Quarter of a million hectares sold into overseas ownership illegally – Labour Party

By   /   March 28, 2017  /   10 Comments

Over 250,000 hectares of land have been bought by foreigners without required approval from the Overseas Investment Office since 2011, and the response was a slap with a wet bus ticket by National, says Leader of the Opposition Andrew Little.

“Our land is being sold into foreign ownership illegally on a massive scale, and National is doing nothing about it.

“The OIO had to validate the purchases retrospectively. It imposed fines in 31 cases of land being sold without approval, totalling 257,000 hectares valued at over half a billion dollars. The average fine was $8,500, or less than $1 a hectare. In other cases, no fine was imposed or the buyers were allowed to make a donation to charity to settle the issue.

“No wonder foreign buyers aren’t bothering to comply with the law when the penalties the Government imposes are so trivial. It’s cheaper to ignore the OIO and pay the fine if you get caught than it is to go through the approval process. What does this say about how the Government values the role of the OIO as guardians of our sensitive land?

“The fact so much of our land is being sold into overseas ownership illegally shows the OIO doesn’t have the resources needed to do its job properly. National is clearly not concerned about foreigners buying sensitive land if it is failing to give the OIO the tools to do its job.

“Labour will properly resource the OIO so it can better police who is buying our sensitive land and give it the tools to ensure foreign buyers are sticking to the conditions of their purchase. Overseas purchases of our land should only be allowed when they create real value for New Zealand,” says Andrew Little.

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  1. Stuart Munro says:

    Properly resource the OIO? Fuck the OIO you need to reverse the sales.

    Government gives foreign owners five years to sell to NZ citizen or compulsorily acquires @ GV.

    None of that wet bus ticket stuff – this is serious.

    • Gosman says:

      You mean like what Zimbabwe has done. How did that work out for them?

      • No, you mean like Somalia adopting liberterian style minimal government, Gosman.

      • lloyd jordan says:

        just close the office and dont sell anything to a non nz born citizen

      • Stuart Munro says:

        We might have known that you would endorse the illegal acquisition of land by foreigners Gosman. The Zimbabwean process is scarcely legal – the outline I proposed is downright considerate – a government could simply announce mortagee style auctions of any land that was illegally obtained.

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  3. Takere says:

    Tax-Deterrent. Stamp Duty. 40%+

  4. Tamati Tautuhi says:

    Still a lot of Treaty Claims to tidy up, I don’t understand the Natzis motives?

  5. Helena says:

    Nationalize all foreign-owned land and re-think. Umm difficult to do given we owe China so much money that we are already a part of China’s Pacific Empire. https://www.thetrumpet.com/14057-china-s-conquest-of-new-zealand
    I guess all of us, including the indigenous peoples will soon have to stand in line and bow to the new power.