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  1. Trucks according to NIWA emit 100 times more than one passenger vehicle, and worse still, trucks also emit massive amounts of tyre pollution as well as diesel exhaust!!!

    So why is Kiwirail CEO trying to defend using trucks and diesel locomotives rather than electric locomotives?????

    Kiwirail are using “junk science” to justify not spending real money by finally making all locomotives on the main trunk line electric, as was originally planned when in 1960’s the Hamilton to Palmerston North leg was electrified firstly by the Walter Nash Government.

    Mr Reidy get your NatZ head out of the sand!!!!!!

  2. SAM SAID; “Truck driving is the last well paying job you don’t need an education for. This will hurt a lot”

    Sam; if we don’t get our tyre pollution soot and transport emissions pollution under control soon, the polar ice caps will be melted into the ocean rising our sea level 6 meters sooner than you can imagine.

    Them we wont have any roads either!!! – to drive on as they will all be under water also and truck drivers will be redundant.

    • Arthur Eddington once said. ” if your theory clashes with the 2nd law of thermodynamics. There is no hope but for it but the deepest humiliation.

      I won’t bother you with the math. I’ll just say it. What that means is that we exploit free energy stored in stars (sun ect) fissil meterial (fission, fusion, nano material, ect) and fossil fuels (no explanation given) exploiting these free energies produce background radiation (CO2, and heat) that leaks out of this process into space and humanity has already over used this process.

      Nothing less than geo engineering on a global scale can Save the projected half life extinction.

      Until economics can come up with a unifying theory of economics, half life will be screwed.

      Its critical we renegade half the life on this planet and view it as useful work rather than for profit.

      Useful work is the key

      • Sam do your maths.

        “Free” energy is OK and plants use it, animals eat plants as we do so we also use it.

        But if you go beyond that to actually harvest energy for other than food or vitamin D then you run into problems – like we have now.

        The maths is complex and not completely definitive as we are finding out new info each day showing that past analysis has fallen far short of the assessing actual consequence of harvesting energy and exploiting that energy.

        But the big picture up to now has been reliably tracked for decades. We have taken no notice that it leads to the crunch which has already begun.

        The solar bonanza is not a green option much beyond the basic but limited consumption of plant food.

        Harvesting and using captured energy uses non Renewable Natural Resources which are finite and diminishing more rapidly then at any other time ever.

        Pollution is directly related to use of NNRs which are directly related to energy harvesting and application of that energy to processes that consume more NNRs creating more pollution. The infrastructure humans have built to live virtually anywhere needs constant renewal which requires more energy, NNRs, pollution.

        Our food supply whether harvested from natural sources of cultivated also mainly relies of harvested energy and use of NNRs with consequential pollution. All now completely unsustainable.

        Food supply is affected and resources such as soil diminishing.

        Technology in ignorant hands has been the basic cause. Technology will not fix these consequences.

        The fundamental maths is complex and all aspects of the planet and man’s realm are largely interdependent. You can’t change just one aspect without affecting the others.

        Teslas will not be around for long.

        Free energy is not the answer, but a further problem.

        There is no way humans will continue existing as we do now.

        • Photosynthesis is the purest example of free trade in the natural world, amongst men, virtually impossible.

          Im not sure you fully understand what you’ve written but I get what you’re trying to say, that we can create energy through labour and capital, personally Iv never been big on perpetual motion machines, that is what you are saying.

          Energy can not be created or destroyed. These aren’t my words, this is standard physics litterateur. It’s foolish of you to question physics ability to solve math problems, because physics has solved the big problems of big data, and economics hasn’t. There are a lot economists can learn from physics when dealing with big data.

          So universal machines is the purest example of perpetual motion, amongst men, virtually impossible.

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