Dear Bill English, ‘We don’t agree with it’ is something disapproving parents say about their daughters new pink mohawk haircut, it’s not a response to naked bigotry


After almost 48 hours, Bill English finally surfaces to show leadership against Trump’s naked bigotry, and what are our wise Prime Minister’s words?

“We don’t agree with it”.

I’m sorry, what?

“We don’t fucking agree with it’?

That’s it?

That’s our Prime Minister’s response to Trump detaining almost 400 Muslim’s in transit, having them arrested, handcuffed, their social media searched and being asked their thoughts on Trump.

We don’t agree with it?

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There’s understatement and then there’s no statement and this weak response is actually beneath our egalitarian tradition as a country.

We must triple our refugee quota and  send a clear message to Trump that this is not the way educated nations in the modern age behave.

Andrew Little is showing more courage and leadership on this issue than English has.


  1. We should accept more refugees (and fewer migrants) and we should condemn Trump’s moves on Muslims but I dont see how the two things need to be linked. Increasing our refugee intake wont register with the US President at all. What Bill English has said, weak as it seems, is more likely to register.

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