Of course it’s a Muslim Ban – Trump supporters don’t know India or Indonesia are Muslim nations

By   /   February 1, 2017  /   15 Comments

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Americans have more to fear and are far more likely to die from choking on food, bicycling, accidental gunshots, their own police force, airplane and spaceship accidents, heat waves or animal attacks than they do from bloody terrorists. For the love of God, there’s more chance an American will be killed by a fucking asteroid than a refugee or illegal immigrant.

It’s a Muslim Ban.

Any attempt to pretend it’s not is just that. A pretence.

The counter argument given by Fox News is that it can’t be a Muslim ban because countries like India and Indonesia aren’t on the ban list, thus it can’t be a Muslim Ban.

I like how they have zeroed in on India and Indonesia, they aren’t mentioning Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Egypt or Lebanon – because those are the Muslim countries Trump has business dealings with.

Banning Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen is a Muslim ban because those are the only Muslim countries Trump supporters know.

How likely are you as an American to die from terrorism? Well here’s the chart…

…Americans have more to fear and are far more likely to die from choking on food, bicycling, accidental gunshots, their own police force, airplane and spaceship accidents, heat waves or animal attacks than they do from bloody terrorists. For the love of God, there’s more chance an American will be killed by a fucking asteroid than a refugee or illegal immigrant.

But here’s the worst part, more Americans support Donald Trump’s travel ban than oppose it.

This is the terrifying reality of America now. A nation of debased public education where conspiracy, ignorance and fear ‘Trumps’ reason.

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  1. Sally's Husband says:

    Death by “friendly fire” by Americans shooting each other seems preferable to foreigners from Muslim countries? Hell, why not. The US Constitution preserves the right of Amerikans to shoot each other randomly, at whim. But not foreigners. They aren’t allowed. It’s not the Amerikan Way.

    Fifteen of the 9/11 terrorists were Saudi citizens, Obama was a Saudi citizen, Al Qeda was financed by Saudi Arabia, so Trump goes after Somalia which has never attacked Amerika? Jesus wept.

    Trump’s travel ban reveals the depth of racism in Amerika and it’s truly frightening.

  2. Theodore says:

    Racists love Il Duce Trump. He validates their prejudice and puts bigotry into law. Expect things to get worse before the parasite is impeached by his own Republican party.

  3. elle says:

    Islamism is not Al Queda,Al Queda can be dealt with in their home lands. Islamic terrorism is spreading across the world,each country has to deal with them.Its easy to show a small number of victims in America,to the families of victims its devastation and very overwhelming.
    Let hospitals and drs and law enforcement deal with the accidental deaths, of which unfortunately happens,and is equally devastating to persons concerned. Trump deals with terrorists who wish harm on innocent victims,if these terrorists are not stopped they will increase.
    Statistics dont protect people.The statistics shown are from 1975 to 2015.things have changed ,people travel through countries ,they dont have to be citizens,to be indoctrinated.
    Racism is not the reason for Trumps actions,its a word easily used and abused.

    • Chooky says:

      +100 ELLE…well said

      imo…the countries/people/immigrants /visitors/refugees the USA is discriminating against aren’t so much because they are Muslim (hence discrimination based on racism) ….but because USA has trashed them illegitimately in war aggression under Clinton, Obama and Bush

      …and now these countries are overrun with ISIS who are real terrorists ( but ironically enough, come from a fundamentalist form of Islam, Wahhabism, based in Saudi Arabia)


      Trump wants to avoid the Trojan Horse in Europe whereby terrorists bent on revenge are intermingled with legitimate refugees

      …it is not a racist issue it is a security issue …as any dumb bum should be able to see

      ….this is not to let the USA off the hook….it and its friends should be tried for war crimes and make war reparations as well as peace ….so that refugees can return to their countries of origin safely

      • Priss says:

        Of course it’s bloody racism, you two!! Grow up! Trump’s ban is on 7 countries predominently muslim. None are “christian”. He hasn’t banned Israel which terrorises the Palestinian people on a daily basis.

        In fact, Trump has permitted Syrian Christians to be exempt from his travel ban.

        “…it is not a racist issue it is a security issue …as any dumb bum should be able to see”

        Yes, Chooky, it IS racist. You two just refuse to see it because that undermines your hero. If Trump wanted this to be a security issue, why isn’t Saudi Arabia on the list??? FFS, the Saudis FINANCE half the terror groups in the Middle East!!

        You are both delusional.

      • Sally's Husband says:

        Chooky, Elle, you both qualify for the Hitler Youth, ooopps, I mean Trump Youth Brigade.

  4. Afewknowthetruth says:

    There are numerous reasons to feel optimistic about the state of America.

    1. Conventional oil extraction peaked around 1970 and America is increasingly dependent on short-lived fracking wells which are expensive to drill and ruin the local environment. For America, the liquid-fuel energy crunch is expected to arrive around 2020 to 2022.

    2. Large corporations took over most of the agriculture sector decades ago and have been producing semi-toxic ‘food’ which Americans have ingested huge quantities of, resulting in a ‘tidal wave’ of obesity and poor-nutrition related illnesses. Each day that passes, Americans get sicker from eating semi-toxic ‘food’.

    3. Despite having the most expensive healthcare system in the world, American healthcare generates amongst the worst outcomes in the world and is capable of crippling entire families financially.

    4. Having usurped the position of printing the world’s reserve currency in 1944, America has gone on to print so many trillions of ‘petrodollars’ America cannot possibly repay any of them nor even keep up with interest payments, and resorts further printing to pay for imports of oil and consumers goods and pay the interest etc. Numerous nations are moving away from US dollar hegemony and the dollar will collapse when the process nears completion.

    5. Most municipalities are debt-ridden and unable to maintain services; large numbers of pension funds are cutting benefits.

    6. Unemployment is reported as being around 5% but the real unemployment rate is close to 20%.

    7. Despite spending more on military hardware and military operations than all other nations combined, America is incapable of winning any war; it only has an unrivalled capacity for destruction via conventional bombs.

    8. America can only operate by looting the rest of the planet and by manipulating financial markets and energy markets; other major players, most notably Russia and China, are not prepared to play America’s game much longer, and will resist any further attempts by America to expand its military or financial presence.

    9. Without expansion of its financial hegemony and military hegemony America collapses.

  5. Priss says:

    Assault by gun: 1 in 358.

    Death by terrorism, 1 in 45,808.

    Speaks volumes, doesn’t it??

  6. Mike the Lefty says:

    To put it ultra simply – a US citizen is much more likely to be killed by a fellow citizen, either accidentally or deliberately, than a foreigner.

  7. Bert B says:

    Obama supplied military hardware missiles helicopter gunships that kill 10000 Yemenis whilst he lights up white house in rainbow colours to the delight of hollywood yet you attack Trump and remain silent over Obama killing these folks. Intellectual vacuum that Trump will exploit.

  8. Helena says:

    Martyn it’s about the revaluation of the dinar and other currencies. Those connected to the banking brotherhood of liars and thieves have amassed huuge stocks of currency to cash in on arrival in the US. Trump’s ban has halted those currency movements.

  9. Chooky says:

    ‘Trump’s travel ban doesn’t target Muslims, he has ‘sovereign right’ to impose it – Emirati FM’


    “Speaking at a conference with his Russian counterpart, the foreign minister of the United Arab Emirates maintained that President Trump’s travel ban on several Muslim countries is not anti-religious or otherwise prejudiced against Muslims.

    According to Emirati FM Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al-Nahyan, President Donald Trump’s order to bar individuals from certain Muslim countries from the US is a “sovereign decision” that would be a mistake to interpret as anti-Muslim.

    “Without doubt, countries have the sovereign right to make decisions to ensure their sovereignty. The US president used this sovereign right,” the UAE’s top diplomat said.

    “There are attempts to claim that this decision is aimed against a religion, but it is not aimed against a specific religion, this is a temporary decision, it is important to take these points of view into account,” he continued…


    ‘ ‘Vast majority of Muslims’ have access to US – Homeland Security head defends Trump’s order ‘


    ” Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly has spoken out about President Donald Trump’s executive order on banning people from seven countries from entering the US for 90 days. He promised it was “not a Muslim ban” and that it would protect the country…

Authorised by Martyn Bradbury, The Editor, TheDailyBlog,