It wasn’t all a waste of time – Green Party


A former Soldier, Forensic Human Service worker and Internet Party Candidate, now full time political hopeful, is currently in contention for the Green Party’s Dunedin North nomination for this coming election. With current leader and former candidate Metiria Turei not standing in Dunedin North this election Robert James Stewart, 36, is confident that he is the right candidate for the nomination.

The married father of four, who describes himself as a Politician currently outside of Parliament. “Which means I’m not paid” spends most of time working on political issues and the rest of time finishing off a degree, caregiver to his children, and coaching football. He decided to continue to work in politics after being well and truly convinced it was the job for him despite such a poor result for the Internet Party in the last election.

Talking about his experience with the Internet Party, Robert said meeting Laila Harre and standing in Dunedin North electorate rated highly. He was grateful for the opportunity because of the experience it gave him and, working for and being guided by someone like Laila was “priceless education” and he was pleased “She is standing again and not lost to politics”. While he wasn’t as impressed during the experience with Kim Dot Com, “I didn’t consider him of any political use; Kim is incredibly intelligent but somewhat naïve at times due to his own hubris”

If elected to Parliament Robert would be on a personal mission saying there are two inquires in Aotearoa that are “long overdue”, “One is child abuse and the other is suicide”.
As the representative for Dunedin North it was important Dunedin received its fair share of Government investment. While the Green Party would focus on the Party vote in Dunedin North if elected as the MP, Robert committed to “Working as hard and as wisely as I can to ensure the people in Dunedin North Electorate have the best MP in Aotearoa”.

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  1. I am not sure why we would want an enquiry into either child abuse or suicide. We know surely by now that the gap between the rich and the poor exacerbate both of these things. Read The Spirit Level it is all there.

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