”

    Not being able to suffer fools gladly isn’t a mystery to me Dunc’.

    I know what his problem is. When he pulled into that gas station to pop a little air into his Penis Extender 2000’s tyres he inflated his head accidentally.

    He looks like a guy in permanent squeeze mode after a bad curry.
    That jacket? Is that curtain material?

    I think that about does it.

    Oh, one more thing. What a dick?

  6. Today Deborah Manning’s superb intelligence and class, demonstrated the lack of a credible msm in NZ.

    I wish Deborah and her legal colleagues the very best, in their quest to seek justice for the victims of the questionable raids in Afghanistan.

  7. I have heard Mark Richardson use terms like “raving lefty and “Lefty lunatics” as well as constantly using Helen Clarke’s name in terms of Nanny state. So he is hardly in any position to have an unbiased opinion on this subject matter. As for his cricket playing days, he was average at best and as a sports jock, he is a raving maniac!

    As for Garner he is a wannabe shock jock. Quick fire stories with questions of no substance. Suits some people but not those with intellect, thus why Deborah Manning walked out.

    • Well said Bert.

      Instead of calling Garner a shock jock, I’d go one further and call him a crass stained jock strap! Quite suitable for his odious, gobby style of “doing business,” which definitely isn’t journalism, not even at its lowest level!

  8. Good on you Ms Manning. Power to Afagnistan. We stand d in solidarity with them. Shame on you Need Duncan Garner. Insensitive as

  9. Deborah Manning was wasting her time appearing before a numbskull like Garner.

    She reminds me of Helen Kelly.

    We need more like her in progressive politics.

  10. The older Garner gets, the more he looks like a man who has a habit of indulging in a few too many a beers at night. He loves his sports, we know, and his fishing and also the odd drink.

    It seems the latter may be having too much of a negative effect on his brain and mind.

    Already a rather second rate media populist, an over-rated “media person” of sorts (past “journalist”), he is racing towards the bottom of the heap, as even the less experienced new graduate reporters look and sound a lot better, smarter and sensible than him now.

  11. Not very professional of Mr Garner. In fact, his performance was amateurish and childish toward the end.

    Ms Manning retained her dignity at a point at which I would’ve told him to fuck off.

  12. That was a shocking interview. If Garner persists in playing a “Mike Hosking” game, he will be mocked for being a fool. No one will respect him.

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