Brian Borland, why arresting him is madness and why every adult Kiwi needs to break the law at 4.20pm


This is just nonsense.

Police arrest two at Whangarei Daktory cannabis club after neighbour speaks out

A cannabis club’s holiday from the the law appears to have come to an end.

Police paid The Daktory in Whangarei a visit on Wednesday morning, where they arrested a 60-year-old man and a 28-year-old woman.

Whangarei area commander Inspector Al Symonds said police carried out a search warrant in relation to an alleged cannabis growing operation.

“A significant indoor cannabis growing operation was discovered at the address and we are currently processing the scene,” Symonds said.

A power company was helping police to safely deal with a “complex electrical setup” discovered at the address, he said.

One Facebook post from the clubhouse read: “Club has been raided. We need support at police station now.”

The Port Rd clubhouse advertises cannabis meet-ups on Facebook and makes no secret about what goes on behind its doors.

The raid came after a nearby resident said they were “appalled” that the club was getting away scot-free with growing and selling the drug.

The address is leased by Brian Borland, who has been a cannabis dealer for 42 years.

…folks, I don’t feel like I’m going out too far on a limb when I say that Brian here isn’t going to stop smoking or selling the herb.

In his own words, “I’ve spent three years in jail, and lost seven gardens to the police, and it’s made no difference,”.

If we add in the hundreds and hundreds of hours of Judicial and Police resources, we’ve probably spent half a million dollar on punishing and processing Brian for a substance far less dangerous than alcohol or tobacco.

Brian’s not going to change folks, and many others like him aren’t going to change. All we are doing is throwing vast sums of cash into a bottomless pit in the name of what?

Health? Cannabis is far less harmful than tobacco or booze.

Morals? Smoking cannabis doesn’t make you immoral. Thinking that Cannabis smokers are immoral for smoking Cannabis makes you immoral.

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Civil society? Society would be a damned sight more civil if more people were stoned.

The teenagers? The bloody teenagers know every tinnie house around.

Treasury estimates that the tax revenue and cost savings from a properly regulated cannabis market would be half a billion each year.

Half a billion!

On top of all the job creation, lower incarceration rate, weakening of organised crime, and incredible medical properties of a regulated cannabis market, we also get half a billion dollars in tax and cost savings?

Folks, the cannabis law in this country is an arse. This is a war on us as people, as citizens, as human beings.

Want to smoke addictive cigarettes and get cancer, no problems as long as you’re 18

Want to drink and destroy yourself with alcohol violence and depression, again fine as long as you’re 18 and don’t drive while on it.

Want to smoke a joint at home and end up falling asleep on the couch after ordering pizza? Off to bloody prison with you!

Every adult Kiwi should take time out at 4.20pm each day and light up a joint or hit the bong. Refusing point blank to tolerate this intrusion into our lives should be something every voter tries at least once before the election.

Allowing only medical cannabis reform is merely tinkering at the edges and is an insult to the debate on Cannabis. America has strictly regulated markets now and they are incredibly successful, this should be the aim of a progressive NZ, not a cautious frightened foot dragging half step.

It’s time for some actual political courage on this.


  1. Brian Borland is very quick to criticise those who engage in political activism for drug law reform because he misguidedly thinks that laws can be changed in NZ without it involving MPs or Parliament.
    Brian is also extremely hostile to those campaigning for medicinal cannabis.

    Having a 420 might make us all feel good about ourselves, but it achieves little else.

    Civil disobedience has it’s place, but the only place that laws can be made or amended is Parliament, and our current Government is not influenced in the slightest by 420s, or other demonstrations of civil disobedience.

    Brian’s actions are not only misguided and retrograde, but often counter-productive as well.
    Brian believes that relentless pressure on the police by cannabis activists is all it takes to change the law.

    Brian’s martyrdom crusade might make him feel important and generate some news media interest, but it does absolutely nothing to help end cannabis prohibition.
    Law reform occurs in Parliament, not in a police station.

    Last year’s polls by the NZ Drug Foundation made it very clear that the majority of NZers now support cannabis law reform, overwhelmingly in the case of medicinal cannabis.
    It is only the current Government who oppose change.
    Target our MPs with our actions, or we’re just wasting our time.

    • “Brian Borland is very quick to criticise those who engage in political activism for drug law reform…”

      Says the guy falling over himself to criticise Brian Borland for engaging in political activism for drug law reform.

      What’s that sound? Sounds like a lawnmower, there must be a tall poppy around…

      • So how about you tell me all all about Brian’s history of political activism for law reform Vincent?

        Tell me about all the times that you can remember Brian engaging in the political process necessary for law reform to take place, or how about all those times that Brian has taken his campaign to Parliament – the only place that has the authority to make or amend laws in NZ.

        You will find it much less difficult to find copious examples of Brian being abusive, counter productive and self obsessed, and alienating all other cannabis law reform activists.

      • Damn Right,
        “for those that stand on silent platforms”
        “Fight the War, F**k the Law” – Rage Against the Machine

        Overgrow the government I say!
        it’s a shame ‘Operation Lime’ sadly worked, it was a hit job aimed
        at Silencing Stores like ‘Switched on Gardner’ & sadly it worked.
        my elderly grandparents got a visit from the plod, just because they brought a Greenhouse from there (& had payed by Eftpos).

        we all know the party pill industry takedown & even the crop Spotting Helicopters are sponsored by the Booze industry,
        if not then our ‘investigative journalists’ are practically non-existant anymore

    • Well Said Gary! the guy is the pinnacle of all the negative stereotypes around the issue. He acts as a reference point for all of those with a conservative agenda pushing back.

      Despite my views of him as a person, the best outcome is very good court support turnout for him.

    • Well Said Gary, Brian is the stereotype that all the negative nancy’s will refer to when trying to push back against cannabis. Nevertheless I hope he gets great court support turnout, to demonstrate the increasing public support. I also hope the media lose interest in him quickly, we cant have Brian as a point of reference in Election year…..

  2. Banning cannabis will prove to be a NWO edict. It is medicinal, as we all know and has beneficial results in halting cancer and other deliberate man-made maladies such as “stress”. Now that Trump is putting Big Pharma to the test, I hope our Government stops in its NZ Inc tracks, looks around and sees humanity has had enough of this “Inc” Government in Service to Self kowtowing to Powers That Used To Be.

  3. Some courage would be nice. Unfortunately our current crop of poo-liticians is the most pathetic pack of gutless, supplicant arselickers a nation could ever be plagued with.

    Things are so bad that some people even believe that Peter Dunne is a cannabis law reformer.

  4. just when the medical community were gaining traction Brian steps in and walks all over us.

    I like his attitude towards wanting to change the law, I just don’t like how he’s going about it.

  5. I don’t know Brian or his issues with other cannabis activists in the sailing cauldron of failed stoner politics, my point is that Brian isn’t going to stop smoking or selling herb right?

    Like many NZers he will keep going.

    His example is how failed the current law is. He’s not a role model, but a symptom of broken law.

  6. Unfortunately, it is not just the current Government who oppose change.
    No party in the present Parliament is making it a priority to overturn this unfair, unpopular and unworkable law.
    Granted the Green Party drug policy includes legal recreational use and home-grows, but their coalition big brother, Labour, is not keen on the idea and has a lukewarm position on medicinal cannabis.
    Unless Labour leadership have a change of heart or attack of conscience things may not improve with a change of government.

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