BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Gareth Morgan to hold press conference 11am in Mt Albert


Gareth Morgan, leader of The Opportunities Party will hold a press conference at 11am tomorrow  at Rocket Park, outside Mt Albert War Memorial Hall on New North Road.

Tomorrow is the final day candidates can get their nominations in for the Mt Albert By-election.

There is no clear sign as to whether he is putting his candidacy forward in the Mt Albert By-election, if he does, it immediately changes the dynamics of the Mt Albert by-election.

This has been a point TDB has been making about the Greens decision to run in this electorate.

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The Greens and Labour will be praying to God that he’s just teasing.

TDB will cover the announcement live on our Twitter account.


  1. You were willing it to happen Martyn!
    He probably hadn’t thought of it and then had it drummed into his head so frequently by you he thought he had to.

    • Wow Doug, that is some Green Party level denial you have there champ.

      It was obvious that once Genter put her hat in the ring there was a danger of Gareth doing this, it was fucking obvious, to everyone except the Greens, Labour and the mainstream media it appears.

      Now, nothings been decided, Morgan could just be pulling a stunt, we won’t know until 11am tomorrow. Let’s all pray to Gaia that he’s just winding us up, because I assure you, the fucking volume level of “I TOLD YOU SO” is going to blare out from TDB for months to come if he does stand.

    • Doug, if Martyn has psychic powers like you infer, he would’ve won the last ten Lottos, and we’d be getting “Stuff you Plebs” postcards from some beach somewhere in the Pacific…

  2. I think this is a good thing if he stands, he has put out some good stuff, sensible of him to test the ground.

  3. Looking at his Wiki page I’m not sure why Gareth isn’t running with the Greens. Seems a good fit. Perhaps his ego got in the way…

    Interesting that both Morgan and Ardern are from south Waikato.

  4. Wow! This is good news.

    Is Gareth Morgan explaining why he is not standing in Mt Albert?

    Which would be a great thing in itself.

    Or is he announcing that he is thowing his hat in the ring which would mark the TOP party as a serious contender for parliament and not just a spoiler party.

    If it is the former, the public are owed an explanation as to this inexplicable stance, and the thinking behind it.

    If it is the later then this could truely be a game changer.

    It seems that the Mt. Albert by-election was planned to be an issues free zone, with no election meetings or debates between the two standing candidates. 0r even the release of differing policy statements to the media. The contest in Mt Albert was planned to be fought and won in a contest between the two party electorate machines behind the two main candidates. Instead of public meetings or even letter box drops with leaflets explaining the differing positions of each candidate on the important issues of the day. The by-election was to be fought with door knocking and bland vote for me bill boards. The most bill boards erected and the most doors knocked, was to be the decider.

    If Morgan stands and mounts a serious campaign around the issues of the day. The bland issues free strategy cooked up between Labour and the Greens, will fly out the window, with the first public meeting called by Morgan. Quite possibly Morgan will catch the Labour and the Green candidates flat footed. Especially if Genter and Adhern refuse to show up to these debates, or continue to keep to their issues free strategy. Leaving the floor open for Morgan, making Morgan a serious contender to take this seat off Labour. So much for the virtual coronation of Jacinda Adern as the MP for Mt Albert, that both Labour and Green Party activists had assured me was almost a dead certainty. (on account, of Labour having the bigger electoral machine.)

    We may indeed be living in interesting times.

  5. Meanwhile the cowering timorous beasties aka the National Party thumb their nose at their supporters and decline to represent them.
    I hope they remember their party’s indifference when it comes to the general election later this year.

  6. This should be interesting, also its 08:33 and I see no mention of it in any of the main papers.

    I would have thought someone would have picked this up by now. Roll on 11 AM.

  7. I agree Bomber, what is it about NZ’s lefties that they have this undying belief in ritual suicide?

    Even Labour, which hasn’t been a leftie party for 30 years, can’t seem to read the facts as presented to their eyeballs. Following hard in the footsteps of the American Democrats huh?

    Do they really want another three years of National pusillanimity, coz that’s what we’ll get if the left keep fucking around like they are…

  8. Well, it’s happened. I thought Gareth’s claim that Labour and the Greens are in it just for the power indicates he doesn’t mind spouting generalisation bollocks when it suits him.

  9. Mt. Albert is full of self-serving liberal dickheads who will vote for their own capital gains.

    Morgan’s party won’t make much of a dent there because of his first policy.

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