Political Caption Competition



  1. Smith: “Of course, to mitigate risk of drownings or flooding, there’ll be no stream running through the development since the dairy farms upstream will have taken all the water. And the whole development will be managed well, ‘cos we’re outsourcing that part to Serco”.

  2. “And this large green area is the local sewage treatment pond which will now be classified as “swimmable” under National’s new regulations.”

  3. Too much green space, we can do a PPP with Wilson’s carpark to get a 10 story car park on those wasted fields.

    And maybe pretend to put a “IHC” slum block hotel above it, as an announcement for our affordable housing pre election.

  4. “Maybe we can rent out rooms/cells to the homeless from here!” Picklearse Smith runs to Bill with another brain fart!

  5. Nick Smith solves the Auckland Housing Crisis by altering the size limits of what can be categorised as a house

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