Protest: Trump Becomes President


Protest against the inauguration of Donald Trump as US President!
(P.S. the inauguration is the ceremony which marks the start of his term).

Trump’s inauguration marks the beginning of a wave of attacks on the people of the US and a new era of global instability.

He has preyed on the fears of the American people, and preached hatred of cultural minorities and the LGBTQIA+ community. He has promised the incarceration and deportation of millions of undocumented immigrants, and the establishment of a registry of Muslims living in the US.

We expect to see a broad military and surveillance buildup, a wall on the Mexican border, ramped-up tensions in the Middle East and maybe even a new nuclear arms race. Climate and environmental regulations will be obliterated and the CEO of Exxon Mobil will be Secretary of State.

Trump will leave us a world more fascist, more violent, more poverty-stricken, and closer to ecological collapse.

We are standing in solidarity with our American friends who are planning mass protests against his inauguration. We will make it clear that Aotearoa stands for justice and does not support a Trump presidency.

WHEN: Saturday January 21st at 1 PM – 4 PM

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WHERE: American Consulate



  1. FFS!!!

    So you don’t believe in Democracy then?

    This is NOT America!!

    You are the ones Fearmongering!!

    Find out what Fascism really is and then ask yourself if we are already there.

    Find out about Shadow Government/Deep State.

    Find out who your controllers really are,then ask how much your leaders are getting paid.

    Poor ignorant and brainwashed minions handed a template that will have been
    handed out to other cities all across the west.

    Then educate yourselves and watch & listen to
    Visited by Heads of State, Military, Police and Truth Seekers Worldwide.!!

    Just trying to help.


  2. the pope went out on a sailing boat with donald trump,the sea got rough and the popes hat got blown into the water,the hat started to float away, no one attempted to rescue it,so Donald climbed over the side of boat and onto the water,, he walked to pick up the hat and walked back to give the hat to the pope.
    Next day the MSM headline was TRUMP CANT SWIM!

    Trump has been put down by rotten MSM, and the rest of the small fry media keep repeating the rubbish ,why not wait to see what Trump will really do not what snowflake Dems and MSM say he will do.

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