Dear John Key – you think you’ll get 40k per speaking event once the real reason you quit are made public?


John Key thinks he’ll get $40k per speaking event.

Really John?

You think you’ll get $40k per speaking engagement once the real reasons you stepped down get revealed?


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Cough, cough.




  1. I wonder how Bjelke-Petersen of Queensland would have survived politically with today’s alt media growing stronger?

  2. The wood of the pile is slowly being lifted off the repugnant little rat. No disrespect to actual rats. Fabulous.

  3. Whether KDC is correct or not only time will tell. However, it’s obvious that Key was bullshitting when he said he had to resign as he didn’t want to mislead the public after potentially winning a 4th term and then calling it quits. That simply doesn’t add up as he’s been misleading people throughout his term as PM and even earlier. He didn’t tell voters prior to the last election that he might resign – therefore he misled the public, exactly the thing he said he didn’t want to do!!

  4. Yes and the useless NZ media cant say enough about Mr Key, – this compulsive lying traitor as he slicks away to hide.

    shame on the media that let us all down when they should have smoked out the truth instead of covering a despicable delinquent criminal that deserves to spend time in jail for his crimes against the people..

    • Rodney Hide, Audrey Young and Claire Trevett have all been working overtime on negative pieces of Labour. Yes there have been questionable issues surrounding Labour and whether they are united but the mentioned journalists have been at pains to highlight those issues and keep them in the spotlight. It reminds me of the propaganda of previous election years.

  5. …well what is the REAL reason he quit?

    …i am still waiting and hoping Dotcom is talking about something real

  6. Well, what is the point of leaking stuff now? Blinglish may wipe his own hands and declare innocence, as whatever may be leaked will not harm him as PM. Whosoever has stuff about Key should start leaking it now, so we get the needed adjustment to the polls ahead of the election.

  7. I’d like to see Key do prison time for his corruption. It won’t undo the damage he caused thousands of Kiwis but at least it would bring some satisfaction.

  8. Given that the Podesta emails seem to suggest that American politics has a similar problem to Westminster and the BBC in terms of there being an active network of child abusers in the corridors of power, I’m not sure how he means worse. I guess maybe he is talking about the other side of it, pay for play policy and journalists shamelessly squaring away their copy with his office before it went to print. Could also be some data around the GCSB cover-up.

    There’s a lesson there though. In the American coverage, no journalist lost their job over the evidence of blatant collusion with the Clinton campaign. The excuse of ‘omgz it’s all because evil Putin and Assange are supporting Trump waaaah’. That’s what will happen here too. We’ll be informed that Volodya has taken a shine to Winston or is out to use Dotcom to show up the state department and ruin our alliances. Then some phoney examples of ‘fake news’ will be dredged up, allowing them to discredit anyone who is running the story.

  9. Key resigned because the stars aligned themselves to produce a situation that didnt suit him.
    – Trump got elected. Can you imagine Trump and Key?
    – Brexit; a mess not of our making
    – Auckland housing market has become an election issue
    – influx of immigrants has become embarrassing
    – he couldnt be bothered any more. Been there: done that: worn out the T-shirt
    – wondering what Max’s high jinxes were going to be next wouldnt have helped
    I bet he woke up one morning and said, stuff that! I’m outta here, before they chuck me.

  10. And I heard that his National party colleagues were totally over his smarmy, smart arse ways. My way or the highway, born to rule attitudes.

  11. In my recollection, most politicians who have resigned for “family reasons” have signalled their intention quite well ahead of time, and made sure they achieved at least some of what they promised to do, not just thrown in the towel suddenly leaving a whole heap of things undone.
    The fact that John Key did just that, and said that his chief regret was that he didn’t win public favour over a tosspot flag referendum (not child poverty, housing affordability, etc) inevitably raises questions about his integrity and whether he ever cared a s..t about New Zealanders.
    I hope in time that the sleepy hobbits will discover for themselves that Key really was an arrogant charlatan, just like we on TDB told them but they refused to listen.

  12. Delusional people like John Key live in the realms of delusion aka Planet Key.

    Perhaps the wealthy and those who have money to donate to the NZ National Party will happily part with $40,000.

    But bare in mind $40,000 is more than what many low incomes NZers can ever expect if they happen to be in employment.

    In one election campaign Key was talking about ‘Building a Brighter Future’. Is that a brighter future for himself and those who are also multi-millionaires with attachment to the NZ National Party or a brighter future for those who knows this government has lost complete touch with reality and NZers?

    But what is true to this National government form is nothing will ever be their fault. They will happily and without remorse blame everyone else but themselves for what is happening under their watch.

    In the photo of John Key you don’t see someone who cared about NZers. Instead you see someone who gloats and boasts to all and sundry that he could be getting $40k for a speech. And that truly shows the shallow and empty person he was even as far back as election 2008.

    John Key. You indeed left a legacy. You left a legacy of corrutpion, greed, ego, photo opportunity hunting. You left nothing of any volume in the best interest of NZers and especially those NZers on low income because you didn’t give a stuff about them once the votes were counted in 2008,2011 and finally in 2014. Yes you got voted in 3 times but you are a failure now and always have been.

    And how much of your $62million will you donate to NZers who are living in poverty???!!! Probably zilch as per usual.

    Nothing lives more strongly in a person who hates the country and the people as much as John Key.

  13. There were enough stupid people to keep him elected. There will be enough stupid people to depart with their money to be mesmerized by his delusional dribble, all served up with lashings of cheesy grin.

    • I really don’t understand when people say KDC didn’t deliver last time? Before the “moment of truth” it was all “Conspiracy theory”, afterwards it was “yeah we already knew that”.

      Well, which one is it? You can’t have it both ways!

      It’s just another case of media repetition being effective even when it concerns relatively aware people. Repeating a lie doesn’t make it true!

  14. Wikileaks and friends need to stop this electioneering with their releases. It’s dishonest and manipulative. If it’s important release it now – if not, you come across as trying to sway the election and fall straight into the hands of your enemies. Now is the time to release it so that it can’t be claimed that you have an ulterior motive. The ultimate goal is truth not manipulation. With events moving fast in the US, it is a good time to release this infomation which demonstrates the global spread of corruption. This is not just about NZ.

  15. Gaard dam, there is not one bit of positiveness up in here, for the man that was often haled by the media and commentators of this country as the most popular pm this country has ever had.Well bugger me peeps, where is the love? ehhh.

  16. Guaard Dam, there is not one bit of positiveness up in here, for a man that was very often haled the “media” and “commentators” of this country as the most popular pm this country has ever had. Now the people are calling for the man to be strung up and hung out to dry. At the end of the day a people, the real media and commentators are speaking. Gaard Dam where is the love ahh.

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