With all due respect to Nikki Kaye and Paula Bennett, if you want to slag off Jacinda Ardern…


National are terrified.

Andrew Little’s quiet desire to lead the next Government has seen him broaden the church by bringing back working class men with the candidacies of Willie Jackson and Greg O’Connor and appealing directly to middle class millennial women by placing Jacinda in as deputy.

This has all happened while the right wing faction of Labour has been quietly dismantled over the last 3 years and removed. When Annette turned to the right wing faction who had cemented her place in as Deputy in the first place to see off the challenge to her position, she suddenly realised there was no one left standing behind her.

Andrew Little is focused like a laser beam on getting Labour above 35% and all his strategic moves this year are giving him that opportunity.

It’s scaring the bejesus out of National.

The Party of Government have shown some deft moves under English, but promising tax cuts while the social infrastructure is on its last legs and dying homeless in the street after being evicted from the Hotel WINZ had put it up in is just not going to be enough this election.

National always had an inane surge of female voters under John Key. These female voters are now comparing Jacinda with Paula Bennett and they are walking back to Labour. This is why National are freaking out and lashing out viciously at her.

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Nikki Kaye, whose only achievement in Parliament has been for the personal glorification of Nikki Kaye, has some nerve slagging Jacinda the way she did in Parliament last week . Kaye, who turns up to the opening of a Letter, has all the ambition of a piranha and bedside manner of a brain hungry zombie. Kaye’s desire to advance herself above all others is fine for a trait in a suicide bomber or Donald Trump, but seems like a terribly wasted opportunity for the good people of Auckland Central.

As for Bennett. Jesus wept, she is the last human being on the face of the planet to be allowed a high horse from which to lecture upon. She advanced herself as a solo mother via the State only to hypercritically lift that ladder up behind her once she got into Government. The damage she has caused NZ with her social service privatisation agenda and the needless suffering caused to so many from her neoliberal welfare state agencies is actually beyond calculation. For Bennett to complain about what ‘Jacinda has done’ when Paula has rammed through malicious social policy after malicious social policy is like the Captain of the Titanic complaining about your parking skills.

Here are my thoughts on Jacinda…

I think that what Jacinda represents is a generation and cultural shift from Gen Xers and Boomers.

Jacinda is the first political representation of Gen Y. The thing that makes her so unique is her total lack of Ego. She is conscientious to a fault, she’s part of a Generation that was taught empathy and compassion and consideration for others and recycling.

Always with the bloody recycling.

Put bluntly.

Baby Boomers – “Me, me, me”.

Gen Xers – “Why me, why me, why me”.

Gen Y – “Why you, why I, Why us”.

She’s part of a kinder Generation taught and brought up in a culture that was desperate to be inclusive of others and that ignoring inclusivity was the greatest sin.

This is why she is so widely popular. She brings with, she doesn’t talk down to, she is all about getting agreement to move forward because that was how decision making was being taught in our education system.

Jacinda is a product of her generation, and because most of the pundits are older than her, they judge her by their own generations combativeness and cynicism.

Which is why they don’t get her.

…National are slagging off and denigrating Jacinda because they are frightened.

Which is good. I like it when National Party MPs start sounding frightened.


  1. Well, if Judith was PM, it would certainly cut off all other female contenders in opposition.

    ACT would certainly work with her.

    • Yeah ACT would work with her… and that’s about the only corrupt outfit that would.

      You seriously could not have picked a more blighted , sad example of a neo liberal to champion your cause than Judith Collins.

      In fact … I would welcome a Judith Collins led National party.

      They would be in opposition for many , many years to come.

      Orivida Kauri swamp logs , milk powder and water.

      Corruption and in house old boys ( and girls ) networks for all to see.

      Man ,… your a fool.

    • I actually reckon your a creation of TDB as a devils advocate … I just cant believe your actually a real person … L0L !!!

      No one could be as idiotic as you in real life.

    • I woke up at 3.00 am thinking about you @ DS-M. I also woke up remembering how I found my mum, surrounded by her cats as she cried looking down the barrel of my rifle begging for the courage to shoot herself in the face.
      The crooks at the Timaru branch of the BNZ, the liars and swindlers in parliament and the sundry lawyers, all bought and paid for by the scheming scumbags that now own NZ / Aotearoa and enslave us all via the banking system did their bit along with the noble governor of the NZ reserve bank, the honourable and venerable don brash and his 22% interest rates did their handiwork and stole my mums lifes hard farming work, and her farm, right out from under her nose. ( Book being written fuckers! )
      Then, as I watched, as a kid without worldly experience and only an interest in girls and motorbikes as a cadre of the most soulless, callous, greedy, opportunistic criminals even the likes the Hong Kong banking system had never seen before came out from their LAbour Party closets, shed their gimp suits and laid waste to their own country and their own people for their good greed and the noble right of any narcissist to grab what they could from anyone stupid enough, or innocent enough, to fall victim to their bullshit. No disrespect to actual bullshit.
      The Labour party might only now be recovering from their precise treachery after the parasite had left its host for dead. More than thirty years… Say that slowly. T.H.I.R.T.Y. years of our NZ / Aotearoa lives wasted while they live the lives we should have lived instead.

      That’s where you are, in my estimation. One of them, so you might be able to imagine what I think when I read one of your trite and pathetic little comments here.
      You conjure up memories of that eternal image of my mum looking like a person for whom all hope had abandoned. She wailed like a lost soul as her sheep and kittens looked on impassively. And you, you’re from that sour stable of criminals.
      roger douglas is breathing down your neck too isn’t he? Let me say this to you roge… I’m coming for you fucker. I’ll find you. If not in this life, then the next. I’ll throw my hand grenade words at you until your crooked little carcass lies in its crooked little coffin.
      ( If you’re a cop reading this? Then rest assured. The gun’s long gone. Come and visit and see for yourself if you like. I’ll make you a cup of tea. I fully understand that they’ve made life as hard for you lot as they do for us. )

    • If I was you Seemore I’d be more focused on what you’ll be doing after the 23rd of September!
      The Nat’s polling trajectory is down, down, BiPolar Smith-down, syndrome. Which will mean they just mite have to repo the Epsom seat to prop up their party vote!

  2. Ha ! That’s a funny Post. I like it when you let your creative writing style out for a run.
    Seeing bennett beside Adern and laughing it up like a No2-S’ed up donky is like seeing someone elses phlegm on your ice cream.

    • “Which is good. I like it when National Party MPs start sounding frightened”

      I love your expressive writing 200% Martyn.

    • Geez mate… all this tells me is that Bennett wanted the haloed position of deputy leader’s position to rescue her from all the stupidity and gaffes and dishonesty that was / is the hallmark of her entire career.

      She truly is the phlegm on the ice cream – if anyone was to talk about ‘uselessness’ in someones career it should be her.

      She could fill entire volumes and swamp the Encyclopedia Britannica for material on uselessness.

      And aspirational viciousness.

    • The two deputies when interviewed on the AM Show pn TV3 was a revelation, Pulla Benefit couldn’t shut up and Duncan Garner gave her more than two thirds of the air time of the two, what a hell of a nerve that bogan has, she has done nothing to advance the health and welfare of this country and she had the nerve to slag off at Jacinda Adern. My old dear Mum would have called Pulla mutton dressed as lamb – IMO she is a bogan to her bones, has no couth and is a disgrace to all women. Jacinda needs to keep up the good work, but she needs to become stronger and learn with gracious manners to advise anybody hogging the limelight to shut up before they make an ass of themselves.

      As for Duncan Garner, what a useless heap he is, not being able to monitor the interview and interject and shut the pitbull up for the sake of all the listeners so that Jacinda could get a word in.

  3. L0L ! – Bennett ,… the idiot westie who used private info to advance her cause… the price?… just a few expendable kick – around plebs from the general public.

    Kick around plebs just like you and me.

    And now?… now that shes reached a pinnacle of social position and not being required to open her idiot mouth as deputy leader she feels qualified to open her stupid trap as some sort of ‘ elder stateswoman’.

    As if any of us fall for that sort of crap.

    Paula Bennett – the ‘ sweetie’ lady.

    Yeah well , … if women of this country vote for that shallow troll then they have no reason at all to bleat and moan when they see the homeless on the street or their children becoming rental / work / debt slaves.

    Sorry to be blunt , but if you give a shit about this country , you’ll vote for Little and Jacinda.

    Viscous trolls like Collins, Bennett and that other wannabe powerhead need to be put firmly in their place – firmly at the back of the queue.

    Vote out the English / Bennett liars this coming general election and register YOUR protest at the ballot box.

  4. Can we sink much lower, than comparing personalities and rubbishing one or the other, on things with little substance?

    If this is NZ politics, I am fast losing interest in it.

  5. What an utter fool Bennett made of herself on the A.M Show.
    I don’t think I have ever seen anyone as stupid , childish and gormless as Bennett in the history of N.Z politics.
    I don’t think many people realised that she was actually the acting Prime Minister of the country for a few days last week.
    Think about that for a second….
    And when asked about it by ‘Dunks’, she did some weird rolly thing with her eyes, then pulled a strange face before blurting out in a giggling teenage girl way, (no offence to teenage girls), that “it’s a bit scary really.”
    A bit scary ….. A bit scary. My cries of disbelief and anguish could be heard down the other end of the house.
    Words actually fail me when I see the puerility of this idiot trying to explain anything about anything and then to have the gall and audacity to lecture Jacinda Ardern about her performance, forgetting that Labour aren’t actually in power at the moment.
    Disbelief and numbness is how I feel about the our country and the state of governance or lack thereof in New Zealand now .
    How far we have fallen considering some of our past leaders .
    Seddon , Holyoak , Kirk, Lange, Bolger, Clarke.
    It just beggars belief that anyone would want to retain this National Party as a Government!!

    • It’s all about the gravy train, mate. The rapacious brigands who vote National purely out of self-interest are scared witless they’re going to get chucked off. And if Andrew and Jacinda get elected, they will. Sadly, after nine years of National, they’ll all have vast piles of money to cushion their fall. Our money, for the most part.

  6. When National is scared, it runs its mouth off like a demented uncontrolled demonic force. Hence the recent performance of the deputy PM, Pullyabenefit. Fear can do peculiar things.

    Speaking of which (witch?), I see she has some hoardings out, advertising meetings in her Upper Harbour electorate already! Didn’t realise this was allowed so early in election year. But then again, maybe some changes to electoral law have been altered in the dark of night, behind closed doors!

    Bit creepy to go out early morning for a walk, to find her ominous mug glaring at you!

  7. Pssst! Don’t tell them to stop listening to their PR Trainwreck Guru Boag! Anything that involves a fuck-up belongs to Boag. What has she achieved in her 35 years of Bullshit, I mean PR?

  8. It would be wonderful if Labour did not stand a candidate in Ak Cent. A humiliating defeat by a Green would put Nikki in her place.

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