If I had been wrongly convicted of rape, I’d punch a NZ cop as well


Wrongly imprisoned man David Dougherty admits assaulting police officer

A man once wrongly imprisoned for rape has admitted assaulting a police officer while intoxicated.

David Dougherty, 49, served three years in prison for raping and abducting an 11-year-old girl – crimes he did not commit.

The thing tat the NZ media ALWAYS skip about the David Dougherty case (actually they skip this about almost every case) is that the cops knew David Dougherty hadn’t committed the rape, they just tried it on with the Jury to see if the Jury was fucking stupid enough to buy the spin.

The cops knew the DNA didn’t prove in any way shape or form that David Dougherty had raped an 11 year old girl, but they just decided to bamboozle the stupid NZ Jury with ‘science’ and the stupid NZ Jury bought it.

The NZ Police gleefully framed and then locked David up so news that he has assaulted a cop and is in trouble again isn’t any surprise,  If I had been wrongly convicted of rape, I’d punch a NZ cop as well.

When you look at Labour promising to ‘smash’ criminals with zero extra oversight of Police, remind yourself if an out of control Police force drunk on its own sense of power in a country with people as subservient to authority as NZers are, is that what makes a progressive Democracy strong or does that level of Police power undermine the country?

BTW – Labour are going to select Police cheerleader Greg O’Connor as their candidate in Ōhāriu.

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  1. So which party is going to tackle the endemic flaws in the Police, Defence, Customs, Immigration, Corrections, WINZ and ACC?

    It can’t be Labour. They’re not that way inclined.

    The Greens? Most unlikely. They don’t seem to be able to get their millipede feet together on even parliamentary reform. (Sorry, Rod Donald.)

    The micro parties? Hmm. Not much better than remora, really.

    NZ First? Would they dare? Do they have the skills and the necessary grunts to do the leg work?

    Election year. Steady as we go. Sit still amidships! and wait for whatever wafts to us from any northern shore.


  2. The problem with the cop and the legal system is that you’re dealing with human beings.

    They’re fallible.

    Sure there have been unsafe convictions in NZ: Doherty, Peter Ellis and others. But they are the rare exception rather than the rule. We’re better than most countries in this regard.

    As for David Dougherty, he received more than fair compensation and his prior incarceration is no excuse for getting drunk and assaulting someone.

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