Time for National to stop putting the brakes on light rail – Phil Twyford


Aucklanders can’t wait 30 years for light rail to the airport. Labour will start building it as soon as possible, says Labour’s Auckland Issues spokesperson Phil Twyford.

“The agreement between Auckland Transport and NZTA to build light rail from the CBD down Dominion Rd to Mt Roskill and on to the airport is welcome news. The 30 year wait isn’t.

“It’s time for National to stop putting the handbrake on this crucial piece of infrastructure, and commit funding for it now.

“The officials have decided light rail needs to happen, but it needs political leadership. Once again, National is kicking the can down the road, rather than making the investments we need now.

“Labour has led calls for light rail and Aucklanders have embraced the idea. Our commitment to getting light rail built as quickly as possible was a key component to Michael Wood’s stunning victory in the Mt Roskill by-election.

“During the Mt Roskill campaign, National scoffed at the idea of light rail. Steven Joyce said light rail was “pork barrel politics“ and John Key pushed for more buses.

“Auckland needs light rail as soon as possible. Labour will deliver it,” says Phil Twyford.

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  1. “Aucklanders can’t wait 30 years for light rail to the airport.”

    Of course they can! It’s been longer than that already.

    All thos NIMBYs. All those vested interests – and you want ‘light rail’. You CAN’T be an Aucklander with that attitude: ‘let’s have light rail.’

    The Mighty Car rules in the Big Sprawl – except for all the people who can’t afford one or don’t want to hire one. The people who expect to find decent, affordable public transport without all the byzantine transfers and ticketing and sheer lack of amenities. And Auckland STILL can’t get even the basics together.

    Or is it simply another ploy to divert money to Auckland from the rest of us? The ever-open maw from which so few benefits accrue to anyone.

    If all else fails – run a few sausage sizzles.

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