Budget reveals true madness of King Trump and why blaming Russia is Deep State sophistry & lets Democrats off the hook


If there is anyone still alive who believes that Trump is some type of anti-establishment hero who will circumvent the usual vested political interests of Washington, then his horrific budget should be the last off-ramp on the motorway of insanity this lunatic has managed to plunge America into.

Trump understood the simmering fury that the snide and cutting comments of his peer group could create politically. He knew that the Democrats had wandered too far down identity politics and free market globalisation and far away from the working class union workers he could win over with his angry rhetoric.

Trump’s election was one of the greatest political swindles of the 21st Century. Selling back the rage of those without the skills to compete in a global marketplace, Trump’s American Carnage was a powerful political tool to rally the culturally displaced and economically dispossessed .

His first appalling budget has sold all those who voted for him down the drain.

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The White House has strongly defended President Donald Trump’s budget, which proposes deep cuts to domestic spending, including programmes aimed at aiding the poor and funding scientific research.

Budget Director Mick Mulvaney stated broadly that the budget was intended to defund areas of the Government that had been deemed wasteful or ineffective in the interest of being better stewards of taxpayer dollars.

“We can’t spend money on programmes just because they sound good,” Mulvaney said. “That is about as compassionate as you can get.” He added: “We’re trying to focus on the recipients of the money and the folks who give us money in the first place.”

Faced with repeated questions about line items in the federal budget that help fund programmes, like Meals on Wheels, which provides meals for seniors, after-school educational programmes for poor, rural communities, and public broadcasting, Mulvaney insisted that the cuts were targeted at programmes that hadn’t had a track record of success.

…deep cuts to environmental regulation, deep cuts to welfare programs, deep cuts to public broadcasting, deep cuts to education programs, deep cuts to Veteran services.

The brutality and size of the cuts are more amputation than slash.

And where’s the money going?

The bloody military industrial complex….

Donald Trump’s big present for America is a bigger and more lethal military.

Trump just dropped his first Budget and he plans to spend a lot more money on the US Army, Air Force, Navy and Special Forces.

America will get “a larger, more capable, and more lethal joint force,” the budget says.
The big question is: Why?

America already spends about twenty times as much on its military as Australia does.

Trump’s increase alone is almost twice as much as Australia spends on its military in total.

…the Deep State who use mass surveillance to carry out their own interests, may have wanted Clinton because she was going to guarantee their next war, but Trump has just dumped an ocean of cash on them.

Who’s your daddy now Military Industrial Complex?

The Deep State’s dislike of Trump, their leaking of unsubstantiated reports and their constant claim (without much proof) that Russia hacked the US election are all evidence of a Intelligence Apparatus running its own agenda.

Which is as dangerous as Trump is himself.

What’s worse? Spooks in the machine who are attempting to circumvent a democratically elected leader, or a lunatic fringe conspiracy theorist with all the thin skin of an embryo?

Blaming Russia for ‘hacking’ the US Election is deeply counter productive.

Firstly, it’s just outrageous that the American’s who have committed coups, electoral fraud and mass deceptions on 81 other nations over the years are in any position to lecture or complain about interfering in other peoples elections.

Secondly, it allows the Democrats off the hook. Instead of acknowledging they ran a terrible candidate and fielded neoliberal policies that hurt the very workers they had simply assumed would vote for them, the Democrats can avoid scrutiny of their own rigged primary process, the manner in which Bernie Sanders was unfairly treated and their hollow policies by blaming it all on Russia.

Newsflash to the Democrats – Trump didn’t win because of Russia, he won because you failed to appreciate how your embrace of neoliberal globalisation hurt the very voters you needed the most.

Thirdly, Russia allows the Deep State to continue to undermine Trump until they come to some sort of truce.

How about vast new powers to kill?

Trump Broadens CIA Powers, Allows Deadly Drone Strikes

WASHINGTON—President Donald Trump has given the Central Intelligence Agency secret new authority to conduct drone strikes against suspected terrorists, U.S. officials said, changing the Obama administration’s policy of limiting the spy agency’s paramilitary role and reopening a turf war between the agency and the Pentagon.

Trump’s Presidency will be the most dangerous in America’s history. That much seems to be blatantly clear.


  1. Trump wants to cut meals-and-wheels and spend billions on the US military.

    Why not? Everyone knows that the elderly receiving meals on wheels are all closet muslim extremists. Yup, those 90 year olds are gonna strap suicide vests to their zimmer frames, shuffle into the nearest Quik E Mart, and blow themselves to bits. That why Trump needs more nukes. That’ll take care of a few Octogenarians! (And cut back on the US retirement bill.)

    Just ask any Trump supporter about to post their WE-LOVE-TRUMP-AND-YOU-ARE-ALL-EVIL-DEMOCRAT-CLINTON-SUPPORTERS messages. Meh.

  2. “The Deep State’s dislike of Trump, their leaking of unsubstantiated reports and their constant claim (without much proof) that Russia hacked the US election are all evidence of a Intelligence Apparatus running its own agenda.”

    The evidence of Russian involvement in the US elections is extremely substantial and now there is mounting evidence that the Trump campaign was directly involved. Trump’s claim of Obama wiretapping was most likely an attempt to deflect the growing focus on the Trump campaigns involvement.

    This link of Keith Olbermann catches a lot of the links. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OU9ePhMxUq4

  3. If this doesn’t begin to convince our local Trumpistas that their idol in the White House is a complete fraud, then there is no hope for them.

    If any politician tried slashing those kinds of services here in New Zealand then… oh, wait. Damn.

    • Dude, this is the epitome of fake news. Either this guy is knowingly feeding you disinfo or he just doesn’t know what he’s talking about, and is doing the classic “useful idiot” work of passing on unchecked information that fits his biases.

      It would take a long blog piece to deconstruct all the BS in here, but let me focus on one example, the comments about BitCoin:

      “Gold, silver and other commodity backing are moving free market transactions to a real, accountable and common sense basis. This move, along with Bitcoin and other peer-to-peer transactions, undermines the whole basis for globalist, central banking power — the fraudulent and counterfeit monopoly on printing money with no basis in real value.”

      Wrong. BitCoins are simply a new form of fiat currency, issued by an algorithm, and backed by nothing but speculation on their potential future value, bought and sold by speculators just like existing fiat currencies. They haven’t even turned out to be useful as digital cash, because it now takes up to 3 days for transactions to clear (at the consumer end credit/ debit cards are instant, even internet banking is faster), transaction charges are similar to those of the credit card system, and BitCoins aren’t even anonymous like real coins without adding layers of extra privacy protection software (and as with encrypting email you have to know how to use all that software properly every time for it to work).

      The reason BitCoin is useless for real transactions is that the development of the core BitCoin software, which controls the process by which new BitCoins are minted, is controlled by the handful of “miners” with the most computing power and the fastest internet connections, just like in the traditional financial system.

      Gold and silver don’t solve the problem for all the same reasons. Like BitCoins, they are subject to exactly the same manipulation of their availability by “miners” (including actual miners of gold and holders of large gold reserves), and their value, like those of any bulk commodity, are mostly determined by rampant speculation on their future value, especially in the financial futures markets.

      You can’t apply technical fixes to political-economic problems, and as David Graeber showed in ‘Debt’, the money problem is a political-economic one with a long history, not simply a technical one. The short history of BitCoin (about 8 years), which has re-enacted the history of all other units of value (including gold and other metals) in a compressed timescale, makes that abundantly clear.

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