Watch Barry Coates rip the Intelligence and Security Bill apart



  1. It is a surprise that I am alive today after being interfered with by the SIS and the GCSB in collaboration with another country – not a top tier partner either.

    I suspect that death or serious misfortune was predicted by the agencies in respect of me, also. As far as I am concerned, their actions amount to attempted murder.

    Investigate big industry in NZ at your peril. Because those are the interests that they are protecting when they speak of “comforting” NZ with this legislation that will only see the sort of actions taken against me taken against others with increasing frequency and without accountability.

    They are not working in your interests at all unless your interests coincide with Fonterra, Orivida, Sanford and Co.

  2. For those who think we have lived within a manufactured bubble generation after generation, this wont come as a surprise but for me, it has been. The Republic of the United States of America came into effect last night and US Inc is no more. The surveillance conducted by our various Governments is also for nothing. Republic of the U.S. is now and next we will hear that we are not alone in the Universe … get’s weirder and weirder:
    So who is our Government spying for and on whom?

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