Trump’s policy of hate could have happened here if it wasn’t for the courage of Nicky Hager


Let us pause and once again celebrate the courage of Nicky Hager, because if Nicky had not intervened and outed the dirty politics campaign run out of John Key’s Office, Slater and Lusk would still have the influence they enjoyed and they would be implementing the exact same hate campaign that Trump and his hate speech merchant bloggers have unleashed upon America.

And what was Nicky’s reward? He had his house illegally searched by the cops, his property stolen and taken and the banks handed over his personal information without a fucking warrant.

Let’s salute Nicky for his courage to out these tumours from our political system.

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  1. I was really pissed off with the New Zealand public when they shunned Dirty Politics , and nothing has really changed since. I’m still pissed off with how the media manipulate the sheeple.

    • Roger Waters was probably right when on Pink Floyd’s album “Animals” he classified people into three groups: sheep, dogs and pigs.
      The majority of New Zealanders clearly belong to the sheep family.
      George Orwell also was mostly right, although “Animal Farm” was a parody of communism. I wonder what Orwell would have said if he knew “Animal Farm” would also be an accurate description of 21st century democratic government.

      • He would have said “thanks for noticing.” If you have the time, hunt down a copy of ‘Animal Farm’ form the 70’s, it has Orwell’s original introduction. Only a couple of lines on liberal democracy – but rather telling.

  2. I would like to pay respect to Nicky’s courage in revealing these low-lifes for what they really are. The apathetic response of the NZ public to the Dirty Politics revelations & subsequent re-election of the most corrupt government in NZ’s history is a sad indictment on Nazional voters.

    • OK, so I’m not in the in-crowd who cheer on Nicky Hager, and neither am I a National voter. I guess I was fairly apathetic about that book, that — to my casual and I suppose superficial awareness at the time — seemed to represent a manufactured outrage, with a breathless expectation that the whole country would fall in behind. My knickers not knotted. Sorry.

      • Interesting quote apropos from Hannah Arendt, in a Grauniad article today:

        “The term masses applies only where we deal with people who either because of sheer numbers, or indifference, or a combination of both, cannot be integrated into any organisation based on common interest, into political parties or municipal governments or professional organisations or trade unions. Potentially, they exist in every country and form the majority of those large numbers of neutral, politically indifferent people who never join a party and hardly ever go to the polls.”

  3. I agree with your comments on Nicky Hager but I wonder to what degree we have actually “avoided” the consequences of Hate Politics…

  4. There were so many things wrong after that book came out.

    It was quite incredible how Key got away with it. Or maybe he didn’t as he was sinking in the polls by the time he bailed and that was but one of many immoralities that left a lasting stain.

    Or how the Nat’s were barely effected. And it was Collins whose personality and involvement caused so many problems but looking at rolling Key was what saw her so publicly and humiliatingly sacrificed for the Nat’s to take the heat out of the fire.

    And then the police assigning an Assistant Commissioner, no less, to be at Slater’s beck and call. Then the raids on Hagers home, then the NO action by police on the hacking of Labours computers by National. Fuck the political interference in the police hit epic proportions and to my mind did lasting damage in the integrity of the public service.

    But it really cast an ugly shadow over the office and position of Prime Minister of New Zealand probably permanently and if one is looking for a John Key legacy, there is no need to look further than the scar he left.

    And it really outed how awful our corporate media were too. I think slightly before then Cunliffe had well and truly been kneecapped by Nationals filth machine/NZ Herald and as an alternative was ruined anyway.

    And I guess it all suggested that National voters never cared about morals or ethics and they already knew the people they voted for were nothing more than sewer rats anyway.

    But there was precedence for this kind of moral exposure because it was the same for “Fahrenheit 911” from Michael Moore that lead into the 2004 US Presidential elections. It should have damaged Bush beyond repair but no one seemed to notice!

  5. Key is not half the man Trump is,Trump suceeded by his own efforts and his own money,and he wants the best for America.
    Key was backed by Wall St etc and was dumped on NZ by the cabal because he was put in place to sell NZ to America, who now own NZ.
    Nicky Hagars book was excellent , but it made no difference to National
    because they owned the Media and rubbished the information without any backlash.
    Hate talk is coming now from TDB,Martyn talks like a Democrat ,they cant acknowledge they lost.Time will tell if Trump is the real leader,because Hillary Clinton certainly wouldnt be,liberal used to be a proud name,now its used by losers.
    This wont be published because Martyn dosnt like critisism of his view on Trump who is a rough diamond but very smart and desisive,in my opinion of course, and the view of all those Americans who helped him win in a landslide.

    • “Key is not half the man Trump is,Trump suceeded by his own efforts and his own money,and he wants the best for America.”

      Oh stop it, Elle. You’re positively salivating over the Orange One.

      I’ve heard the same sychophantic rubbish from Key’s loyal following; “successful”, “intelligent”, “experienced”, blah, blah. Give me a break. You haven’t learned a single thing from Hager’s book!

      If you want to champion that fascist, you better be prepared for a whole lot of ridicule.

    • “Key is not half the man Trump is,Trump suceeded by his own efforts and his own money,and he wants the best for America.”

      Elle, your sycophancy is stomach turning. Dial it back, girl!!

  6. Hi Michal,
    I agree and want to acknowledge Nicky Hagar’s source too.
    It gives hope that there are some in the system who have the courage to leak info.

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