Why Peter Thiel was really allowed residency in NZ


It’s quaint that NZ media seem to think rich people buying citizenship in NZ is a surprise. The Spin blog went as far as giving a far right think tank platform to defend rich people buying NZ residency.  

Our free market system of allowing Ministers to ignore agency advice is ripe for bribery and the recent case of Peter Thiel reminds us of Shane Jones and his remarkable decision to allow William Yan to stay in NZ

The last thing NZ First want is any scrutiny behind why Jones did that just as Jones is about to stand as a candidate for them.

Hilariously Kim Dotcom was turned down when he applied, it wasn’t until the Intelligence Agencies became involved that he was allowed residency, they did that with the plans ultimately to arrest him.

The truth is that NZ is open for business when it comes to allowing rich people to buy residency and both Labour and National are guilty of doing it.

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That the Egalitarian Nation that was once NZ would happily sell residency to rich people makes us no better than half a dozen of other banana republics around the world who do the exact same thing.

We don’t need these rich pricks here.

You want to know the real reason Peter Thiel was allowed in NZ?

National security.

Thiel helps the 5 Eyes mass surveillance monster with his company Palantir.

I bet if the media ask official information requests about who the Minister spoke to in making their decision, one of the National Security agencies will have briefed the Minister.

This isn’t just bribery and the elites buying themselves what they want, this is payment for the deep state.


  1. Wonder how much was donated to the National party as part of the deal.

    Great to see that far right billionaire are welcome to buy up here, (sarc), I actually don’t care that they are rich, it is the far right ideology that I’m most fearful of and the US culture of corporate lobbying that brings.

    As for Dotcom, pity he was a talented IT entrepreneur who happened to scare the pants of TPPA Hollywood, if he had just donated to the Natz (not just John Banks) and bought up billions of property, a Kiwi fruit orchard with cheap migrant labour here he would have been welcomed in with open arms.

    As for buying access, 25% of any foreign student doing a dodgy degree gets residency in NZ – even if you have to pay $20k for a fake job to do it.

    So NZ citizenship is certainly for sale, and it’s easy to get and doesn’t cost much at all!

    • +100…we need rich New Yorkers, Clinton supporters or Trump supporters, like we need an extra hole in the head and the TPPA

      NZ is for New Zealanders ….and there soon won’t be anything left for our children!…housing or environment

  2. I like rich people

    – they don’t bash their own babies to death

    – they create jobs

    – they spend their money in the local economy

    – they pay tax

    – they don’t burden the health, education or welfare systems

    – they’re unlikely to commit crime

    So I think we need more of them!

    (Remember: Envy is a mortal sin)

    • I thought your parole conditions prohibited you from coming within 500 metres of schools and kindergartens or accessing the internet, Andrew…

    • Don’t show yourself up Andrew for being the ignorant bugger that you are. Wealthy people bash their wives just as much as not so wealthy – I know this for a fact, but its hidden behind good lawyers and frightened wives. They also snort coke a lot – in fact they love it for their drug of choice when they party on at the weekends – all illegal of course. Don’t show yourself up anymore please. They also rort all the time on their duty to legally pay their fair share of the tax take. They are the first to grizzle about the state of the roads and other utilities which they probably do not contribute to paying for. Enjoy the benefits of urgent hospital treatment when their private hospital won’t take them in after hours. Just bugger off and not insult the intellect of people on this site. I can’t believe that there are people as ignorant as you – it takes all kinds that’s for sure.

    • Pay taxes…..!Are you mad Andrew that old idea went out with the invention of Trust funds and crony capitalism.

    • “they don’t bash their own babies to death”

      Nope. They just invest in munitions factories and sell cluster-bombs to regimes that then blast foreign babies to bits. No blood on the rich procks’ hands, eh?

      ” they create jobs”

      Yeah. In China. Where the labour is cheaper and environmental protection policies are next to zero.All the meanwhile closing down our own factories.

      “they pay tax”

      Yeah. In tax havens. Where the tax-rate is something like 0.0000000000000000000001%.

      “they don’t burden the health, education or welfare systems”

      Idiot. Where do you think teachers and doctors and welfare workers were educated?

      “they’re unlikely to commit crime”

      YEAH? Ever heard of the phrase “white collar crime”, Andy?

      As usual, you’re full of garbage. I don’t know why you care so much for the One Percent elite, Andrew. Do you really think they give a shit about you?

    • The rich take their money from the rest.

      Govts create jobs.

      A state of denial and moralising speaks a lot about mindset.

      The largest crimes both in terms of destruction of people and stealing of wealth are conducted by rich parasites. Who foster wars. not the poor.

    • @ANDY and also @ANDREW (because you appear so impressed with rich people)

      If Theil was worth $1 billion the money he gave to Christchurch would be 0.01% of his wealth. (ignoring the US/NZ exchange rate which is in his favour)

      He is worth $2.7 billion so that means the $1m is 0.0037% of his wealth.

      To put that in perspective – if someone was on NZSuper at $14750 p.a they would be donating $53.87

      I wouldn’t think anyone, even rightist trash, would be very impressed with that.

    • Andy and Andrew (one and the same person), neither of you seem to have a problem selling ourselves to the highest bidder.

      Well, nothing wrong with that, I guess. Prostitution IS legal here in NZ, after all.

      Bend over fellas……

      • I don’t know, Thiel did drope some cash. What’s free trade about any way if it doesn’t include the free movement of labour as well. I honestly think we should take a better look at this.

  3. It’s blatantly obvious that Thiel bought his citizenship. With the Nats, anyone can buy NZ citizenship, just hand over the cash, fellas.

    Donghua lui was another one.

    The Nats weren’t kidding when they describe this country as “NZ Inc”. Everything is for sale.

    Next will be a very generous donation by Thiel, his company, or one of his associates, to the National Party.

  4. “That the Egalitarian Nation that was once NZ would happily sell residency to rich people makes us no better than half a dozen of other banana republics around the world who do the exact same thing.

    We don’t need these rich pricks here.”

    WOW, I thought, I had read it all, this really sends home the message. As an immigrant not rich prick standard fitting, I salute this message.

    • The world would be better off without prics like Thiel.

      Those shallow thinkers may think money is what matters.

      These parasites don’t earn money, they gather it from others.

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