The Daily Poem – 1st Gardenia by Sonya Young


1st Gardenia by Sonya Young

She was in a midnight mood
in the middle of the day again,
with thoughts that smelt
like dark chocolate.
Her hair was on fire…
flaming saffron tresses.
The music she had chosen
surrounded her like
a velvet cloak
and her voice was
like wild honey
as she sang along
She sipped spiced-whiskey
from a heavy crystal glass
and sighed blissfully
as it slid down her throat.
She wore a floaty silk dress
that whispered softly
as it caressed
vanilla scented skin.
The finest French lace kissed soft
gardenia thighs as her
elegant fingers caressed the
This went some small way
towards calming
her restless spirit….
A heady incense swirled exotically
around the room
and she wondered how many times
she would have midnight moods
In the middle of the day

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