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  1. Keiser Report – Episode 1025

    “In this episode of the Keiser Report from Miami, Max and Stacy discuss Jack Ma’s statements at Davos about the US wasting trillions on wars and asking where all the money went that US multinationals made from outsourcing manufacturing.

    In the second half, Max continues his interview with crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem about bitcoin, blockchain and crypto.”

    Keiser Report – Episode 1024

    “In this episode of the Keiser Report from Miami, Max and Stacy discuss the elephants in the room of the so-called ‘healthcare’ debate. Obamacare should be called ‘bankcare’, they suggest.

    In the second half, Max interviews crypto entrepreneur Charlie Shrem about bitcoin, blockchain, crypto and… buying up Michigan’s waste industry.”

  2. Nafe Goi doesn’t remember the Thiel foil (looking back and goan forwid).
    (cos….. u know it was foive years ago and there are abeart 300 put before the Munsta evry year.
    No chance then he’d remember inhaling before becoming a Munsta, and no doubt he’s forgotten all those cast offs he once associated with before becoming a very importint person.
    But then it was Pear-apear-a-ooomooo after all. The land of the tradie doing keshies;the disconnected retiree; the yoof looking to get the fuck out of there whilst rebelling against it all;the ‘P” addicted feral conducting their diversions in the Pek’n’Save car park screaming unfearniss cos they can’t get their take-ways.
    Nafe’s above all that tho’ eh?
    Who STILL retains that romantic notion of Nu Zull being an elagitarian Sussoitee.
    It’s wot 30 plus years and yawns of what neo-liberalism does

  3. ………..and just an observation:
    Any1 here seen a trout or a stunned mullet taking a last gasp?
    The lips look eerily similar to a Trump. It’s just that I haven’t so far been able to see a similarity between a pointy finger on a Trump and the gill movements on a trout. The mullet though is something different – and I need to consult a professional hairdresser
    Sharlene, Shontele, Kev, Trev – where are you? Your exsperoise is required (going forwid)
    Dentity Poltiks FFS – Fuk moi!
    Any1 that wants to edvoise me on the meeta, Oil nomineight for a place on the Block. Fuk -I’ll even nominate you for a place on the Blok Stray-Ya

  4. and furthermore (in the real world – as opposed to the virchool – is TVNZ 1 – with the really BIG bouncing ball – and the Noijill Latte’s et al blowing stuff up; and the best ever, and last remaining connection to “the way we were” – that connection to the past, that best ever producer, the most experienced Nu Zull broadcaster – CHRIST! I forgot his name – he was memorable to kuds and to those in the bubble…. but is this public inschooshun really trying to convince me that the news is incoisuv, “cuttung earj” and real with a muppet that looks like the 21stC version of Max Headroom?
    Sorry Simon – I realise you can’t have total control over your looks, but maybe ditch the Max Headroom aspiration (unconscious as it probably is).
    I really just have to turn orf after 10 minutes – and bud – I really do understand why your wife decided to fuk off DESPITE her declared sexual preferences
    If we actually had satirical political commentary, and satirical ridicule of the public ‘face’ – uou’d top moi lust

    • ew! how very dare you! I was thinking of AndY Pandy!!! Andrew SHAW! – IT JUST came to me – like a nightmare does after a Public Broadcasting sellout’s intellectual property does to private enterprise. But hey -think of the profit (and loiuse Joyce’s knickers),
      and Oh!!! for Marama Marin, and.
      Andy: You’re a legend, an Oikon truly – really you are – why even Soimun Wulsun says you are (would be). We’re just waiting for Kathryn Ryan to give her approval. Even better the Matinee Idol crew (good luck with that)
      Yes, I remembered – Ladies and Gentlemen a A n N d R r e E w W s S h H a A w W !#$%^&*()_

      (btw – I have no particular beef with Andy Pandy, other than his riding on the magic carpet and its rug of excuses that gave all the excuses in the world (such as the lack of a charter – despite public ownership – and with it a DUTY) – any/many other examples.)
      I heard Andy – you were a brilliant producer. I am sure you are.
      Still doesn’t make you a total whoose when it comes to selling out PUBLIC intellectual property, Kids TV, the preservation of the 4th Estate, your peers you didn’t particularly like, ….. actually the list is endless.
      I have this strange idea that maybe you married Luoise Joyce. Sincerely, I hope that’s going well.
      If it isn’t, maybe you should consider that it’s actually you that’s mmmmmm

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