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  1. My first time doing a decision making module, our group consisting of ages between 15 and 55 was given a problem to solve. We were supposed to be shipwrecked on an island and had to choose from a list of items, the best combination that would allow the group to complete our orders and return to barracks for debrief (1000 ks across an ocean by the way on an island located with in visual range of the most busy trade route in the region) immediately the cross fit vegan assumed control of the pen, ordered a list consistent with long term survival on an island. Before the list was completed I immediately interrupted and thanked the group for there fine list and explained that my group who wished to remain on the Island that I would go on ahead and complete our orders, to that I will need the items they did not prioritise to complete our orders.

    It is far easier to survive group think by stealing what are low priorities.

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