BLOGWATCH: Who knew what a greasy sycophantic prick Tim Groser was?


I never appreciated what a greasy sycophantic prick Tim Groser really was.

Look at how this Washington insider blog managed to catch the real stock of our Ambassador to the US…

The party circuit began for many at the Embassy of New Zealand last Tuesday. Perhaps the island nation known best to Americans as the filming location for the Lord of the Rings movies could fulfill Barrack’s prediction. But Ambassador Tim Groser made no attempt to hide his elation about the evening’s guest list. There was senior adviser Rick Dearborn and campaign field director Stuart Jolly, and campaign committee chairman Michael Glassner. The White House’s incoming chief strategist, Steve Bannon, was reportedly spotted, too. Jon Voight, Trump’s most famous Hollywood supporter, was en route. Breitbart writer Matt Boyle, who once joked that he would be Trump’s White House press secretary—alas, the job went to Sean Spicer—manspreaded on a couch near Groser’s lectern.

“Getting access to Trump will be everybody’s ambition,” the ambassador said. He beamed at all of his new friends. “We have got off to a flying start.”

It didn’t matter that Groser had helped craft the Trans-Pacific Partnership, the trade agreement from which Trump today withdrew. It didn’t matter that Groser has spent much of his career promoting other trade policies antithetical to Trumpism. Disagreements be damned, what mattered now was access—something everyone scrambles for with each regime change in Washington, but always demurely. Yet Groser was unabashed: he regaled the crowd with the story of how he first snagged Trump’s cell phone number (he knew a guy who knew a guy), and professed his own thrill about the end of “PC” culture. The Trump campaign may have decried Hollywood, but Groser and the scores of guests in black tie were openly star-struck by the new folks in town. (Except, perhaps, Alabama Senator Richard Shelby’s wife, Annette. Asked if they planned to stay long, she looked at me with eyes that seemed to say, “Darling, you must be joking.”)

…remember, this arsehole not only attempted to sign away our democratic and economic sovereignty with the TPPA, but John Key had the GCSB spy on diplomats to try and get Groser a job as the WTO boss. 

Ugly that we have an Ambassador excited to play with a fascist.

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  1. Well Grosser has proved to be a gross political whore, we already knew he was a corporatist whore from his past actions.
    However as he was dancing with the Clinton-Obama regime he is well practised at playing with fascists. It was the fascist dictator Benito Mussolini who said fascism should be more correctly called corporatism. Clinton especially was a corporatist shill.

  2. Groser was, and apparently still is, a total embarrassment to this country. Why won’t these people just fuck off and disappear entirely already? They tried and (thankfully) utterly failed to leave their “legacy”, I just don’t see why he thinks he’s still relevant.

    • He won’t disappear cause thats how syncophants are. They love the lime light. I bet he is being well paid at our expense aswell. The guy is a waste of space to be frank…

  3. “and professed his own thrill about the end of “PC” culture”…WTF does that mean exactly??.
    Which aspects of Obamas policies did he consider to be too PC. I think we have the right to know.

  4. Groser is Mr Slime and goes with the flow. He was once Climate Change Minister, now he is keen to grease up the climate change denier Trump’s arse-hole.

    Anything goes when it furthers one’s career and opportunity, it seems.

    But what else do we expect from such characters, the former PM Key was a prime example of a greaser, loving the photo shoots with Obama, the Queen and heads of state from all over the globe. So Groser was a fitting Minister in a cabinet line up that was led by one John Key.

    Master and Apprentice, I presume.

    • A point everyone seems to have overlooked.
      Groser is New Zealand Ambassador to the US and D.J trump is the duly elected President of that country.
      It doesn’t actually matter what anyone feels about the individuals – those are their roles.
      This country is all about trade so If the New Zealand Ambassador can get the ear of the new administration this can only help this country.
      I’m all for advancing the trade interests of New Zealand.

      • “This country is all about trade so”

        Yeah, Patrick, that’s exactly what prostitutes tell their clients. Well done mate, you’ve agreed to pimp us out to the US. You and Trump should get along nicely.

        • Was waiting for a stupid reply and got one.
          I personally despise Trump but that doesn’t alter the fact that he is President of the USA and is no reason for us to stop trading with them.
          Are you seriously suggesting that any NZ company who trades with the USA are pimps and prostitutes?
          If we only traded with countries whose head of state you personally approve of this country would be bankrupt within months.

      • It matters alot how people feel about their elected representatives. After all, they are supposed to be representing US !!

        • Who is US?
          US is every man, woman and child in the country.
          Who you , or I, personally voted for is immaterial.
          The “elected representatives” are there by a democratic process.
          If you don’t agree you have another vote in 3 years.
          Works fine for most of us!

            • Frank, I have never made a secret of my admiration and devotion to Jo Stalin.
              The point I was making was that the Grocer ( who is not an elected representative), as our Ambassador to the US is never going to represent the interests of a tiny minority but the interests of NZ as a whole.
              If trade increases then the slice of the pie available for health, education etc increases.
              if we were to cut trade with the US, as has been suggested here, we are just going through a pointless cutting off nose exercise.

  5. I’m buggered if I know why everybody’s so surprised by this ???
    We’ve already paid out $11 million ( U$A $-ers I’ll remind you. ) for his flat overlooking Central Park. While we walk past homeless people lying in the gutters outside Sky Towers casino. And shall we talk about NZ kids in poverty?
    You should all be more surprised by yourselves for thinking that’s worthy of overlooking and not rioting and ransacking our parliament buildings as a pest control measure if nothing else. Not because some cheap crook like grosser’s found a niche into which he can fit his wallet stuffed with our money or what psychopath pats him on the back. It’s what he’s expected to do. And it’s what we’re supposed to stop from happening.
    The morning after, when he shits out his expensive foods and while he pisses out his expensive booze our kids go to school with empty bellies.
    As for the TPP? It was just another con they tried on. There’ll be plenty more, so don’t worry on that score. The next one will be smarter and more stealthy and I have no doubt at all that it’s already in the making.

  6. So Groser was deliriously happy to meet alt.right neo-fascist, Steve Bannon? Does he also hang out with Cameron Slater, our own home grown version of Bannon? Oh, wait, no. That Judith Collins.

  7. A lot of people do not realize that all these creeps are also members of the ”Democratic Union of which Key is the Chairperson,
    A right wing organization that helps National .I have always believed that the D.U.financed the infamous Cossack Adverts that helped to defeat Labour.

  8. Isn’t this a New Zealand thing though? Doesn’t matter who the powerful or famous person is, New Zealanders suck up to them big time. It’s that little wee New Zealand gets noticed by the big wide world thing

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