Why are the words ‘climate change’ and ‘global warming’ not part of the Christchurch fire?


It seems so odd and weird that as we face more and more extreme weather events and we are forced to confront the down stream consequences of those extreme weather events, that at no time is ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ ever part of the official narrative.

Which is insane because what is driving these extreme weather events is climate change and global warming and it’s only going to get worse…

Climate increasing future risk of big wildfires – rural fire expert

Officials have confirmed 11 houses have been destroyed after two main fires merged into one large blaze spreading across 2000 hectares.

Dr Tara Strand, the rural fire team research leader at Scion Research, said the behaviour of the fire – which included how fast the fire was moving, the height of the flames, erratic spotting, and flare-ups – was what experts would call “extreme fire”.

“New Zealand has had large fires like this one before,” Dr Strand said.

“However, this fire is unique in that it is so close to a large population. Impact is huge within the affected communities and the wider city.”

Climate change would contribute to heightened fire risk in the future, similar to the size and scale of the Port Hills blaze, she said.

“The combination of climate, vegetation change and people … [means] we are likely to see this type of fire behaviour increase throughout the drier parts of New Zealand.”

…the fire in Christchurch right now is our climate change future staring us in the face without any recognition from the present.

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  1. Do I smell smoke? or bullshit?

    I think the latter!

    Prior to European occupation a significant slice of NZ had been burnt off my Maori. So this is hardly a new thing.

    Quote: http://www.teara.govt.nz/en/human-effects-on-the-environment/page-2


    Sediment records show a huge increase in charcoal and bracken spores around the 13th and 14th centuries. At the same time, there was a massive decline in pollen from forest trees, marking a striking and devastating change: up to 40% of the forest was burnt within 200 years of Māori settling in New Zealand. Radiocarbon dating shows that deforestation began at the same time throughout the country. There are also many archaeological sites dating from this time.

    The forests in the drier eastern regions burnt rapidly, and were cleared quickly and completely. In wetter or mountainous areas, clearance occurred later and was more piecemeal

    In most sites, charcoal continues to appear after the first forest clearance, suggesting that Māori used fire to stop tall forest and scrub from regenerating.”

    • Who pays you to churn out garbage, Andrew? The fossil fuel sector? Banks? Unnamed corporations? Politicians?

      Or is it simply that you are mentally deficient?

      If you cannot distinguish between carbon-neutral carbohydrates generated naturally via photosynthesis from atmospheric CO2 and deseuestering humungous quantities of sequestered carbon in the forms of oil, coal and methane, there is no hope for you.

      The only ‘ bullshit’ is stuff you post on TDB in a feeble attempt to obfuscate and conflate in order to promote the business-as-usual which is in the process of wrecking everything, not just the climate.

      • Nah, its just Andrew demonstrating a total lack of understanding about volcanology and geometry. Besides, every one here knows he is an authority on retardation

  2. “It seems so odd and weird that as we face more and more extreme weather events and we are forced to confront the down stream consequences of those extreme weather events, that at no time is ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ ever part of the official narrative”

    You said it right there Martyn.

    I am seeing first hand just how vicious & unpredictable the weather this year has been as for three months over summer being at the beach with two caravans and a storage trailer on a site, we have been coming to 11 yrs, and the weather has been markedly getting more 7 more violent every year.

    Our storage trailer lad flipped off and was ripped from its hinges and our boats were blown off the site and into the sea twice and luckily saved by campers.

    All along the beach in Gisborne usually in past years, we always saw an array of awnings and campers staying all the way to Easter but now most are gone after Xmas ends now, as the weather becomes veryn windy now, & rips canvass awnings to shreds and scatters all their belongings all over the place and most are giving up fighting the savage winds and encroaching seas now days.

    Our beachfront is loosing a metre a year now.

    Sure the climate is changing and many see this.

    NZ Government papers say by 2090 wind velocity will increase over 20% (Ministry for the Environment)

    Why aren’t the MSM warning us all?

    Subject: NZ Ministry for the Environmment – Projected changes in seasonal and annual westerly and southerly wind components – westerly wind component increase over New Zealand in the order of 20% by late in the century


  3. ‘It seems so odd and weird that as we face more and more extreme weather events and we are forced to confront the down stream consequences of those extreme weather events, that at no time is ‘climate change’ or ‘global warming’ ever part of the official narrative.’

    There is nothing odd about it, Martyn.

    The entire economic-political system is dependent on continued burning of massive amounts of fossil fuels (even factoring in use of fossil fuels that do not exist in order to justify business-as-usual, hence the impending collapse!). And officialdom cannot possibly allow a connexion to be made in the public’s mind between rapid meltdown of the planet and the idiotic economic system that is imposed on us by the banks and corporations that run the show.

    Therefore, as matters get made ‘progressively’ worse by the banks, corporations and the bought-and-paid-for politicians and bureaucrats, expect the lies and omissions to INCREASE.

    • 100% Afewknowthetruth, – don’t forget the Bilderberg/Goldman Sachs combo that are reaping havoc globally as we speak.

  4. It was my emailed question for this Q+A that prompted the mention of climate. I deliberately used the words “climate change” and the were adjusted to “climate.” I’d expect better from RNZ.

    None of the questions being asked or answered had anything to do with climate change. Not that they were irrelevant questions, it’s just that the elephant in the room had to be addressed by somebody.

    • Nobody seems to have considered that Christchurch has a very dry climate especially in summer. Rain falls in February on average 9 days and average precipitation is around 40mm. Some years more, some years less.
      The Port hills are always brown this time of year so the dryness is nothing unusual.
      Seems like one fire could have been electrical and the other one – ?.
      One thing is for sure – they didn’t start by themselves and climate change had nothing to do with it.
      Once the fires started it was a perfect storm of dry conditions, difficult terrain and wind fanning the flames.

      • Taken by itself, you may have a point, Patrick. But looked at from a global perspective of rising temperatures (in some places); Australian heatwave; acidification of the oceans; more energetic storms, and I think we can safely assume that the data and observable phenomenon are not isolated.

        Remember the duck thing? If it looks like one…

        • I have no argument with your conclusions, Frank, or yours Brendan, I was referring to the title of this Blog.

          “Why are the words “Climate change” and “Global warming” not part of the Christchurch fire?

          I was merely pointing out that these two fires were not connected with global warming. In fact February 2016 with the wonderful El Nino weather was much drier than this year.
          Trying to link events like this fire with climate change just gives fuel to the fire of those denying change

      • Perhaps I should have included the exact content of my question to clarify the point I was making.

        All you points about the historical conditions in Christchurch in summer are valid. I’m not doubting that, and nobody else is. We get it: it’s quite often hot and dry in Christchurch in summer.

        However, my question specifically addressed the increase in frequency and intensity of hot dry weather in the future. That’s the point I was getting at. This is being currently ignored by the majority of the media for the “here and now” of the event.

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