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They bloody well spend HOW MUCH on make up at TVNZ?

$180k on clothes, hair, makeup for TVNZ stars

Making Simon Dallow and Wendy Petrie look beautiful on your TV screens every night does not come cheap.

TVNZ spent nearly $130,000 in 2016 on presenter clothes and an additional $48,000 on hair and makeup for presenters, reporters and guests.

But the state broadcaster says deliberate cost cutting and a change in the number and mix of presenters is saving it money.

For clothing, TVNZ spent $130,435 in the financial year, compared with $135,071 in 2015, according to figures released to the Herald under the Official Information Act.

In 2014, the broadcaster spent $111,199.

The figures only covered presenters – not reporters – and included Dallow, Petrie, Toni Street and Mike Hosking.

For that we could run a 5 night a week 7pm live streamed current affairs show!

The Daily Blog is pleased to announce that we will be launching a crowd funded platform next month to raise funds for election year coverage because you simply can not trust the Fake News drenched corporate mainstream media to cover this years election for you.

More details next month.

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  1. Public money is always easy to spend and squander without consequence.

    Sebastian Evans once remarked “A good thing that is squandered upon bad folk is never remembered by them for good”.

    Lets get this real alternative up and running before its too late.

    Lets kick arse !!!

  2. Don’t forget that the hair/make up cost will include the labour for a freelancer, at around $400+gst per half day. There’s not a lot of in house staff left, the majority are contractors on a day/ half day rate.

    • If it is $400 a half day and is every day of the year with morning and evening then it $400 x 2 x 365 = $292,000 for hair and make up. Sure could employ someone for less than that!

      • Probably, but the majority of TVNZ crew are freelancers. It’s the old make everyone redundant then rehire them on short term contracts business model. I’m no accountant and don’t get it but hey, we all know at least one person that made their fortune by contracting back to a former employer.

  3. The emperors and empresses resplendent their new clothes, but all style over zero substance. Right-wing claptrap, questioning definitions of inequality rather than accepting its existence…fade to cute animals and vapid soulless “duckspeak” –

    Winston had a curious feeling that this was not a real human being but some kind of dummy. It was not the man’s brain that was speaking, it was his larynx. The stuff that was coming out of him consisted of words, but it was not speech in the true sense: it was a noise uttered in
    unconsciousness, like the quacking of a duck……..

    ‘There is a word in Newspeak,’ said Syme, ‘I don’t know whether you know it: DUCKSPEAK, to quack like a duck. It is one of those interesting words that have two contradictory meanings. Applied to an opponent, it is abuse, applied to someone you agree with, it is praise.’

    Their needs to be a re-nationalisation of essential infrastructure and social assets – starting with MSM.

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