National and Maori Party to carve up playgrounds – Labour Party


The Labour Party remains resolute that Auckland’s parks and playgrounds are not to be carved up for housing development and that Auckland’s public reserves remain public reserves, says Labour’s Maori Development spokesperson Kelvin Davis

“National and the Maori Party are trying to get Labour to back their plan to carve up the Point England reserve for a housing project. Labour will not back a plan, which would set a precedent for other public reserves such as Cornwall Park, Potters Park, Albert Park, and the local playground to get carved up to fix the National and Maori parties’ housing crisis.

“As Mayor Phil Goff has said, this sets a dangerous precedent.

“Because the developers in this instance are local tribe Ngati Paoa, the Maori Party expects Labour to agree to carving up parks, reserves and playgrounds.

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“Literally on the other side of the fence from the Point England reserve is the Tamaki Redevelopment project, which, with even the slightest bit of sensible thinking, National and the Maori Party could have set aside land for Ngati Paoa to achieve its goals. Instead, the National and Maori parties prefer to carve up our mokopunas’ playgrounds and condemn the children of the future to playing in concrete jungles.

“Within one generation, another one million people will live in Auckland. That generation will have the Labour Party to thank for protecting the city’s green spaces.

“Labour is committed to building 50,000 affordable houses in Auckland under our Kiwibuild programme. These developments will be medium density and preserve green space,” says Kelvin Davis.


  1. “These developments will be medium density and preserve green space,”

    How about setting aside a whole section in every one or two streets to make playgrounds – little playgrounds – for little kids with their mums. Within stroller distance of home, when buses or using a car are not options. Or as a destination for the older folk and other stay at homes. Some shelter and somewhere to sit, eat, read, talk.

    Also making it possible for communities to develop instead of creating even more commuter ghettoes. Even allotments for people to grow some food at least. Or is that too idyllic for the Big Sprawl?

    50 000 houses and a nightmare of commuting to work or school? Or 50 000 homes with excellent public transport available, affordable shopping, and work not so far away that people never see their homes in winter, except by street lights.

    Do make sure that quality isn’t lost in the rush to compete.

  2. I couldn’t believe it when I saw they were carving up Pt England reserve to suit each other. I didn’t think you could use reserves like this in this way but then again I didnt think either of them would blatantly sell off State houses either.

    Good on Labour for speaking out against this. I seriously hope it can be stopped.

    PS, The Tamaki Redevelopment areas are for property developers and investors anyway.

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