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The GCHQ is telling us to just ignore the claims the president is making. “They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.” This is problematic, because it puts me in the uncomfortable position of completely agreeing with a spy agency.

Britain’s surveillance agency, the GCHQ has denied wiretapping for Obama with their spokesman saying the allegations are nonsense.

President Trump (did you cringe?) is sticking to his nonsense, claiming Obama wiretapped him in his golden shower, sorry, tower. Once he’s made something up, he believes it. Dirty mouthpiece Sean Spicer says “He stands by it,” and of the Senate Intelligence Committee report, claims “they’re not findings”. What does he think they are? Lostings? As in the president has lost his mind.

The GCHQ is telling us to just ignore the claims the president is making. “They are utterly ridiculous and should be ignored.” This is problematic, because it puts me in the uncomfortable position of completely agreeing with a spy agency.

I’m not the only one, (skim over this bit, it’s a list of important people who know the wiretapping never happened and have said so) former President Barack Obama, James Clapper, who was the Director of National Intelligence, the director of the FBI, James Comey, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, Devin Nunes, the chairman of House intelligence committee, John McMain, House speaker Paul Ryan, and the former Whitehouse Chief of staff Denis McDonough all agree, the wiretapping that Donald Trump alleges, never happened.

So why not just ignore a flaming looney that makes up silly stories about a former president. There is some part of all of us that just wants to roll our eyes and move on. We know he’s lying, we know this mad stuff isn’t true, so why get so upset about it?

Because he’s the freaking president of the United States that’s why! He should be held to account for the things that he says and does, and just because he’s operating at the capability level of a reality TV star, and not an actual president, doesn’t mean that that isn’t where the bar actually is. He is the president, and the job he’s doing as president is the one we are measuring, and Donald isn’t measuring up. I for one want to keep those feet to the flames. And the dead ferret on his head can burn too.

So no, I don’t think these stupid lying false allegations should be completely ignored. I think the president should be sued for slander at the very least. In my opinion its treason, but I’ll take slander.
Meanwhile in the most important world events that Trump makes sure he stays abreast of, the news about stars, the president has had his poor sore feelings hurt by Snoop Dogg. Despite smoking more weed than most college fraternities, unlike the American President, Snoop Dogg does know when he’s keeping it real.

The rapper parodied President Trump in a music video.

Unable to tell the difference between himself and the actor, Trump got his knickers in a knot, thinking he might get shot.

He didn’t aim or fire a gun at you Mr. President. He aimed and fired a prop at an actor dressed as a shiny orange clown in a bad toupee but we can see why you got confused. If that actor were to run for president next time around we will all vote for him over you. It seems Donald Trump just can’t tell the difference between what happens in real life and what happens on television.

Michael Cohen, the president’s personal lawyer said “Snoop owes the President an apology.” In possibly the most ironic quote to come out of the Trump presidency so far, Cohen said of Snoop’s video that “He has to learn that they need to respect the office of the President.”
I keep thinking that maybe Cohen was talking about the Whitehouse administration, but apparently he felt Snoop’s parody was less respectful of the office than the following words and deeds the Trump administration meant seriously, any one of which brings the office into disrepute, but which together are so supremely idiotic, that we’ve blocked out most of them already.

Real things that Trump and his administration have really done in real reality, REALLY!

  • Instituted a ban on people entering the United States from 7 countries, despite no- one from these countries having killed anyone on American soil
  • Fired Sally Yates, Deputy Attorney General when she said her staff should not enforce the travel ban as it was illegal.
  • Greenlit the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines (one of which he’s an investor in, the other he may still have holdings in).
  •  Reinstated the anti-abortion global “gag rule,” This will of course increase unsafe abortions worldwide.
  • Put a freeze on federal hires
  • Escalated tensions with China
  • Escalated tensions with Iraq
  • Told the President of Mexico he would send U.S. troops to deal with the “bad hombres” down there.
  • Saying America should steal oil

  • Began repealing the Affordable Care Act with nothing to replace it
  • Putting gag orders on government agencies, scientists, anyone who might read, your mother, people who think, everyone in his own government
  • Said he could grab women by the pussy
  • Filled the swamp with more wall street swamp monsters
  • Assigned Steve Bannon to the National Security Council
  • Appointed people to cabinet who would dismantle the institutions they head
  • Described a woman wanting to express breast milk for her baby as “disgusting.”
  • Promised to build a wall along the Mexican American boarder that Mexico would pay for
  • Actually started building a wall along the Mexican American boarder, than Mexico is never going to pay for
  • Mocked a disabled reporter
  • Said “I’ve said if Ivanka weren’t my daughter, perhaps I’d be dating her.”
  • Gave Senator Lindsey Graham’s personal phone number to the entire world.
  • Said Senator John McCain wasn’t a war hero because he got captured
    Threatened Chicago with martial law
  • Wouldn’t shut up about Hilary’s emails (though she was cleared 6 times) while Bannon, Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer and Jared Kushner all use a private system for their email accounts.
  • Said “You know, it really doesn’t matter what the media write as long as you’ve got a young, and beautiful, piece of ass.”

This is not even all of the things. There are literally hundreds, maybe thousands of things. These are just some of the insane, stupid horrible things that bring the presidency itself into disrepute.

Then there’s the made up things. The things that this president and his administration just make up on the fly because who has time to find out the truth when you’re busy presidenting already? The areas in which he or his administration made up stuff and stuck to the pretend version in the face of actual evidence include, but are not limited to

  • The number of people who turned up to his inaugural address. (Obama’s was bigger).
  • Said Obama wiretapped his tower.
  • Sean Spicer claims a five year old handcuffed at Dulles Airport could have posed a security threat
  • Trump says the ban was going “nicely” despite massive protests
  • Denying climate change and removing all references to it from the Whitehouse website

  • Said there was a terrorist act in Sweden that never occurred
  • Kellyanne Conway made up a massacre in Bowling Green that never happened
    Claims autism is caused by vaccines

  • Deciding some pretty extreme stuff about Mexico, with no evidence by saying “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending the best. They’re not sending you, they’re sending people that have lots of problems and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists…
  • Saying “Any negative polls are fake news, just like the CNN, ABC, NBC polls in the election.”
  • Said Mexico would pay for a wall along its border with America
  • Saying the media were an opposition party to the government
  • Said that Barack Obama’s birth certificate was a fraud

  • Calling Judge James Robart a “So called judge.” No Donald, he’s a real judge, got the degree and everything.

No it won’t Donald. It’s a legal order.

  • Denied Russia had meddled in the American election on his behalf
  • Said there had been election fraud on the part of the Democrats
  • Claiming a raid in Yemen that took the lives of a US commando and at least 15 civilians including children was a success.

This was the tweet Trump sent out the morning after navy SEAL Ryan Owen’s death.

Because when a man you ordered to shoot a bunch of people in a foreign country dies, you’ve got to send somebody to buy a newspaper.

  • “My IQ is one of the highest — and you all know it! Please don’t feel so stupid or insecure; it’s not your fault.” (Clearly delusional)
  • Said “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me – consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected.” (Even more delusional than the last thing)
  • Said “Number one, I have great respect for women. I was the one that really broke the glass ceiling on behalf of women, more than anybody in the construction industry.” (there is not enough eye-rolling available to cover this amount of delusional)

The hardest thing about writing about Trump is fact checking. Sometimes there are none. Sometimes what he says seems so insanely stupid that you spend hours determining whether the words were a comedian’s parody, a troll’s insult, or the actual words of a man who has access to nuclear codes. Sometimes it feels like all three. I am not kidding. I cannot tell if any of the things she says are true or not without getting it verified from at least three sources. Are we all being collectively punked? I still cannot believe that this man is really president.

But there is one thing I agree with President Trump on right now.

  • “One of the key problems today is that politics is such a disgrace. Good people don’t go into government.”

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Andra Jenkin co-wrote Double-Edged Sword- The Simonne Butler Story, and contributed to New Zealand Anthology of Women’s Comics ‘Three Words.’

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  1. CLEANGREEN says:

    GCHQ Liar Liar!!!

    Pants on fire.

    EX CIA agent says it is always done to use a “five eyes” member to spy on the host country to avoid detection for not showing “any footprints”

    So has our own NZ GCSB been used by US or Britain???

    Yes most probably!!!!!

  2. David Stone says:

    Hi Andra
    Try this on as an alternative idea; Your first issue only.
    Formal telephone tapping which required a court order in US and the other 5 eyes countries is obsolete. As you will have read in the Wikileaks revelations that all our, and US and undoubtably the rest of the 5 eyes club phone and email communications, are being recorded and stored all the time. All that is needed is access. Why would they bother with a court order?
    As was made clear a while ago by Snowdon the domestic records of a member are not legally available to that government. But they are to the other governments in the club, so they can swap information on their own population with the other leaders. In this case I suggest that rather than going to the Brits in this instance Obama went to none other than our own John Key . And when the unthinkable happened and the orange-otang got elected the whole story was destined eventually to come out….. Resignation John Key
    D J S

    • David, that’s pretty good. You should be writing spy novels. (Not meant sarcastically.)

      The only way the NSA could spy on Trump is to engage one of it’s Five Eyes partners. But as I pointed out to Helena, in reporting back to the NSA, there would still be a paper-trail.

      Plus – and here is the main point – just as Edward Snowden whistleblew that the NSA had been spying on Angela Merkel*, another whistleblower could just as ‘easily’ uncover any similar scheme to spy on Trump.

      Such revelations could possibly bring down any government from the Five Eyes Group that participated in any such scheme.

      * Ref:

      • Helena says:

        In all probability there is a paper trail just not where one would expect to find it. The NSA/CIA/FBI/DHS have fractured. Some for Trump some for Obama. Agendas dictate actions taken. Who has the most to hide. My bet is Obama/Clinton et al.
        What next out of Vault 7? Hmm!

        • Sam Sam says:

          Doesn’t particularly matter what law you try and apply because Obama’s countering intelligence ect act retrospectively oks all fake news as in the national interest. The fact we say this here dosnt automatically dismantle propoganda modes and bail outs

  3. Historian pete says:

    Andra.Most of your criticisms of Trump are relatively trivial in the great scheme of things.David Stone has quashed your main point about the GCHQ. Also the GCHQ has rather a credibility gap,with their failure to point out Tony Blairs lies about the 48 hour missile attack on Britain by Saddam.
    Also you can,t put forward a snarky topic like the ” golden Shower” which has no hard evidence,to rebut an accusation from Trump that also has no hard evidence.There is no such person as John McMain.Perhaps you mean Songbird Mad dog John McCain?Obama and Hillary have both been caught out lying,but the MSM has just ignored it.However there are real criticisms of Trump that you have ignored, probably because they are also criticisms of Obama ,Hillary, and their neocon friends.For instance, Trump claiming the Yemen raid to be a success.The real story is that the U.S and Britain are involved in a war crime in the aiding and abetting an illegal invasion of Yemen by Saudi Arabia.The U.S, including Trump, is constantly saying that Iran is The largest State sponsor of Terrorism.,while that description best suits the U.S! North Korea has been trying to have a peace treaty with the U.S.for 50 years,but the U.S has always refused,and has 30,000 troops in South Korea.,among other provocations.There is the unconditional support of the Apartheid regime of Israel. One of the few saving graces of Trump-stopping the Tppa,and wanting to have a raproachment with Russia could have been mentioned to balance your article.And by the way,there is no hard evidence of the meddling by Russia in the U.S election.

  4. Iain Mclean says:


    Jeez, with such a long list of vitriol I feel you may well be beyond redemption in
    relation to the reality of the situation.

    To start with;

    ” (skim over this bit, it’s a list of important people who know the wiretapping never happened and have said so) former President Barack Obama, James Clapper, who was the Director of National Intelligence, the director of the FBI, James Comey, ex-CIA Director John Brennan, Devin Nunes, the chairman of House intelligence committee, John McMain, House speaker Paul Ryan, and the former Whitehouse Chief of staff Denis McDonough all agree, the wiretapping that Donald Trump alleges, never happened.

    Why skim over it? Its is important. It’s like you have based your entire article
    on the words of these people.
    Every one of them is on the record – documented – known liars.

    Secondly,most of your bullet points are simply not true.

    Thirdly, all your sources are either MSM (known for fake news) or known
    to be anti-Trump. Your MSM sources are anti-Trump.

    If you really want to wake up to reality I suggest you could do some homework.

    You could start with my comments/links contained here;
    At your leisure; (My post at bottom,)

    And this. Then follow TDB link (my comment) contained therein.

    Again,take your time to digest. Much info contained here.

    Then I sincerely wish you a full recovery. (Otherwise it goes down as one big
    Hit Piece.)


    • Andra has made fair points, Iain.

      Why skim over it? Its is important. It’s like you have based your entire article
      on the words of these people.
      Every one of them is on the record – documented – known liars.

      As opposed to your Glorious Leader who has not told countless lies, Iain?

      Labelling those people as liars doesn’t disprove their rejection of Trump’s outrageous claims (which he has not produced any evidence for). It just means you have no other means to disprove them.


      Thirdly, all your sources are either MSM (known for fake news) or known
      to be anti-Trump. Your MSM sources are anti-Trump

      As opposed to you citing Brietbart – the US version of Whaleoil?

      Much of what the msm reports comes straight out of Trump’s mouth or Twitterfeed. Or are you suggesting that’s all fake as well?

      Your slavish devotion to Trump is noted, Iain. It reminds me of the popularity of our own multi-millionaire former-PM, who was also popular with the masses – even while shafting them.

    • Otto Mann says:

      “Secondly,most of your bullet points are simply not true.”

      Which ones? Give us examples, Iain. Otherwise you come across as a petulant Trumpista, pissed off at any negative reporting of your Great leader. I think you’ve closed your mind to Trump’s failings, broken promises, and outright lies.
      I’m no fan of spy agencies either. God knows I went on enough anti-GSCB marches a couple of years ago. But if the British spooks say they didn’t bug Trump’s golden Trump Tower apartment, then in the face of any lack of evidence, I’ll go with that.
      If you have evidence to the contrary, feel free to share it with us.

    • Secondly,most of your bullet points are simply not true.


      • Iain Mclean says:


        “Secondly,most of your bullet points are simply not true.”

        Yes.You are right to ask the question. Left myself a bit open by not
        phrasing that statement properly. I could see the tone straight off and
        while some of what he said in many of the bullet points is true it is the
        accusations laden behind the writers vitriol that is dishonest.

        I don’t want to dignify this piece by going through every one but many
        are taken out of context with no background and repeating MSM.

        But lets take the stealing of oil which she attempts to provide evidence.
        Nowhere is the word steal. Not even the word take.
        “We should have gotten” is the phrase. What he means of course is to
        negotiate or operate for more of the oil to come back to America. After all the invasion was to knock out that ‘evil’ leader and ‘spread democracy?”

        And that sort of sets the scene with Hillary’s emails OK,Inaugural photo
        real(Taken 5mins after gates open)Vaccines never cause autism(some do)
        CNN polls were not fake,Russia hacked election(not true) and rhetoric
        as if the President has no right to control the country’s borders.
        And of course he said no such thing as a terrorist attack in Sweden.(MSM)

        But lets get on to more important and bigger things and expose some of
        the people that Andra thinks are honest and the real story of not only
        the surveillance of Trump himself but his family and friends.

        He is definitely not delusional and making things up, Do you really think
        he would tweet such a thing if he did not have hard evidence.
        He’s trolling the media again,they take the bait and really make fools of
        themselves this time along with many others.

        Now this is really big and just like the Vault 7 dump that has never been
        covered properly by MSM (Like Clinton Foundation Dump as well) it remains to be seen what will happen with this.
        Even Drudge linked to this story.

        “Censored CIA Insider: My Sources Say Trump Was Surveilled By Deep
        Note MSM articles displayed to pause and read.
        Full interview contained in link below video.

        But it gets worse.
        Jerome Corsi is a highly experienced/respected investigative reporter that has been working for WND,

        He is now working for to head a bureau in
        Washington DC.
        They have been invited to be part of the press gallery at the Whitehouse.

        Already he has had insiders approaching him to tell him where to look
        for ‘things’. I suspect that means full documentation that would stand up
        in a court of law.
        He has already got the paper trail that shows Obama stole over $200b from Fanny Mae&Freddie Mac of private investor funds to prop up the failing “Obama Care’ to give to the Insurance companies in the form of
        the subsidies.

        Here is his article; (Forget the 4hr Breaking twitter feed?)

        And if Andra would simply follow my TDB links through she would get
        the answers to what may have been missed.


      • Iain Mclean says:


        I put up the wrong Jerome Corsi link. I wanted the one with his interview.

        His article above is embeded in this. Here it is.

        And could you enlighten us as to why this site Infowars has been
        reduced to a newsletter format. It can’t be happening in America
        otherwise Jones would have said. It is in NZ? because I have checked
        with a couple of mates and same.

        The censorship is in full swing with Facebook and twitter deleting all
        posts they consider exposes MSM narrative. Surely this is Fascism.?
        The very thing they accuse Trump of.!! (Alinsky reverse)?

        To quote the CIA insider above which I forgot to include.
        “We are living in such a surreal dangerous time….(Alice and Wonderland
        analogy)…..a fictional world. We are now seeing it in real time where
        objective facts are suddenly being dismissed as being right wing
        conspiracies. It’s just alarming,it really threatens the foundation of the republic.”

        And I would consider NZ too.

        Is it our intel at work, Frank?.


  5. James says:

    what a joke

    • elle says:

      Andra are you a democrat on holiday in NZ or maybe in the pay of USA,MSM.Most of the people you quote are democrats and its known the world over the democrats will say anything to get rid of Trump,they have the illusion that they should be in power.
      Maybe crooked Hillary would suit you better.
      No need for your comments Frank we all know where you stand.

      • Otto Mann says:

        And we know where you stand, Elle. You’re a Trump Obssessive. Any slight criticism of your Leader and you spazz out. Hitler and Stalin commanded similar obedient loyal followers.

        • elle says:

          Rubbish i study everything not just MSM,im not an obedient follower, and anyone who follows Hillary Clinton as you maybe do, is brainwashed,hence all the colleges and university”s are brainwashing institutions, just watch Watters world on Fox and see the standard of education,they know nothing,ten year old kids in NZ know more.
          i dont believe Trump is perfect but he is way better than the snow flake Democrats have to offer. As to slight critisism Andra and Frank are downright nasty without the facts to back them up,Quoting Hitler is not very smart,its old hat. Trump followers like what Trump has to say and what hes done so far,despite the Soros following Democrats who are bad losers trying to hinder his efforts,they would crash the USA just to get back into power.

  6. jax says:

    Frank, I note your references on your anti-Trump outbursts mirror those of Andra’s so no surprise you’re back swinging against Iain’s post.

    You and Andra really need to broaden your news sources. By following the BBC, CNN,and US newspapers you can never deliver a balanced account on anything ‘Trump’ and also you and other contributors fail to bring commentary on serious issues to this site that we should all be concerned about. Trump is really at the bottom of the list.

    If you did read alternative news sources maybe you would see the horrors reported on the hundreds of civilians killed every day in Mosul by the US bombing. You would hear firsthand from those escaping how many of their family members have been killed a lot of them being children. No humane corridors or food and shelter for them. They are expected to run with ISIS from the bombs raining down on them.
    You would see the genocide on the people of Yemen being carried out by the Saudis and their arm suppliers the US and Britain. You will hear how a child under 5 dies every 10 minutes.

    Where are the hashtags to save these people.?
    You see Frank if it does not suit the narrative of the West and their news media then it won’t be reported and it certainly will not be reported if Russia is not involved as in Yemen and Iraq.

    Happy to provide some alternate news sites that are not strictly propaganda unlike the MSM.

    • Jax, as I have pointed out on numerous occassions, I use various sources for information.

      You would see the genocide on the people of Yemen being carried out by the Saudis and their arm suppliers the US and Britain. You will hear how a child under 5 dies every 10 minutes.

      The US?

      Isn’t Donald Trump now President of the US?

      Perhaps you should take the matter up with him, not me. I can assure you I’ve not authorised any bombing missions since last November.

    • On a more serious note, Jax, considering your (justified) concern for Yemeni citizens being bombed to death by America’s surrogate, the Saudi’s, what is you view of Trump’s planned budget cuts to meals-and-wheels, whilst increasing taxpayer funding to the US warmachine by US$603 billion?

      And how much of that $603 billion will find it’s way to the Saudi military?

      • jax says:

        Trump is getting his military advice by the Pentagon which are still the same warmongers. Same people clamoring for more money to murder. Trump said he would stop interfering in other countries affairs but has quickly and proudly announced the largest increase of the military budget at the expense of those at the bottom.

        This is as obscene as the NZ govt wanting to spend 20 billion dollars over the next 10 years in our military ‘defence’ budget.
        I’d rather talk about our situation here ad nauseum than Trump.

        As for how much he spends supplying arms to the despotic head chopping Saudis and on more military welfare for the Israelis we will have to wait and see. Let’s not forget the enormous amount of arms to the Saudis by the British being used against Yemen. The British are are also set to increase their military budget.

        • Thank you for the reply.

          If Trump’s increase in military spending, at the expense of those at the bottom, is obscene, then how does he merit your support?

          As for “how much he spends supplying arms to the despotic head chopping Saudis and on more military welfare for the Israelis we will have to wait and see” – I doubt that. Trump has already voiced strong support for Israel, both from his own words, and via his appointee to the U.N., Nikki Haley.

          And in case you disbelieve Trump’s slavish support for the Zionists, I refer you directly to his Twitter feed;

          We cannot continue to let Israel be treated with such total disdain and disrespect. They used to have a great friend in the U.S., but


          not anymore. The beginning of the end was the horrible Iran deal, and now this (U.N.)! Stay strong Israel, January 20th is fast approaching!


          I wonder what the Palestinian people in Gaza and the West Bank thought of those sentiments?

          For the life of me, aside from cancelling the TPPA, I fail to see what difference there is between him and his predecessors. In fact, he appears worse, as Even George Bush did not cancel/slash funding for community groups, public broadcasting, EPA, etc. (That I’m aware of.)

          But, like Bush, Trump appears to be authorising further military involvement in the Middle East. This time, Yemen. (Because having US-inspired chaos in Iraq and Syria just doesn’t seem enough for Americans.)

          • jax says:

            Frank. How you can possibly imagine my last post shows ‘support’ for Trump is mind boggling.

            I loathe the Israelis and the Saudis as much as the US.
            My loathing for the US encompasses all the previous administrations Trump included.

            Time to ease off the red wine.

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