More fake news from the corporate mainstream media Summer news teams


The Summer newsrooms over run by Journalism grad students hired because they have 500 followers on Twitter have made another mistake by claiming this photo was taken by an astronaut over NZ…

it never happened yet the NZ Herald and Newshub told everyone it was true.

This fake news and the bullshit that the mainstream corporate media hold up as the nonsense issues we should focus on have had their day.

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If we leave the 2017 election to be reported on by the corporate mainstream media, we will get the same result we did in 2014.

The Daily Blog is launching this month a crowd funding project to boost our bloggers, boost our platform and live stream a 7pm week night current affairs show.

We need  NZers to join in this project if they want a critical media and not a corporate clickbait lie farm.

More details this month.


  1. Well done Martyn,

    We need to elevate our voice now as we are in the middle of last ditch effort to save our Gisborne rail and need the exposure so line us up for some cover please, and let me know later when to contribute also.

    “Living near busy roads increases dementia risk, study finds”

    Our NGO has been for a very long time advising all Government agencies of the dangers of encouraging road freight as others engage instead of closing down rail services around our NZ provinces.

    A new thorough study just released in the British Medical Journal “The Lancet” (a very respected authority we note) clearly confirms our position that overuse of road freight over rail freight services is a publically dangerous road to go down and we now advocate to all fair minded citizens that we need “urgently needed ambitious measures now” as we (QUOTE) in this summary in the study, ‘The Government needs to urgently introduce a range of ambitious measures to tackle pollution from diesel vehicles.’

    We received NIWA studies who confirm to our Centre that the average truck emits an average of 100 times the diesel air pollution more than one car does.

    This study was not including the new threat of tyre dust in which one truck carrying 50 tonnes and has 28 or 32 tyres and will shed considerably more air pollution of 1,3, Butadiene, from each tyre, which is also a confirmed cancer and nerve damaging substance also.

    So if the average highway has nearly 1000 truck trips a day already now using the road travelling both ways like the Napier to Gisborne highway does for instance then this means the air pollution is likely to be equal to 100 000 vehicles air pollution effects to the residents living nearby alone, this is also subject to adding the average amount of car trips to that figure.

    Auckland advocates complained recently of having 900 trucks a day, using their Highway leaving the Port when discussing the need for increased rail services.

    Importantly during this next two months we ask for fair minds to prevail as Kiwirail “executives” are now to now to consider all the public submissions on the “Expressions of interest” of operating a rail freight/passenger/tourism service to the Gisborne to Wairoa section of the Napier/Wairoa/Gisborne rail service, and our Centre also included our expression of interest to represent the communities affected, by these emerging environmental social impacts to public health & wellbeing of the communities.

    The Chair of HBRC expressed this issue of community impacts to Kiwirail in 2014 but the issue was not taken seriously then sadly but the new study here dramatically elevates the issue now since the future of our rail is hanging in the balance.

    We have deliberately become involved here as others have not been aware of the gravity of the transport impacts that many will suffer from.

    Kiwirail must consider public health implications on the grounds of this evidence in the new UK Lancet medical study here reported widely globally and locally as here on Radio NZ public health and wellbeing Kiwirail consider now the serious issues facing the many residents now exposed to heavy road freight services now increasing daily unchecked, this is their time to act in the “best interests of the community health & wellbeing” as request to do so under sections of the SOE act.

    Use section 4(1)(c) of the S O E Act which says:

    “4 Principal objective to be successful business

    · (c) an organisation that exhibits a sense of social responsibility by having regard to the interests of the community in which it operates and by endeavouring to accommodate or encourage these when able to do so.

  2. If “we” allow the Transnational Capital party to continue importing tens of thousands of foreign voters every year (a policy started under Clark’s Labour government), the colonists will vote with the rentiers, forming a block large enough to keep National in power.

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