Thank you comrades for the Mt Albert by-election


I’m very proud of all our friends and comrades, who dropped everything in the middle of an election campaign to fight for young migrant students who have been terribly exploited.

Elections are where we can gauge where certain ideas stand, but putting ideas into action is paramount.

Although Sanctuary may have exhausted us and disturbed carefully planned rhythms elsewhere, it was one of the most important and spiritual moments so far in the emergent migrant workers solidarity campaign in our City.

On Saturday night, at the People Before Profit rally, I said goodbye to some of my greatest Indian friends. I hope to see them again in September if we defeat this rotten National government.



    • In an election for a seat in Parliament? Without the backing of a well-funded national political party? While simultaneously keeping up with the demands of a day job that already requires lots of overtime for campaigning? I’d love to see you try to get to even 5% under similar conditions. Congrats Joe on a good effort. Don’t let the bastards grind you down.

  1. Interesting to see the number of those coming here on ‘student visas’ has dropped (actually radically)
    Herre’s some news for you Billy boy. It may very well collapse once the word really gets out.
    What is it? supposedly our 5th largest export earner – and all dressed up and based on an industry of corrupt consultants, comfy little relationships with public servants, utter exploitation of workers, and students whose lives can be completely ruined.
    Students (predominantly Indian, but also Chinese) are wising up to the fact that there are better options staying out, or going to other places where they ekshully care about humanity – immigrants AND their own populations

  2. The key to electoral success for Labour is to adopt the sort of sensible policies that Mr Carolyn advocates. That will see them getting similar electoral reward.

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