John Key – you have to tell NZ if you committed a war crime


Nicky Hager has teamed up with Jon Stephenson to produce a compelling prosecution of a war crime that John Key signed off on.

It is alleged with clear precision that John Key green lighted  a revenge mission for the death of a NZ SAS soldier and because it was poorly planned and knee-jerk we have targeted and destroyed 12 houses, killed 6 innocent civilians (including a school teacher and a child) and seriously injured 15 others.

The targeting of civilians and gross incompetence marks this out as a possible war crime.

The former defense minister described the incident as the, “biggest and most dangerous operation in Afghanistan, a fiasco.

NZDF realised that the raid had gone wrong but instead covered it up and lied to media about what actually happened.

We, the people of New Zealand must demand an independent inquiry into what the fuck has happened here. Why were we lied to? Who did we kill? How did it happen? Have we committed war crimes? Will John Key be charged for these war crimes if they are war crimes?

If we as a country are going to cheer when our troops go to war to fight ‘da terrorists’ then we have to demand accountability when they kill civilians! We deserve to know the truth before John Key steps down – did he or did he not order a poorly planned strike that killed 6 civilians?

Jesus wept this disgusts and angers me so deeply – if you send troops to a foreign land you are fucking responsible for what they do!

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Brothers & sisters, we fund the NZ SAS – when they pull a trigger, we help pay for that trigger – Key has made us all killers here.

The Prime Minister has blood on his hands and we must demand some answers before he steps down.

Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson are two of our greatest investigative Journalists and anyone attacking their credibility is a hollow liar who probably hasn’t even read what they have written.

We are once more in their debt for holding the powerful to account.

Now it’s our job to raise hell until we get  some answers. Don’t let Key get away with this.

Talk to your friends, talk to your family, share, share and bloody share again on social media until we find out what the bloody happened here.

Those 6 dead people and 15 we injured deserve nothing less, our honour may have been stained – by holding the military and political class to account is how we wash that stain away.


  1. So this is perhaps why Key resigned? He got wind of the Hager/Stephenson investigation?

    Key was interviewed on Radio NZ prior to the book’s release. His default dismissal of Nicky Hager as a “left wing conspiracy theorist” reminds us why Key is a disgrace and should be consigned to the rubbish-bin of history.

    • No I disagree Frank. Key knew that the chances of the Natz getting in in September with the glory they have is much lower than it ever has been during his reign.

      Key will have plausable (because he is good at that and kiwis believe it) denial that he knew any of this, what is the bet that the Yanks get the blame.

      What I am really concerned about is the interviewing – especailly on TV – that will happen over the next few days. Most of those ‘journalists’ never have a good enough grasp of the facts to get round the lying politicians and defence force people.

      If what Nicky and Jon are saying is not true, then let’s see someone sue. We know it won’t happen. But people will believe it isn’t true with assurance from the government.

      • We need the big guns of political interviewing — Kim Hill and John Campbell. Once Kim smells blood in the water, she goes for the jugular every time. And John, bless him, is so earnest, he should possibly consider changing his name to Earnest Campbell. These two should be able to shake the cupboard with sufficient force that all the skeletons can’t help but fall out.

    • Frank, I’d prefer to see Key consigned to a prison, after being tried and convicted of war crimes against humanity, in the international court at The Hague.

      Being consigned to the rubbish bin of history is far too good for him, whose hands are very likely dripping with blood!

    • Doubt it Frank.
      If Key was still PM I don’t see him having any difficulty blustering incoherently (but successfully) through this one too. Aided and abetted all the way by his media admirers of course.

    • 100% correct Fank,

      Key was just a man used by the global elite to come and sell NZ to them so now he has completed his role and this “over-reach” of his casual attitude to everything was his eventual downfall.

      Sorry “Mr sellout” no knight-hood for you evil hood.

      • Unfortunately CG, don’t be so sure about the knighthood. That was part of the deal and already on the agenda.
        You can tell sometimes when the sociopath is lying through his teeth though (witness the latest in the media). The ‘S’s become more lispy-like and cliches (clitches) abound. I also often wonder whether the wrinkles apparent on an off day haven’t had the Caci-clinic treatment. The latest though in the msm has him dressed up photgraphically looking as smooth as a baby’s bum.
        Maybe he’s taking advice from Mex

  2. So, so, so, I remember when Martyn gave us a hint weeks ago, about John Key’s sudden departure, and why a book to be published may have something to do with it.

    Interesting and shocking indeed, what I have heard so far, this is stuff that should get more people thinking.

    Of course John Key rubbished Nicky Hager again, when interviewed by Corin Dann of TV1 as shown on the news tonight. “Left wing conspiracy operator”, or something similar he said about Nicky again.

    His face told me, he was not a happy, comfortable man inside, Mr Key that is.

    Tomorrow he will be holding is Valedictory Speech in Parliament, good riddance for that former Smiling Assassin kind of a PM.

    I fear though, these revelations will vanish from the MSM reporting and discussion as swiftly as Dirty Politics did nearly three years ago. Strange that, or not, it is just as usual, people will continue to glorify their Kiwi SAS soldiers as they have before, blood at their hands or not, so-called “heroes” are never without some guilt or blemish, but most choose not to see it.

  3. Thanks Martyn, we were unable to watch the launch unfold because we couldn’t get the link. We listened to John campbell’s interview and watched the report of the book launch on TV3.

    I am pleased that Key’s farewell will be marred by this big revelation which he has clearly brought on himself.

    My thoughts go out to those families who lost people when this crime was under taken by NZ forces.

    A public meeting with Nicky Hager will be held at the Christchurch Cathedral on Thursday 6th April at 7pm.

    • carrying out a massacre is a fizzer please explain bill ???? your key didn’t think it was a fizzer he shot through! please explain ?

      • DARTH,

        Bill is his name and Bill English as PM would obviously say that it was “a fizzer” to try and lower his heat as the man now left with this “war crime” now to deal with.

        So when Bill English comes out in the MSM saying minimal about Key’s fuck-up” he will be showing his true colours to us all.

    • The usual utter and complete cock-ups that occur in war. The neat, surgical exercise is a myth that hardly ever occurs in realty. Our SAS killed or helped to kill innocent citizens, many of them children.
      This is what happens when a lying PM commits SAS to peaceful, training activities, knowing bloody well that they won’t be.

      Key is guilty here, but look for the underside of the carpet…

  4. Thank you Martyn. I think most contributors to this site, will be equally angry and shocked at the latest revelations re Key and National.

    Now we wait to see how msm responds to Nicky and Jon’s book! To continue to give glowing reports of Key after this news, is to justify murder!

    Another point. What was former Governor General’s Jerry Mateparae position in the military at the time of this dreadful event? Was he still a high ranking NZ defence decision maker, or was he director of the SIS? He would have been in one or the other positions, perhaps knowing what Key had signed off on in Afghanistan surely! And finally if this puts Mateparae in a situation where he was aware of the raid on the village and civilians, why was he given the job of GG?

    This issue invites impartial serious investigation.

  5. So this and 29 miners…gee old Key must sleep well at night.
    Even if no action is taken, he has to live with these deaths – that can’t be fun whatever way you look at it.

    • So right Kim Dandy Key has a lot of blood on his hands way worse than any former PM of NZ.

      What a sad record of a con-man!!!!!

    • @ Kim Dandy … John Key doesn’t have a conscience, so any deaths under his watch or authorised by him, is like water off a duck’s back. He doesn’t give a big rat’s backside. So I’d say he sleeps quite well at night!

      I hope to see Key, Mateparae and their evil likes held to account for this, and punished accordingly for their willing compliance in war crimes.

  6. Thanks for broadcasting the book launch @ Martyn. Appreciate that. Good job man.

    Dirty little jonky with blood on his hands aint nothin’ new. Every poverty stricken NZ house, every suicide, every domestic violence incident has the stink of jonky on it. The spineless little Right Wing traitor should go to prison.
    I wonder what kind of profit was turned over on 6 dead people and 15 injured? What’s the price of bombs and bullets these days? Then there’s the military salaries, transport, aircrew, fuel, food, and sundry other kit essential to politically sanctioned revenge murder… I bet someone made a killing, no pun intended. I bet there was more than dollar made from that shrapnel shredded little girl.
    See, this is what happens when, in times of peace, we take our eyes off the Right Wingers. They just can’t help themselves.

    Israeli arms dealers .
     ( Film as such no longer available but you’ll get the drift. )

  7. What a big fat yawn fest! This is a bigger flop than the Hager / Dot Com moment of truth – I still don’t know what was supposed to be revealed. If you really believe our SAS soldiers deliberately targeted civilians and children you need to loosen your tinfoil hats.

    • So whilst the the rabid right wing faction bayed for blood when Helen Clark signed a painting, those same far rightwing nut jobs think the signing off by Key of the deaths of innocent women and children is a big yawn fest?

      Seems a fair comparison too me.

      If you really believe Key is the great Messiah, loosen your tinfoil hat, because the great Messiah has done a runner…

    • KS when we get a proper inquiry you will be wrong. This was clearly a revenge attack. I have never had a tin foil hat.

      If anything is incorrect in the book – just as for dity politics – Hager & Stephenson would be sued, they won’t be.

      Nicky has more credibility than any other journalist in aotearoa.

    • KS, so the possible deaths of innocent men, women, and children is a “yawnfest” for you? You’re a troubled person if that’s your attitude.

    • Well, KS, it seems that former-Defence Minister Wayne Mappy has conceded that those killed weren’t terrorists;

      We didn’t achieve the objective we sought, which was the capture of a named group of people.

      And there were civilians killed in the raid;

      “One of the disasters of war is these terrible things can happen.

      In 2014 I was informed that , I saw it on TV in fact, that a three-year-old was killed, I’m sure everyone is remorseful about that. At the time of the attack they thought they were being attacked by insurgents.


      English cannot hold back the tide any longer. There has to be a Commission of Inquiry.

  8. A crime has been committed, innocent civilians have been killed.


    No one will be investigated.

    No one will be held accountable.

    No one will go to trial.

    And where are all the “One Law for All” hypocrites?

  9. What if the people we killed, came to our homes and exacted the same sort of vengeance we exacted on them?

    Whatever their motivation, whatever their grievance, whatever their justification, we would call them terrorists.

    So why, are we not called terrorists when we do it?

  10. I am ashamed today to be a NZer, we are now complicit in these heinous crimes. I have also heard that JK has paid a young girl off over serious issues involving his son but we will never know the truth now.

    • Yes Ann,

      I am a ex army man, and now equally ashamed.

      This has placed a deep cloud of shame on our record of being “peace-keepers as the world will view us now as in discriminate killers with a bad Government to boot out this year.

      Many of my army friends think this way as Key has brought real deep shame on us all now.

      he should be tried in our court but he is quickly escaping NZ as he is departing of overseas on Friday (first stop Australia) to be out of our legal bounds, he is clearly now a liability to us all.

      • +100…well said CLEANGREEN

        …there must be a commission of inquiry of some sort or public inquiry…to redeem the reputation of New Zealand soldiers, many of whom are fine people

        ….and redeem the reputation of New Zealand and New Zealanders

        …war criminals must be held to account for their war crimes and crimes against humanity

    • Like father like son if this true Ann Johns,Key protects his own with money ,but inflicts misery on others .
      Key has no conscience, he probably protected his son to save face for himself.the girl dosnt count with him.
      Nicky Hagar was right in his previous book Dirty Politics,that was rubbished and denied by crooked Key,and blind Nat supporters believed him.
      i dont think the soldiers were to blame ,they just obey orders.

  11. You are forgetting that those that were killed are browny foreigner type people who don’t really count. Just like on National Radio today (Jim Mora show) they were praising the recently deceased Rockefeller. He was famous for saying how American capitalism had done more for more people than any other political system. What about the millions of Middle Easteners, South Americans, Africans etc. who were the collateral damage for those benefits.

      • People get killed in war.

        That should be obvious to anyone. In any case, where is the proof?

        Blaming Key is truly, deeply pathetic. Do you blame Labour PMs for WW2 deaths?

        • Would you like it if someone broke into your home and murdered your family. After all people get murdered regularly in life. What a pathetic piece of reasoning. I now understand why Key was called the “smiling assassin”.

          • You “now know”? Wow, you must have been very confused by that term in the past, then.

            War is hell. Easy for you to sit here, cosy and safe, and make judgements on the SAS who are exposed to real combat. Civilians get killed. Often. Where were all you bleeding hearts when the Taliban were killing six per day, at least!

            If Hager has got proof of what he “alleges”, present it.

            • Its obvious why you choose now and this article to whinge about. Before I would have said who the fuck is big rick styles. But off course white people would quickly jump and defend people who kill brown people.

              It’s not fucking proof moron. It’s SAS operators explaining what they where upto. How many they killed and who ordered it.

              You really need to learn how to read

            • Or Key could defend his position by asking the now P.M. for an inquiry. As Key himself once said “nothing to hide, nothing to fear” or has he?

              Hager has nothing to hide.

              You clearly have a shut mind, mine is open. Why is that?

              • Perhaps we should have an enquiry into Labour Party funding? “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”

                Obviously, this is political activism and should be treated as such. What’s the point of wasting public money when the outcome is most likely “civilians sometimes die in battle”

                Big so what?

                • “One of the disasters of war is these terrible things can happen.

                  In 2014 I was informed that, I saw it on TV in fact, that a three-year-old was killed, I’m sure everyone is remorseful about that. At the time of the attack they thought they were being attacked by insurgents.”


                  Mapp has admitted it this evening. So you can start readjusting your skewed moral compass, BigRickyStyles .

                • Thats the first time i’v ever seen some one try and put a health warning on a provincial reconstruction team as oh fuck ” civilians some times die in battle”

                  And we lost 10 of our own numb nuts.

                  So for every 6 of thiers confirmed dead, one confirmed as a child. We lose 10 of ours.

                  So in order to kill 6 foreigners with very little to no training we had to sacrifice 10 of ours who we spend $200k on every year.

                  The logic is so transparent you have to be a fucking genius not to see it.

                • “Perhaps we should have an enquiry into Labour Party funding? “Nothing to hide, nothing to fear”

                  You’ve gone off track BRS. Debate lost.

        • This was a revenge attack and those people who committed these war crimes should be held to account. This was murder.

        • They were not there for war.

          We were told they were there for peacekeeping and training Afghan troops.

          • True fact that Groucho Marxist,

            The opposition should be ramming this down Key/English/Joyce and co throats.

            As we were promised in 2010 when SAS vent there that they were only sent as peacekeepers and advisors like our guys in Iraq.

            Bloody liars all the NatZ.

      • Actually Jon cannot confirm who pulled the trigger and suspects it was the US gun ship, not NZ SAS personal.

        As what he said this morning, please be careful before accusing our finest of things

        • Job Stevenson and Nicky Hager said way more than that, Bg. The SAS were in charge of the operation and calling direction on the ground. The SAS also allegedly went from house to house, burning and shooting. You missed that, did you?

          I prefer a commission of enquiry before indulging in hero-worship of “our finest of things”.

        • @ BG … John Key signed off the approval for the SAS to be involved in the raid, when the NZ defence chief was indecisive about it.

          Seems to me, it’s a literal case of going in all guns blazing and to hell with the collateral damage, without due diligence.

          Besides, the event was hushed up, not for our ears! Why do you think that would that be?

          • But did he Mary? Or was he acting in a different capacity, maybe that of Minister for Tourism. Either way he won’t see himself as culpable.

          • Because Key always hides what he dosnt want people to know.
            It will be denied and hidden under the carpet,no repercussions ,just like Keys friend Hillary Clinton and her crime in Bengazi,Key is part of that gang.
            Key gave millions of taxpayer $$$ to Clintons foundation without telling the NZ public.
            Key is an arrogant lying toad who thought he had Obama and Clinton behind him,not behind him now ,that’s one reason he is running away.

  12. These are very serious allegations amounting to murder.

    David Cunliffe and the Labour Party have an unique responsibility and moral duty to see that this matter is addressed and that justice is done. David Cunliffe and the Labour Party have agreed, (at John Key and the National Party’s request), to preserve the proportionality of parliament by David Cunliffe standing down earlier than he had previously stated to allow for John Key’s early departure.

    David Cunliffe had previously publicly stated that he would not be leaving parliament until the election.

    Until John Key fronts up to answer the serious allegations made against him and his government as to the actions of the SAS acting under their direction, David Cunliffe must withhold his resignation.

    To not do so, stains him and the Labour Party with being complicit in covering up these alleged crimes.

  13. At the end of the day, middle New Zealand is not going to listen to a “left wing conspiracy theorist”. The economy is going strong, unemployment is low, and there is enough reality TV shows to keep happy minds busy and entertained.

    The NZDF will maintain their position regardless of the amount of evidence that contridicts their public statements. Mainstream NZ media will then get bored and give up asking hard questions. Bill English and the Nats will go on to win the election with ease, while Hagar and Stephenson’s book collects dust in libraries and second hand book stores.

    • The NZDF will maintain their position regardless of the amount of evidence that contridicts their public statements.
      Not so sure about that. Depends who’s going to become the fall guy – the politicians or the servicemen.
      As a comms strategy, stonewall denial is very 1990.
      The NZ Army, especially in its peacekeeping roles, has built an enviable reputation for being fair and reasonable. This potentially damages that.

    • And people will live in cars, there will be record immigration, a bursting infrastructure, more corruption, high unemployment , more deaths through under funding of health, polluted waterways and houses in Auckland will have an average price of $2 million whilst the “smiling assassin” relaxes in Hawaii.

  14. More likely it’s the tip of the iceberg, crack troops training soldiers? sounds not very plausible and more likely a cover. More likely the NZ SAS were involved in more armed missions that we won’t hear about for years, and even then it will be a leak.

    • Yes DIA we will ignore the apologist’s’ that preceded this post.

      Strangely we were again lied to when asked why our SAS were being deployed to Afghanistan the government said, it was to train the Afghan solders!!!!

      “Yeah right” was that how to murder innocent people?

      Do we all remember “My Lai Massacre,” Vietnam 1968 ?

      We are no morally better than the disgraced US army was after that crime against innocent people that the US then lost that war for what?

  15. I always believed that John Key could get away with murder and these heinous crimes being made public today and Keys reaction to them proves to me that he can do anything, he is beyond the rule of law and accountability.

    We have forever joined the Americans and their disgusting record in Iraq, Vietnam, Chile and other atrocities that are still suppressed.

    I await the public reaction to these crimes done in their name including the MURDER of children.

    If we as a society can get angry about water then we surely should be revolted enough to demand repercussions.

    And not wait until after the general election to get to the truth.

  16. And to think that the man in charge of GCSB geospatial intelligence – the targeting of enemies, typically by drone strike and, Yes, SAS – is now overseeing Bill English’s big data MSD push. Peter is his name.

    From targeting people of ambiguous identity with drones to targeting beneficiaries.

    Says a lot.

  17. No valedictory

    No easy escape

    To end the conspiracy of silence of all our parliamentarians over these allegations.

    Labour can act.

    Labour must act

    Labour must immediately withdraw their offer to their government to preserve the proportionality of parliament, until these allegations against John Key are properly addressed. Either that, or risk also becoming tainted with being part of the cover up.

    David Cunliffe, do not end your political career in ignominy.

  18. NZ is part of the Anglo-American alliance for domination and looting of the world. It has been since acquiring Dominion status.

    ‘We, the people of New Zealand must demand an independent inquiry’

    Sure, demand an independent enquiry, but be aware that there is no such thing as an independent enquiry in NZ (or any other money-lender-industrialised nation): vested interests rule, and will have their way. One of their many ways is perpetual war.

  19. Also notice how the National Party’s N.Z. Herald, has quickly pushed the story down the list, there must be breaking news coming on Max Key!

    • @ Bert … The news in the NZH and Stuff is Justin Beiber dancing with an old lady. Takes priority over the events in Afghanistan in 2010!


      With this dark cloud hanging over his head now, is a knighthood likely for Key now?

        • Arise Sir Bloody Killer!

          After the release of the details this brutal affair, and John Key’s sanction of it.

          A knighthood for John Key would be the ultimate insult to decency in this country.

  20. Mark Richardson support in war crimes on Duncan Garners dreadful show this morning

    That’s the problem when you allow ignorant redneck sports jocks to speak on matters they know nothing about,.

  21. Thank you Nicky and Jon for your courage and your work documenting this sordid story, this story of revenge killings of innocents and cover-up and lies by the Defence Force and politicians. Thank you to the honourable men in the SAS who had a human conscience enough to leak the truth about what happened. And the truth will not go away, and must be subject to confirmation of an official enquiry, as is being called for.

    This is New Zealand’s Mai Lai massacre and we taxpayers and citizens will not let it be brushed under the carpet of lies and fobbing off as “Deputy Prime Minister” Paula Bennett squirmingly tried to do this morning on morning report. Our SAS troops behaved like terrorists and have become as brutal as the enemy they are hunting. I bet some of the young idealistic men who signed up for the SAS believing all the propaganda they were told, became sick to the stomach at what happened in the raids on the two villages, and courageously determined to tell the truth to two of NZ best investigative journalists.
    The NZ government must come clean about what happened, apologise and offer compensation to the Afghan victims of these botched raids. To do less, is to betray the so-called civilised values we as a nation supposedly believe in.

  22. The war crime is participating in the invasion of a sovereign country at the behest of Uncle Sam. That was Helen Clark’s doing. Although Key probably salivated at the thought of unleashing the SAS, this atrocity is just a detail in the larger crime.
    I am amazed at how every post here has missed this point.

  23. I don’t know which is worse, anonymous right-wing trolls who think a possible atrocity in a defenceless village is ok, or, National ministers who are refusing to front up on this issue.

    One would think National ministers would want to get to the bottom of this. But they’re running for cover and refusing any suggestion for an Inquiry.

    How many times have we heard right wing politicians tell us, NOTHING TO HIDE, NOTHING TO FEAR?

    Well, they are fearing something.

  24. Soldiers are trained to obey orders and to kill their fellow human beings. The SAS are super soldiers trained to kill. They do not go into battle with military titles but call each other by their first or nickname.
    New Zealand citizens trained to be killing machines have been going out into the world ever since it joined the first smash/grab/rape/pillage/destroy BANKER WAR. All in the name of “freeing the people” from some tyrant targeted by the bankers as not friendly to their agenda.
    If you want to see firsthand dictator tyrants poisoning land/water, jailing its citizens on flimsy charges in inhumane institutions, ignoring the homeless/unemployed/unemployable, making sure drugs are “found” but never eliminated …. then LOOK AROUND YOU!
    IMO our Governments are and have been puppets to the banking masters. And we are twits to think anyone killing anyone overseas is a hero. We must include ourselves with Key ’cause we are just as stupid. Only difference between us and Key is we didn’t get the bribe money. We were willing brainwashed.

  25. Charging John Key with war crimes will be as successful as charging Blair and Bush for even greater war crimes.

    Both Bush and Blair are touring the globe speaking as if champions of the free world. Obama and Key are probably set to join them.

    They are all war criminals.

    What the hell are we doing in Afghanistan anyway ? What did the Afghanis ever do to NZ ? We are supposed to have a peacekeeping role.
    Sending in the SAS was definitely mission creep which resulted in this atrocity and Key has to own it.

    Brownlee is currently in Iraq flying the NZ flag begging for more involvement in further mission creep. He wants to make sure NZ is not left off the list of countries to target by angry Jihadis.
    Thanks Jerry.

  26. So we were supposed to be in Afghanistan to help rebuild their country,and we send the S.A.S . This is like sending in the mongrel mob to set up a girl guide biscuit stand!With our membership of the Five Eyes surveillance network it only reinforces the sad fact that N.Z. is an ase-licking vassal of The U.S criminal military empire!

  27. “We will not be rushed into some sort of inquiry”, Bill English.

    Translation: There will be no inquiry.

    It all hinges on David Cunliffe’s resignation.

    Will David Cunliffe roll over for the National Party and let John Key get away without having to face up to these allegations?

    If the John Key is desperate to escape parliament avoiding any hearing on his actions related to these matters, then his party must call a by-election, where these issues could be given a hearing in front of his electorate and the country. Or demand that John Key stay in parliament until the election.

  28. I just had the misfortune of watching Mike Hosking’s remarks on Key’s “legacy” on Seven Flat (7:08 in). Jebus he’s so out of fucking touch, it’s actually frightening.

  29. “They (National) came to us, they asked about David Cunliffe’s plans. He had plans, it fitted in with what they were doing with John Key,” he said.
    “In the end, I wasn’t particularly fussed.”

    Andrew Little replying to reporters on how the agreement to help John Key’s escape parliament early came about.

    Questions need to asked of the Leader of the Opposition;

    Mr Little,
    As the leader of the parliamentary opposition, and privy to Government Intelligence briefings. Were you ever briefed as to the nature of the allegations that have since publicly surfaced against the ex-Prime Minister John Key, before you agreed to give a concession to the National Party to allow Mr Key to depart from parliament early?

    Mr Little,
    If you were aware of the imminent publication of these allegations, did this matter become part of your deliberations?

    Mr Little,
    If you were not aware of these allegations at the time you agreed to the National Party’s request to preserve the proportionality of parliament. In light of the grave nature of these allegations, since made public, will you withdraw your offer to preserve the proportionality of parliament, given to the National Party to instead demand that an inquiry be held into these matters, over the government’s wishes not to hold an inquiry?

  30. NOPE, “operational matter”, off to play golf now, nothing to hide, nothing to say, thank you, JOHN THE UNHOLY KEY. By the way, the people “love” me, same as Filipinos love Duterte, and nearly half of Americans love Trump.

  31. About the only good I hope comes out of this is the permission for the families of the interpreters who helped our troops in Afghanistan to come to this country.

    And be supported as they settle, find employment and education.

    A very small atonement.

    Oh, and it wouldn’t hurt if we sent over people to clean up any minefields, pollution and debris that have been left behind after our ‘war games’ and harmings.

    Plus speaking up very loudly the next time some big war-hungry nation decides to foul up Afghanistan through conflict or threaten them with ‘western-style democracy’ (despite the fact that it’s a rigged game).

  32. Break the silence

    With John Key’s resignation. Until the resignation of David Cunliffe on April 11, the proportionality of parliament has been changed to favour the opposition.

    Will the Labour, or any other opposition party use this opportunity to call for a parliamentary debate on the evidence of war crimes committed by the SAS in a cowardly revenge attack against two villages in Baghlan province, signed off by Prime Minister Key, as revealed in Hager’s book, “Hit & Run”?

    Below is a link to a compelling Q and A statement issued by Nicky Hager and Jon Stephenson to the media.

    Followed by the NZDF’s response.

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