AUT documentary will reveal harsh realities for homeless youth – CPAG


More than half of the 41,000 homeless in New Zealand are under 25 – and Child Poverty Action Group (CPAG) says that the causes of homelessness must be addressed urgently, or a cycle of poverty and crime will perpetuate, and rates of youth suicide – already the highest in the developed world – are at risk of increasing.

The housing crisis in New Zealand is yielding homelessness that is rife and far-reaching. It’s affecting the elderly, parents with young children, independent youths who can no longer be supported by their families – including university students who are finding it harder and harder to make ends meet.

Politicians, students and top Kiwi experts are set to expose the harsh realities of youth homelessness in Aotearoa, with a documentary entitled On Our Doorstep: A Voice for Homeless Youth which will premiere free of charge on Wednesday 18 January at the Auckland University of Technology City Campus.

A panel discussion will also be held on the night, with CPAG’s housing spokesperson Alan Johnson, Angela Maynard from the Tenancy Protection Association and former Human Rights Commissioner, Professor Judy McGregor.

“Homeless youths are often children who have exited state care and find themselves with no housing options. They may be living in cars, on couches, or in garages – while the larger public remains unconscious to their struggles. Some of these youths may quickly become parents of children whose crucial first years are spent living in insecure, unstable environments,” says Alan Johnson.

“Ensuring that all New Zealanders are adequately housed and supported materially should become a greater priority for New Zealand’s political leaders. As part of this we must make sure that all children and youth are adequately housed, and that at risk youth are not left with few options but to live on our streets.”

Auckland University of Technology (AUT) Master’s students have started a petition calling on the Government to commit to ending homelessness by 2025. To add your voice to the cause click here.

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