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  1. The National Party Dirty Tricks Brigade is obviously gearing up a notch now, with the apparent complicity of the MSM.
    Witness the totally overblown stuff story about how Jacinda Adern was breaking the law because her husband did some unauthorised changes to a toilet.
    Gee, big story eh?
    Technically true, perhaps, but how many National MPs or their spouses have wired a lightbulb, done some minor plumbing adjustments by themselves?
    Probably all if not most of them.
    But you never see any of them under scrutiny for that.
    Another example of a beat up story for political smearing.
    National are obviously getting very nervous as time rolls by

      • a further thought …the msm should have better things to do than do a whistle- blow job on Jacinda Adern’s toilet

        …is the New Zealand msm is going to the gutter?…looks like it…it should be boycotted

        …how about the msm do a spot of real investigative journalism and get whistle-blowers to speak up and expose how our public health and hospital system is treating and not treating elderly New Zealanders who have paid taxes all their lives ? ( forget about the irony of the euthanasia debate ) …how they are treating the mentally ill?

        …how abut the msm do a spot of real investigative journalism and whistle- blowing on the economics and social tragedy of Bill English’ immoral sell off policy of NZ state housing …what it has meant for New Zealanders lives?….you know the ones who are poor and desperately need State housing ?…lets throw the spotlight on Bill instead of Jacinda’s toilet

        ….how about the msm do a spot of investigative journalism and whistle -blowing on what the cost of borrowing for tertiary education has meant for New Zealand’s brightest youth?….those whose places have been taken by overseas fee paying students?…or the mediocre offspring of the wealthy? …and NZ’s brightest youth who are now saddled with crippling usury loans and interest if they go overseas?…whistle -blowing on youth suicide anyone?

        ….is it just too hard for the corrupted msm to tackle the big issues and not just wallow in gutter journalism?

        …oh well lets just cancel our subscriptions

    • Check out “From the Left ….. and From the Right” this morning on Nine to Noon. Mr Hooten/Hooton? is getting very agitated.
      C’mon Kathryn (or producer) – it’s getting to be embarrassing. Someone sit the man down and have a wee talk off air and lay some ground rules.

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