MANA Movement & Maori Party finally get their act together


The MANA movement and Maori Party have finally adopted the strategy I pointed out they should use and won’t stand candidates in the Maori electorates that they can most likely win.

Their talks had been deadlocked for a while and it wasn’t until Labour swept in and stole Willie Jackson from them that they finally sat down and talked turkey.

It brings back the electoral possibilities of a truly progressive Government (if and only if the Maori Party can agree to walk away from National’s table).

The perfect outcome for the Left and Progressive movements would be Labour+Green+MANA/MP = 51%. That outcome would see a Labour/Green minority Government with supply and confidence from NZ First and MANA/MP. It would allow Andrew Little to Govern from the centre left with real emphasis on the Left.

MANA and Maori Party working together will make life lot more difficult for Labour in the Maori electorates.

Hauraki-Waikato – Last election combined MANA/MP candidate vote was 7600 to Nania’s 12 000 odd. With the Maori King pulling support for Labour however, Nania’s numbers could be severely challenged if MANA stood aside an electorate candidate in Hauraki-Waikato and let just a Maori Party Candidate stand while MANA stood in the Party vote.

Ikaroa-Rāwhiti – Combined MANA/MP candidate vote is 8800 to Meka Whaitiri’s 9 753. Here MANA again should step aside and allow Marama Fox a clear run.

Tāmaki Makaurau – Combined MANA/MP candidate vote swamps that of Labour’s Peeni Henare. A strong candidate like Willie Jackson would win this for Maori Party if MANA candidate stepped aside.

Te Tai Tokerau – Here the Maori Party stand aside their electorate candidate AND allow Hone to stand.

Te Tai Hauāuru – Again combined Maori Party and MANA candidate vote beats Labour’s, same strategy to run Maori Party candidate.

Te Tai Tonga – With Metiria running in this seat, there is a real chance that the right Maori Party candidate could win this by vote splitting between Metiria and Rino Tirikatene if the MANA candidate stood aside.

Waiariki – Just give this one to Te Ururoa, he rules that electorate with the largest victory margin of any of the Maori MPs.

This election gets more and more fascinating.


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  1. Good. I’ll be voting Mana now in the hope that Hone discredits one of Labour’s ‘tough on crime’ blokes (we need to reverse Labour’s idiotic Tory solutions to crime).

    If Hone takes Tai Tokerau then the party could get over the threshold to bring in another. And if the numbers line up so the Maori Party become the king makers, then the Maori Party will have to shift their support from National to Labour.

    Winnie would then sit in the opposition benches with the now more conservative National. Lol.

    • And Hone is the one guy that said Nationals sell off of state houses was a scame right from the start when ligislation was first propossed and others where eying up the fee’s. So it dosnt hurt the message of halting state house sell offs by having him around, if anything it makes you more credible.

      • Yes I am comfortable with this outcome Martyn, as we need now to rid these criminals ruining our beautiful land which we were born into and love dearly.

      • The bloody Maori Party have supported National through it by enabling the pricks to cling to power. And who I think rather fancied being lord and master over state housing tenants if they could get their hands on them.

        Honestly the relationship with they Maori Party have with the Nats is a piss take on the people of this country. Either the Maori Party MP’s love having their chin scratched by a bunch of con men or less patronisingly and much more to likely they know just who they are doing business with and a comfortable as.

        They have no credibility left.

        And I never recall Labour thinking state house sales was anything but a disgrace.

        • Transforming Te Reo into a force for good isn’t something you can control from above and even less by government agencies because history shows that education under a neoliberal agenda isn’t enough.

          It is the crown that has zero credibility managing indigenous portfolios.

          It’s a totally absurd sitution where maori are forced to use a tax system that pays and incentivises police to smash brown people over the head.

          The concern you’ve illistrated are not the concerns of maori. With this truce between Mana Movement and the Maori Paati we can push a bit harder and criticise the system instead of each other.

          The left haven’t won anything yet. So dont count your eggs before they hatch.

  2. But what if The Maori Party keeps voting with the Natz??

    I would have preferred Labour to do a deal with Hone Hawawira.

    The Maori Party were dying and Mana may keep them afloat now.

    The Maori Party might hold the balance and back the Natz – like they have for the past 8 years!!

    In my view if the Maori voters want to succeed they need to back Labour and Greens to get them through rather than the Maori Party. And definantly Mana in Te Tai Tokerau.

    The Seabed and Foreshore might have been wrong in principal by Labour BUT she was trying to avoid a Trump like crisis, by defeating a 2005 Brash government would have who would have gone a lot further against Maori rights.

    Look at the thinking, from Brash and the cronies – they do not even have any comprehension about Maori,

    John Key’s strategy seems to be say what Maori wanted to hear but still kept on with Brash’s plans it’s was the much more dangerous i.e. Brash Lite.

    Under National and The Maori party, Maori are worse off in every statistic.

    The Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 is merely a manipulation and giving more commercial rights against environmental considerations while NOT giving Maori the Seabed and Foreshore and just helping a small minority of Maori get short term profit while taking from the rest of Maori.

    At least Clark did not lie to Maori faces and stand them up at Waitangi Day after she was done with them like National.

    She gave working for families, Kiwisaver, Kiwibank, and interest free student loans.

    National and the Maori party have sold off assets like power, water, land and state houses, private prisons, more debt, a welfare system that doesn’t work anymore, a failing health system, a p crisis, an environmental crisis, and a housing crisis. Yep, they will flick a few million at some Maori cronies once in a while and gave an extra $25 p/w to unemployed – if you think that’s worth it.

  3. New Zealand First is doing well in the polls, which underestimate party support typically by 2-3%. So whilst Colmar Brunton’s 11% suggests 13 M.P.’s, would be in the party if an election were held today, the total is probably more likely to be 15-16 M.P.’s.

  4. I have absolutely no doubts at all as to Hone’s Mana Party, they are tried and tested lefties; excellent.

    It is the backsliding enablers in the Maori Party that are of concern…

    If your description of the balance of power is at all true Bomber, the best part will be the keeping of Winnie and his pseudo lefties on the opposition benches:

    Karloo karlay!

  5. I am a Hone voter but for the first time I am undecided who I will vote for. One thing for sure I will never vote the Tories in because every time they get in they kick our Maori people in the guts now they are kicking the mentally ill , and our elderly NZers and this makes me angry. They are also denying NZers ACC and have cut our social safety net to the bone and they have been spending our tax dollars on their pet projects that don’t help the average Jo on the street. We all know its time for a change of guard as the tories have ruined our beautiful country

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