Community joins the picket line as car part workers strike – First Union



Community joins the picket line as car part workers strike


Disgruntled distribution centre workers at BNT (Brakes and Transmission), the Australian-owned car parts supplier, took their sixth round of strike action today alongside approximately seventy supporters from the Auckland community.


“Our members were blown away,” said FIRST Union organiser Emir Hodzic.


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“It’s really encouraging to know that the local community supports our fight for better wages and conditions.”


The show of community supports comes a month after the Australian-based chief executive described ongoing strike action at the company as merely a “pimple on a pumpkin.”


However, in the last week the dispute has escalated with workers taking their fifth and now sixth round of strike action and an internal memo revealing the company is struggling to get products to the market as a result.


“Our members want to get the job done, but that’s becoming harder and harder as their wages and conditions fall further and further behind their colleagues at other distribution centres in Auckland,” said Hodzic.


“If BNT wants to clear the backlog, if they want to get products to customers faster, the solution is pretty simple. Get back to the bargaining table. Offer distribution centre workers a wage they can support their families on.”  


“BNT have been dragging negotiations out for months. They’re one of the poorest-paying employers in the industry and our members are left with no choice but to take action,” said Hodzic.  



  1. Full support for your suggested reasonable request as a disgruntled employee is a dysfunctional worker.

    retired ex-worker from HB.

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