Dear Bill English – are Waitangi Day protests as cringeworthy as you topless doing the haka?


One of the benefits to being a bit older than most left activists and commentators is that you remember shit that happened ages ago.

While Bill English tells us he isn’t going to Waitangi Day because the Maori protests create a ‘cringe’ within NZ, let’s remember that time when Bill English was Prime Minister in the late 1990s and he took his shirt off to do a Haka with a bunch of other young white males.

Surely there is nothing more cringeworthy than white privileged dudes busting out a Haka?

It’s the funny thing about culture in New Zealand isn’t it? At home white Kiwis¬†seem to loath anything to do with the Maori culture because it forces us to consider the past abuses of the State which most of us have benefitted from, yet the bloody second they are drunk on their OE in Europe, they throw off the t-shirt and bust out their best Haka moves.

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Bill, this is a thousand times more cringeworthy than Maori protests at Waitangi Day, man up and do the right thing by going.


  1. stay away until they learn how to respect the office of the prime minister. imagine the uproar if the tainui king was man handled by protesters at a government event

    • Really? The Maori King doesn’t run nz, hasn’t sold our assets to overseas interests, hasn’t made people/families homeless hasn’t held the purse strings of the nation so tight that people can’t live with dignity. So tell me who is lacking in respect again.

  2. Next he goes riding horseback and topless with Mr Putin, challenging bears in Siberia, trying to promote an FTA or so.

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