Dear NZers – when Key was in power you didn’t care about 5 Eyes and allowed him to get away with mass surveillance – how do you feel about Trump having that power now?


The madness that is Donald Trump builds every hour, just as his apologists get quieter and quieter.

His outburst at Australia and threat to invade Mexico today are just the latest in an extraordinary  list of abuses of power and spiteful policy.

Can you believe it has only been 2 weeks?

Trump is clearly psychologically unbalanced and dangerous, so, do we want this orange nazi having total access to our mass surveillance?

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The sleepy hobbits of muddle Nu Zilind didn’t want to believe their cherished John Key was lying to them. They allowed him to ram through under urgency new laws to green light mass surveillance and was proven at the Moment of Truth to have lied to us all about how much we were being spied on and how much of it all went to the NSA.

Now our anti-intellectual messiah has gone, are New Zealanders really that bewilderingly dense to allow Trump to have this level of power over our economic, cultural and political sovereignty?

The only Party promising to change this are the Greens, the Maori Party and MANA, the rest will continue to give Trump everything he wants. As Trump becomes more and more of a destabilising power though, Labour could be convinced to show some courage on this issue.

Seeing as the mainstream media however are avoiding the connection between Peter Theil, his residency and him owning the largest private mass surveillance company on the planet, such debate seems beyond us.


  1. ” The laws and agreements that make up the Five Eyes arrangement and apply it to domestic contexts lack any semblance of the clarity or accessibility necessary to ensure that individuals whose rights and interests are affected by them are able to understand their application. ”

    ” By remaining in the shadows, our intelligence agencies – AND THE GOVERNMENTS WHO CONTROL THEM – have removed our ability to challenge their actions and their impact upon our human rights. We cannot hold our governments accountable when their actions are obfuscated through secret deals and covert legal frameworks. ”

    Above taken from :

  2. We need to get out of the 5 eyes pronto
    Now that Trump is doing the droning and not the “saintly ” Obama,maybe the anti war movement might make a come back. We are neck deep in culpability for to my mind illegal murder of citizens of other countries who have done us no harm.
    Obama extended the drone program, extended surveillance powers with our govts compliance,and our media lamely stood by.
    Maybe now that its fashionable to challenge Trump we might get some investigative action from our gutless journalists, you excepted Martyn
    What are we doing about getting %th Estate Waatea back on air?
    Is there a fund to donate to?

  3. The sane and intelligent thinking New Zealander has long since departed and left the governing of this country to the lowest common denominator and the idiots and the privileged who vote for them.

    Churchill was right when he said “the best argument against democracy is a five minute conversation with the average voter”

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